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  1. G

    Question best and cheapest motherboard for core i5 3570k

    hi guys (my english is not very good hope you guys can understand) im about build a pc with core i5 3570k (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33013530422.html ) with overclocking (with overclocking guide) but idk which motherboard to choose i never build a pc before so im also looking for...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Inconsistent computer crashes (restarts) when playing games.

    The issue occurs when playing games, not necessarily under heavy load, but I believe it has always happened when playing games. I could be playing a game for hours multiple days in a row with no issues then suddenly it will shut down and restart, or i could be playing for 5 minutes after...
  3. L

    X370 motherboard with 128gb?

    Are there any boards out right now that support 128gb ram — 4x32gb configuration? I see spec charts saying yes but a lot of people saying no. Anyone know for sure?
  4. H

    Good gaming rig?

    Hello, I am looking at a new computer and this one caught my eye. I don't know too much about computer components, so can someone tell me if this would be a good rig? https://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/VR-Ready-Deal-GTX-1070-Ti
  5. S

    One fan of my gpu is not spinning properly, so i am thinking of disconnecting it, Is it OK??

    Hello, (My GPU is Sapphire tri X r9 290) from last week I noticed , one fan of my GPU is not spinning properly and it is making weird noise and is also vibrating the PC, i am outside the warranty window and don't have money to buy new GPU. I tried removing any dust from the fan, but noticed that...
  6. H

    Laptop Power Issue

    So basically im a little skeptical posting on this site because every time I do no one answers me but here goes nothing i just bought a HP pavillion laptop and I was playing GTAV on it while it was plugged in. Basically i got a notification on it saying my battery was almost dead which didnt...
  7. mustafa.islam1548

    Macrium Reflect vs Windows 10 built-in for System Image backup

    So I would like to know which is best to use to make a full system image that I can use to make an exact same drive with all windows boot files and all my softwares and personal files, in case my main drive fails. Please let me know which is best and why.
  8. O

    Does the MSI Z270-A PRO not have front-panel audio?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've been trying to work on it myself for a few days now with no luck. I've seen a lot of threads about front panel audio not working but the only fix I saw that applied to me (Unticking something in the realtek audio center to disable then re-enable front...
  9. Z

    Power Supply Switch Won't Turn Off

    Recently, the on/off switch on my power supply will not properly switch to the off position. It feels normal in the on position, but when switched off it readily flips back on and never really "sits" in the off setting. When the computer is on and the switch is flipped off, the PC does not power...
  10. S

    My friend's laptop drive is always at a 100% how can he fix it?

    My friend's laptop was working fine until I convinced him to download voicemeeter, the're audio drivers which shouldn't have caused it and are unistalled now. He has been trying different solutions without any results. Thank you for you help.
  11. M

    Mouse wheel clicking noise

    Whenever l move the logitech g502 mouse side to side fast enough, the mouse wheel begins to make a clicking noise and l can't seem to find a solution. If you can somehow help l would really appreciate it
  12. J

    My pc build, recommendations please.

    Hello guys! Just wanted some advice for my new gaming pc build, I have a budget of 500$. I don´t know much about computer builds, only the basics so if you have a recommendation please anwer back. permalink: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/sRzgWX
  13. A

    I5 7600k vs i7 7700

    Hi guys. What will be better for gaming with a gtx 1070?...don't tell me 'if you are into overclocking....'. What will be the best for gaming: i5 7600k oc at like 4.9 or 5 ghz or i7 7700 stock?
  14. metalhusky

    What's the difference between HyperX Cloud and Qpad QH-85 Pro, beside that one is open?

    Hi, so what's the difference between HyperX Cloud and Qpad QH-85 Pro? From what i understand the HyperX Cloud is also made by Qpad QH-85 Pro, but Kingston branded, they go for the same price, so the quality should be the same. The only difference i can see is that HyperX Cloud is closed and...
  15. G

    Back space key is not working properly

    In my laptop back space button works itself.it erases my data all the time.may know how to fix this problem
  16. make_me_bad27

    HDMI to VGA monitor

    Hey guys I was wondering which one of these would be the one I should get to convert HDMI signal to my VGA monitor. 1400x900 75hz http://www.ebay.com/itm/6ft-1080P-HDMI-to-15-Pin-VGA-HD-Male-Adapter-Converter-Cable-For-PC-TV-HDTV-DVD-/272471192557?hash=item3f708c73ed:g:480AAOSwux5YQOru...
  17. D

    My mobo won't detect my mic

    I have a headset that has one 3.5mm jack so I got myself an audio splitter dongle, yet it still won't detect or when it does there are lots of static. I tried both my front and rear audio ports as well as boosting my mic volume up but it won't work...
  18. P

    Monitor won't receive signal -- I think it's the PSU

    So I built my new PC and might have accidentally pushed the plug for the PSU to hard, and now if you position it the wrong way or basically even touch the plug (the part going in the PC, not the wall) the PC shuts off. But, if you plug it in right and turn the PC on, it lights up and the fans...
  19. P

    Should i buy an used cpu ?

    I found an intel mobo with a cpu in it while cleaning my house . The mainboard is h61m-ds2 rev 4.0 which still work fine ( tested with g2030 ). I'm planning to buy an used i7 3770 non k which cost around 225$ ( the new one cost around 375$ in my country ) but i'm not sure is it safe to do so ...
  20. H

    Is it good choice?

    Hello, I will be upgrading my PC soon and I want to ask if it will be good upgrade. I will buy new CPU, RAM, MOBO, CPU Cooler Current Specs: CPU: AMD A10-5700 @ 4Ghz GPU: R7 265 DUAL-X 2GB MOBO: MSI-7778 (Jasminer) RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600 Mhz PSU: Zalman ZM600-GS II 600W I would buy: CPU: i5-6500...