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    How to do water cooling for a 4 titan X workstation

    Hi guys, I try to self-build a deep learning machine like nvidia devbox recently. It seems that air cooled is good enough, but I just want to try water cooling in case of noise and over heat issues. So can anybody suggest a GPU cooler option(like brand, link, price etc. )? Thanks a lot. My...
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    Looking for help

    Hi guys, I have a problem about one month now. When I play games my monitor randomly goes black and pc still working. Spec: mobo msi 970 gaming Gpu amd sapphire r9 380 nitro 4gb Cpu amd fx 8350 8 core at 4.00ghz Ram Kingston fury 2x8 at 1866. Psu (new) coolemaster 750w m series. 80+ bronze. I...