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  1. mranimo

    [SOLVED] GPU not working and not recognized in PCIE slot...

    I have the MSI 100ME GTX960 2gb card but it's not working for a while. It just gives black screen with no signal error. It can't boot to windows. The fans and leds are working, but the GPU isn't heating up at all. I tested it with a secondary card (a GT1030) and the bios says there's no card in...
  2. F

    Question Constant BSOD (Windows 10) after new GPU installed and still now old GPU is being used

    I'm having constant BSOD after going back to my old GPU - here's some background. Specs are: Ryzen 5 3600 MSI B450 Tomahawk 16GB DDR4 3200mhz HyperX Predator 500GB Crucial MX500 SSD Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB Windforce EVGA 500w PSU I bought a new GPU last week (MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT Mech OC), I had...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Should I keep or replace Powersupply?

    I built my computer in 2015: CPU: i5 4690k CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO RAM: Hyperx DDR3 8GB GPU: EVGA GTX 960 2GB V-RAM PSU: Corsair CX 500 Watt Powersupply Storage: 1 TB Western Digital I decided that I wanted to upgrade my GPU because I feel that my 960 doesn't keep up that...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] 960 SLI problems.

    Both GPU's are connected to the PC, as well as they're both shown in Device Manager. Although one of the GPU's is hidden, as well as it says it's "Not connected" when it most definitely is. I've re-seated the cards multiple times, flipped the cards between slots, played with the SLI bridge...
  5. Joris_vl

    [SOLVED] Should i upgrade my GTX960 2GB and maybe CPU? or is a new whole new pc a better idea?

    Hi, I'm new to tom's hardware (i hope this is the right forum for this question) and also new to upgrade pc parts and things, that's why im aksing for you help. I bought my pc 3,5 years ago. I didn't build it myself. A store build it for me. I can play games on low/medium at 1080p and get...
  6. C

    Question GTX 960 2gb Palit jetstream OC

    Hi! I have this card and factory OC'ed, I tried overclocking it using MSI Afterburner but gpu shark says "Voltage limit reached". My question is can I overclock it furthermore? more than the factory OC? or there's nothing I can do since it's factory OC'ed. Thanks!
  7. R

    [SOLVED] GPU to BenQ monitor dilemma!

    I currently have a GTX 960 and I'm looking to build a new pc with a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. However I use a BenQXL2411 monitor which only runs on 60Hz through HDMI but full 144Hz through DVI. Option 1: Buy an RTX 2060 super card with a DVI port and keep my current monitor to save a ton of hassle...
  8. K

    Question ASUS GTX 960 DC2OC Black Edition - Weird HDMI Problem

    I have 3 monitors. 1 of them is old and only have vga. When I plug it with "vga to hdmi" converter, it gives me visual with no problem. But when I directly plug my other 2 monitors with hdmi cable, there is no visual on my screen. I changed cables etc and I know the cables work fine. All...
  9. A

    Question PC freezes and crashes, hard reset required?

    I have an EVGA GTX 960. It is a year and a half old. Basically I will be gaming or watching a video, and it will usually get really sluggish, like freezing and unfreezing randomly. Then eventually it just completely freezes and whatever noise is playing at the time of the freeze just distorts to...
  10. S

    Question 980Ti performing worse than 960

    Hello About 8 months ago I bought a used 980Ti off of a norwegian-like Craigslist. I swapped out my 960 for the 980Ti. Computer recognizes it as a 980Ti but for some reason im getting worse performance than i used to get with my 960? I used to get about 250+ fps in csgo but now im getting...
  11. M

    Question Asus Strix 960 4GB OC Overclock

    Hello, i just purchased asus 960 and i would like it to overclock but i cant find nothing. All overclocks are for 2GB I would like to ask for a help please Greetings
  12. S

    low budget laptop

    i need a laptop for $100 that can run fortnite. can somebody suggest something? plz.
  13. M

    Cpu power 8+4 pins.

    Hello team! So, i have an Aorus pro Gigabyte mobo with 9600k. I have connected the 8pin power from the psu to the mobo, but i can't make anything more than 4,8 ghz, or i get blue screen and game crash. My psu is EVGA 650 GQ, and has two cpu slots. CPU 1 and CPU2. Currently I'm using the cpu1...
  14. Bad_Company

    2700x safe temps / PBO / XFR + ram

    Hi guys. This post has two parts, first issue is ram oc and second is a question about cpu temps and pbo on/off. system : 2700x + CHVII (latest bios : 1201) + krakenx62 ram : i run F4-3466C16D-32GTZR, i usually run them 3400 with slightly tighter timings or 3200 with even tighter , for some...
  15. K

    Pc turns on and off repeatedly in 3 second cycles

    I just got new motherboard today because my old one broke. When I put my pc back together it started turning off and on again repeatedly. The specs on my pc are as follows. Motherboard Ga-z97-hd3 Cpu I5-4460 16 GB ddr3 ram GPU Amd rx 550 HDD Sata 1 tb 460 Watt Psu I tried running the system...
  16. F

    RAM speeds for AMD - is it worth it?

