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  1. Giorgi379

    Question which is best motherboard for i7-3770 (LGA 1155) ?

    hello, i need help to find best motherboard for i7-3770 and why?
  2. Question Z68 Bent socket pin?

    Hey everyone, I bought a secondhand Z68 mobo off ebay, but when it arrived it seems to have a bent pin. Seller said nothing about the motherboard having any damage. Can i confirm if this is a bent pin, and what do i do about it?
  3. SeaZz

    Discussion Motherboard not booting

    A friend of mine years ago bought a new motherboard for his system , he built it himself ,everything worked great for just a day . He left the pc powered on downloading a game and left the house , when he got back the pc was off , he tried to boot it and nothing happened . So he took the pc to a...
  4. E

    Question asus P8P67 PRO mobo wont turn on

    hi there. so iv had this p8p67 pro board laying around and been trying to figure out why the hell it wont turn on. the tpu and epu lights come on but thats about it. it has no life when i try start it up. and no other led lights either. my power supply is fine as iv tried with another psu aswell...
  5. Giorgi379

    Question best cpu on 1155 socket?

    hello, which is best cpu on 1155 socket? and why?
  6. O

    Question Looking to upgrade older build to be Quiet and Small - Graphics advice needed

    Hi, looking for some advice please - im in the process of updating my LGA 1155 build to make it run as fast as possible, be smaller and as quiet as possible. My overall intention may end up that i move away from a case and build this all in to my desk. On the graphics card side of things, ive...
  7. C

    Question i5 3470s fit on this motherboard

    I have a motherboard asus P8H61-M LX3 PLUS R2.0 (LGA1155) does the i5-3470s fit? I already have i3-3220 and will buy i5-3470s in a few days
  8. K

    Question Core i5 4590s Vs Xeon E3-1230V2

    I am currently planning a budget PC for a relative of mine. As the title suggests I am deciding between a Xeon E3-1230V2 and an i5 4590s. Specs are as listed below: Asus GTX 680 directcu II OC HyperX genesis 8gb 1600mHz 600W PSU From what I've gathered the i5 has slightly better single core...
  9. A

    Question 1155 Motherboard Replacement?

    My dad's Intel Desktop Board DH67BL seems to have failed. It flashes up the BIOS then goes to a black screen and won't boot windows. The SSD seems fine. Is there an appropriate 1155 board available to buy that I can swap in? Or is there another option to get his machine working again?
  10. H

    [SOLVED] b200 error how to deactivate color or black

    how to deactivate black or color on canon MX725 QY6-0086 printhead
  11. Z

    I need Acer Aspire E15 bios key

    How I can find bios key for Acer aspire E 15. E5-576G-52H6
  12. T

    Need a very special iso, Windows 8, not 8.1 (I have a good reason)

    this below, is the story of why I want a windows 8 iso, not 8.1. Last year I got a gtx 1050 ti for Christmas, didn't have the correct power supply for it. After buying the 1050 locally and returning the 1050 ti. It worked and had a great time, until my pc starting blue screening nearly every 2...
  13. K

    Hyper-Threading while Live Streaming

    I use OBS Studio to livestream. I've heard that livestreaming with x264 is better than NVENC H.264. I also know that x264 using the CPU power and NVENC uses my graphics card. I've tried using both but when I'm using NVENC, I stream with a 10000 bitrate and I have much better performance in my...
  14. K

    (Windows 10) Corrupt downloads from network Share Drive over VPN

    Hi all, I recently moved ~100 miles from my place of employment, and began working remote. I connect to the workplace resources using a VPN. I'm connected to my home network via Ethernet. As a software developer, one thing that I have to do frequently is acquire somewhat large installation...
  15. S

    Choosing motherboard to match CPU

    I currently have an out of warranty iBuyPower Gaming Desktop that was built back in 2012, that I purchased through the military/base exchange. Unfortunately, I disconnected my keyboard, modem, router, monitor, mouse and headset from the computer so I could clean. I did NOT unplug or power...
  16. K

    Blue screen of death

    Hello! I am not very good with computing stuff.. I'd like to ask why whenever I start a game I get a Blue Screen Of Death? I can run any other program perfectly (Like internet browsers, spotify, skype) but whenever I start a game I instantly get a blue screen of death on my main monitor and my...
  17. G

    Corsair Greets AMD Ryzen With Compatible DDR4, Coolers, PSUs

    Corsair greeted AMD Ryzen with the announcement that several of its DDR4 products, liquid coolers, and power supplies are compatible with the CPUs. Corsair Greets AMD Ryzen With Compatible DDR4, Coolers, PSUs : Read more
  18. R

    Is there a limit to what a GPT Boot disk can be?

    I have two 4TB SSHDs that i've set up in Raid0 and after doing my windows setup it will only recoginze 2 of the 8TBs after the set up and Windows 7 boots for the first time. I'm new to doing anything like this.
  19. A

    will the gigabyte geforce gtx 750 ti work for my pc

    hey guys..I want to buy a gigabyte geforce gtx 750 ti for my pc but I need to know if it will work.... my current specs are cpu-AMD sempron dual core 1.80ghz 2100 ram ddr2 2 GB 300watt power supply windows 7 ultimate 64bit hard drive- 160 GB gpu slot - PCIE X 16 current gpu - asus 8500gt 512mb...
  20. speedweed

    Replacement of GPU or CPU?

    Hi, first time posting on this forum, but i need answers. I'm thinking of replacing my gpu (gtx 770 SLI) to a gtx 1080, but my cpu is kinda old, really old. Still using the Intel i7 2700 (not the 'k' version), which is outdated af. I do realise i have to switch out my motherboard aswell if i'm...