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    Question I have a huge 3770k overclocking issue need SO MUCH HELP

    I have a Huge overclocking problem that i could really use some experienced overclocking help with, I have an i7 3770k that ive been trying to get to 4.4 ghz on a g1 sniper 3 motherboard on the bios revision 7 along lewith 2400mhz hyper beast x black . First of all it wont take any xmp profile...
  2. B

    Question Overclock shows in OS but not BIOS

    I've got an older system (ASUS P8Z77-V PRO and i7-3770k) that I ran at stock settings for a long time. I started messing with an overclock this evening and was at 4.4GHz with 1.25v using a Hyper 212+ and was seeing core temps of 90C using HWmonitor when running 8K FFT torture tests in Prime95. I...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Is a 300 watts power supply enough for running a GTX 750 ti single fan?

    I have a PC with the following specifications: Processor: Intel Core i5 2300 @ 2.80GHz RAM: Kingston 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz Motherboard: Asus P8H61-MX R2.0 Hard disk: Seagate 250GB SSD: 120GB Kingston Power Supply: 300 watts Now, my question is that can this PSU handle GTX 750 ti Single fan? or I...
  4. D

    Motherboard and Fans RGB Connections

    Hello everyone, so I was wondering for my new PC I'm going to build, I have 8 rgb fans from Thermaltake, (Riing Plus), and I wanted to know how the connections would work if would all connect them to the TT sync controller. Does the TT sync controller also take in the power AND rgb of the fans...
  5. K

    factory restoring Acer Aspire 3680 w/o password

    How to restore my Acer Aspire 3680 to factory settings. Don't have the disk or a password.
  6. Makentox

    Automatically reduce volume / prioritise sound volume on different applications, possible?

    Hello, Is there any way to automatically reduce volume or mute sound of one application once you open another? I believe its a bit tricky and i couldnt find any info on the internet to do so. For example - continuously play music on Spotify and somehow automatically reduce volume or mute...
  7. VicVega1

    Windows 10 random BSODs after creators update

    Hi, everybody! I'm having some random BSODs on Windows 10 after the last update (creators - got it on 14.06). As far as I know all the hardware is ok and drivers are up to date. I'm not sure, but I believe BSODs only occur when there's some audio/video playback going on (youtube, local clips...
  8. B

    Kraken X61 rattling

    So, this issue just came up after almost a year of owning the PC. Long story short, I went on Holiday for about 3-4 weeks, and came back to a rattling in the pump of my X61. After some research, I've heard that it's most likely air bubble(s) in the pump. From here, I've heard mixed opinions...
  9. T

    Optimal GPU for streaming games

    RIG: MoBo Asrock P67 Pro3 CPU: i5-2500K HDD: WD Green 1.5TB RAM: 16GB 1333 PSU: Huntkey 700W What GPU would be suitable for twitching the following games? BF3, BF4, Arma 2, Minecraft, Dota 2 Available options: GTX580 AMP2 Edition 3GB GTX760 2GB GTX960 2GB GTX1050 2GB Samsung FHD monitor is...
  10. Storx

    i5 3570k is 75c bad?

    I recently bought a 4k monitor and since then i have noticed that my computer runs way hotter overall due to the pure amount of heat coming out of the area of the PC. I have been running this i5 with the h50 water cooler for about 3 years now, im not sure what temps to expect while gaming, but...
  11. P

    Should i buy an used cpu ?

    I found an intel mobo with a cpu in it while cleaning my house . The mainboard is h61m-ds2 rev 4.0 which still work fine ( tested with g2030 ). I'm planning to buy an used i7 3770 non k which cost around 225$ ( the new one cost around 375$ in my country ) but i'm not sure is it safe to do so ...
  12. R

    New gaming pc keep shutting of and tries to turn back on

    These are the specs of my pc Core i5 6600k Zotac Gtx 1060 mini Corsair CS750 PSU Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI NZXT Manta Case Deepcool Captain 240 Cooler (120mm dual fan rad) 3 Corsair AF120 Performance edition fans 1 250Gb SSD and 1Tb WD HDD I would like to note that the PSU is about 2 years old...
  13. T

    Is My PC Dead?

    I just built a new pc right? So, for my new youtube channel I took out the gpu for some cinematic shots. After that I put it back in. Everything was ok. Until, while I was using it I noticed a white spark on my gpus pcb. So, I took out the side panel. Nothing looked different, so I put it back...
  14. X

    Gtx titan evga Hydro

    I have evga gtx titan hydro copper and im wondering can i use nzxt x41 kraken for the gpu and i buy a new better one for cpu?
  15. I

    Is this a decent build

    I built a gaming PC on a budget, I spent £664.69 including VAT Do you think there are any bottlenecks/ any issues with this build, aside from the PSU (I didn't know VS series was not for gaming but it seems to work fine even though I have been gaming for a month) Also, it only has the one case...
  16. J

    i5 diminishing returns. 6500 vs 6600K

    I've been slowly piecing my new rig together on a budget and it's time for the brain. Between the 6500 and the 6600K the 20-$40 difference would put the 6600K over the top easily for me but the lack of a stock cooler on the 66K and an additional component will put me back another 2-4 weeks...
  17. M

    Gaming Computer Problem

    About 3 weeks ago, I was finishing up playing Resident Evil Revelations 2. When I turned off the game, an update for Metal Gear Online PC came up. When I attempted to play an online match after updating the computer and changing some graphics settings) the online game started taking longer than...
  18. J

    Thermal paste area on stock heatsink is smaller than CPU size?

    I just got a boxed AMD FX-4350 that comes with a stock heatsink and fan. The strange thing about it is that thermal pad (paste) that came on the heatsink is about a half inch square smaller than the size of the actual cpu. Is this normal? I assume that since it came packaged together this way...
  19. J

    Windows fails to boot after shutdown

    I have just built a new gaming PC and everything works fine, windows installed correctly, all drives are recognized programs are installed etc. But I have a small problem... When I shut down, power off and leave my PC for a while, upon startup, windows wont boot. It goes onto the motherboard...
  20. T

    Looking for help on my son's build

    I am building a budget gaming PC for my son and wanted to ask the experts. I know the RAM is slow but it was a great deal to get his foot in the door. Not positive yet in the GPU as im looking for Black Friday sales to grab that, but what do you think of this to get him going...