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Page 2 - Forum discussion tagged with 1600mhz.
  1. B

    Upgrading from win 7 to win 10

    I just want to make sure before I proceed. . Once i upgrade, do i need purchase WINDOWS 10 product key? or does the my windows 7 product key allow me to upgrade to win10 for free?
  2. A

    Help!! Acer aspire 5551 screen is black

    My acer aspire 5551-2012 has the battery light and the power is on and even my phone is charging through the computer but the Screen is black. It doesn't restart or make noises it's just a black screen. Please help.
  3. Lena__

    Are there a 1070 model with dual BIOS?

    Hello! has a xfx rx on my hands. Makes me wander if Nvidia camp has "a 1070 model with dual BIOS" :D
  4. S

    Fans spinning, no display

    I recently build my first computer. When I turned it on the fans were spinning, but I got no display and no beep signals. Then I took all the ram sticks out and turned my pc on. Also no beep signals. I have placed my motherboard stand-offs correctly. My cpu and cpu fan is installed correctly...
  5. T

    Inlaid desk accessories or lan toggle recommendations

    So I'm looking into building a desk for my small apartment since nothing on line works with my room and bed size. But my problem is that my Internet is kinda sucky and I have to manually unplug and replace my lan cable a few times for it to start working. Plus i like to turn off my Internet...
  6. Astralv

    What slot I can connect PCI Express x2 card with SATA ports?

    Hey there I have Startech 4 ports card that supposed to be connected to PCI Express x2. Asus support says- Asus motherboard 270Z Hero has only PCIE X16, X8 and X 1 and they don't know where the X2 goes. I thought- it should fit in to any slot. Please, advise. Thank you.
  7. W

    Can anyone analyze my specs?

    I am not very good with computer hardware, and I'm trying to run the game Planetside 2, which I am told is a hardware-intensive game. In comparison, I run League of Legends at good FPS with good quality graphics 1920x1080, however I cannot seem to run Planetside 1600x900 windowed with a good...
  8. P

    2 144hz monitors one graphics card?

    Hi I just bought a new Alienware desktop with a gtx 1080 I have 2 ASUS VG248QE Gaming Monitors but the graphics card ony has 1 dvi port is there anyway for me to get 2 monitors running while still having 144hz? I already tried plugables Multi-Display adapter but it didn't work because it only...
  9. G

    will my cx600 suffice for now

    i have a cx 600 and a i5 6400 and a gtx 1070 and 8 gb of ram i figure i'm not pulling to much power with my system. i just want some input on if i will be okay using a cx psu for a month or two
  10. M

    which i 5 processor old/new supports win 7 ultimate?

    new intel processor won't support win 7,they runs on win 10.Pls suggest me some processor i5 that runs on win 7 ultimate?
  11. P

    Underperforming i7 6700K ~20% after i5 upgrade

    I've just upgraded my mini ITX PC from an i5-6600 to an i7-6700K alongside an R9 Nano. In Cinebench, PassMark, The Witcher 3 (Novigrad) and in AC: Unity the new CPU has been fairly substantially underperforming. With all graphical detail turned down, fps can drop to the 40s in Novigrad and the...
  12. M

    Budget gaming pc (VR ready for future)

    At the moment VR requirement is 970 and up. In Estonia 970 and higher tiear cards are EXPENSIVE so I'm building a new pc from scratch. I remember that there was a tip or sth like that if you have this price CPU then buy in this price range GPU and reverse. It needs to run modern games on high...
  13. A

    Question About Gaming Performance on my Computer.

    Greetings fellow PC gamers! I recently upgraded my computer a bit and need some honest opinions and thoughts about possible gaming performance. Am I going to be able to max out most of the new games or is it almost impossible with my current setup? My build is as follows: Processor: Intel...
  14. S

    HDD Make Soft (low) Beep Noise (5-10) times , Motor Dont Spin .What it could be ?

    Mine is Seagate 500GB 2.5" Laptop HD Drive. Was Working fine till yesterday when i booted my laptop it was booting perfectly but at some point (randomly) when am in windows , it make one click noise and freeze the system. that happend around 5-6 times.so i removed the hdd from laptop and tried...
  15. deebanfr

    Display goes off during Games

    Hi, I have MSI GTX 970 4G. The video card was working fine until a few weeks back. I was playing the witcher 3 and the suddenly the screen just went off saying that there was no input to the monitor. I restarted the computer and started the game again, and the problem started right after the...
  16. P

    My Logitech g230 stereo gaming headset's mic is not recognized as "plugged in" by my computer.

    I have checked tons of forums and places for answers but I'm getting answers for questions I am not asking. I am asking why my computer wont recognize the microphone and what can I do to fix it Please note that my computer is a tower not a laptop. It has no default microphone
  17. M

    Could my psu damage my gpu?

    Dear community I had a radeon r9 graphics card that wasn´t working properly (in other systems too), and i therefore i sent it to where i bought it from to get it changed. It was pretty new so i don´t know why it didn´t work, but i was thinking that my psu might have damaged my gpu? My psu is a...
  18. C

    3 drives what is the best config?

    so i have three drives, 32gb ssd, 256gb ssd, and 3tb hard drive. what is the best config that i can do to get the best performance. it will be used for video recording and editing, gaming, 3d modeling, and other stuff. i thought to use the 32gb ssd as a cache for my 3tb hard drive. but if...
  19. C

    New PSU ?

    I should get a new PSU or a CPU fan ? (my cpu temps are over 75C all the time) Specs: CPU: Q8300 GPU: Msi GTX 750 ti
  20. F

    PCE N15 Control Center Utility not coming up

    Hello! So yeah, I got an ASUS PCE N15 network card on my rig and I need to bring up the Control Center but I'm not sure how. All I did so far was run the install wizard on the disk, and restarted my computer. Can't find any form of shortcut anywhere. Thanks for reading Edit: Windows 8.1 64b