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  1. E

    Question Do I need to upgrade my CPU, Now that i have a RTX 2060?

    Hi, I recently bought a brand new RTX 6gb DDr6 2060, this was an upgrade form a 960 2gb. However i have not noticed the huge difference i was expecting. I have a Ryzen 5 1500X, i am now considering upgrading that. Do you think that's whats bringing my Fps down? I also only have 8Gb of vengance...
  2. K

    Question Which graphic card should I get for 1080p 144hz

    Im selling a gtx 1060 and getting a gpu which one should I get and what will be my bottleneck % for my cpu btw I can also wait after I sell my 1060 for navi also I wont be upgrading my graphic card again probably for the next 4+ years Im playing fortnite pubg cs go rainbow six siege apex legends...
  3. F

    Question RTX 2060 Stuttering in some games

    Hello everyone, First of all, i'd like to apologize for my english before hand, Some days ago i bought an Asus Dual RTX 2060 OC, Plugged it in , used DDU to Uninstall my old video cards drivers, Installed up to date nvidia drivers , 419.35 i think it's the version, The thing is that when i...
  4. M

    Question Will I get free games with Colorful RTX 2060 Ultra OC?

    So recently I bought Colorful RTX 2060 Ultra OC from my region(Bangladesh). I asked the shop members if there was any free games with RTX cards. They said they didn't know and said there was no offer like this with Colorful RTX Cards.Now will I get any free games?..Or the "Triple game bundle...
  5. R

    Question Can an oculus rift or HTC Vive work on my rtx ROG strix gpu?

    The real question is with the ports on the 2060 will I be able to plug in a oculus or vive even if I don’t have a usb c plug on my gpu. Or is there a converter plug I should use? I’m new into Vr idk what needs to be plugged in where. Help plz 👍🏻
  6. HurrellT

    Question I need help to decide my next GPU

    Hi! I need help deciding what GPU would be the best. I'm currently playing games with a Ryzen 2200G and it's doing the job like a boss. I bought this CPU to be able to play games while saving for a GPU, and upgrade the CPU when it starts to bottleneck. I'm currently running a 1080p monitor...
  7. V

    Question What do you think of this $2000 Video Editing rig?

    Hi, Please suggest me if the video editing system that I have decided to build will be good enough for a 1080p proxy workflow (might even edit native 4k from time to time). My preferred NLE is Adobe Premiere Pro at the moment, but I do intend to make a jump to Avid Media Composer (great for...
  8. Question Asus ROG Strix Rtx 2060 O6G Idle Temperature Over 50C?

    I just Installed the ROG 2060 O6G, but the idle temperature is over 50C either Quiet or Performance mode. Anyone using this card? Is this normal? Cause I found a lot of reviews of this card show idle temperature just a little bit over 30C.
  9. O

    Question My GPU is causing screen tearing whilst in full screen

    I just bought a 2060 and on my second monitor (60 Hz) when I put my applications in full screen it causes stuttering/ screen tearing. I can’t find a solution online but I believe it’s due to the GPU’s FPS being higher than the maximum Hz of my monitor. If there a way I can cap it? Or any other fix?
  10. C

    Question FPS should be higher? 2060 - Ryzen 2600

    OK, I know it's not a big deal put I am trying to improve my new build where I can. Playing Ultra on Rainbow Six Siege 1080p and getting around 75 FPS. I've watched some benchmarks on the same specs and the FPS was much higher - around 150. Nothing is overclocked but I've changed all power-based...