    Hey so i'm from New Zealand and I'm upgrading my PC. In terms of ram is 2666Mhz much different than 3000Mhz. My CPU is Ryzen 2600 and I know ryzen benifits off faster speeds, I just need to know if it's worth the increase in price. In my country the ram at 2666 costs $152 and the 3000mhz costs...
  17. E

    I need help upgrading my PC and keeping Windows

    I'm going to be upgrading my PC with a new ssd, mobo, CPU, fans and ram. Can I and if so how can I move my windows 10 from my current HDD to my new ssd then upgrade the rest without data loss?
  18. AleksiDj52

    How to see my device on safe mode? Windows 10

    Hello everyone. My PC died 4 days ago due to hard drive's problems (ill buy a new SSD the one that died was HDD). Well i cant log in normally and boot everything as usual but i can boot to safe mode. I've tried formatting with USB but no luck (i did not erase everything just reinstalled Windows...
  19. L

    Replacement Bracket Cryorig H7

    I bought a Cryorig H7 second hand from someone and the cooler worked any everything. Only problem is the bracket for mounting was missing and he didn't have it. Any way to get a replacement?
  20. A

    Is it stable for gaming?

    Hey guys, I have a hp prodesk 600 g1 tower and I have installed a zotac gtx 1050ti with 75 W usages and I am using the CPU intel core i5 3.3ghz up to 3.7ghz turbo with 4gb ram ddr3 and I am still using the stock cpu cooler and the power supply is 320W strong and also stock. The motherboard I am...
  21. T

    "Power state is not safe for BIOS update."

    Apologies if I'm breaking any important rules, I'm new and don't see anything like that in a sidebar. Also couldn't find this by searching. I have a Toshiba L775-S7355 and it doesn't seem that the BIOS has been updated at all since purchase, so I looked for BIOS updates on the Toshiba website...
  22. R

    Digital Power Saving Mode

    Hello. i recently built a computer using all used parts and when i plug it nto the monitor it says digital power saving mode. it is a lg flatron w1952TQ. ive searched around on the internet and everything ive tried hasnt worked. i think it may be the monitor, because ive had this same problem on...
  23. J

    Computer working but no display

    So a few weeks ago I turned on my computer, the display wasn’t working so I let it sit and the computer shuts itself off and turns back on again but this time the display was detected. It was suspicious but I left it there anyways. However a few days ago I had an i3 6100 and gtx 1060 6gb, the...
  24. D

    Upgrade to a i5 7500 or wait for 9th gens

    I have a g4560 right now and i want to upgrade it to the i5 7500 but the games i play i have no issue running them. Or wait until 9th gen intel cpus come out to upgrade. Another idea i had was sell my pc to a friend and get a good ryzen pc because i made the mistake of not buying an ssd and i...
  25. M

    MSI H110I Pro AC Supports My Kaby Lake i3... After BIOS Update

    In my infinite wisdom, I ordered the MSI H110I Pro AC with an i3-7100. The conundrum is it will support an i3-7100 (which is a Kabylake CPU), however only after the BIOS has been flashed (which you must have a Skylake CPU to do). I happen to have CPU's that fit sockets LGA1151 (another...
  26. D

    Laptop freeze 5 minutes after i open it

    I bought an acer aspire e14 4 months ago. I have downloaded so many movies and never face any problems before with my previous laptop. I constantly check the temperature and never gone overheated. Now, my laptop will always freeze 5 to 10 minutes after i open or restart it. I use windows 10 now...
  27. J

    Large home network with wired and wireless connections

    Hi Everyone, I presently have an older Netgear FVS318 router with 8 ports but it only gives me a fraction of the download speed (8.4mbps versus 64.7mbps) that get if I plug straight into the Comcast modem. I'm considering whether to get a new router with 8 ports or use a new standard router with...
  28. S

    Computer crashes when put in sleep mode

    I have a custom build that is overclocked. i7 6800k 4.2ghz 1.30v Asus strix X99 Gskillz 32gb gtx 1080 Windows 10 version 1703 Sometimes when I try to put the computer in sleep mode it shuts off. In the event log it I see these logs: Kernel-boot: Win failed to resume from hibernate EventLog...
  29. G

    Everything lights up and turns on for a split second when i plug my pci-e cord in graphics card.

    My computer works fine but when I plug my PCI-e cord in my 1060 it turns on and lights up for a second then it instantly goes back off I have an I5-6500 a 1060 16 gig's of ram a h110m motherboard from msi and a 500w power supply.
  30. L

    Significant FPS and quality drop when laptop connected to external monitor.

    I’ve been getting issues with my laptop where when I connected it to an external display I get very significant quality drops. I connect my laptop (gtx 1070 and i7 6700k) to an asus 144hz monitor and to a dock which connects my other peripherals and devices. I usually place my laptop on the side...
  31. P

    My computer crashes loud buzz from psu fans spin very rapidly

    My first build I have had this pc for about a mont and it has worked great until about three days ago The problem : I run a game like rainbow six siege on the very high settings and the game used to work great but now it crashes whenever I try to load into a game the screen goes black and the...
  32. G

    How to choose the dBi power of antennas ?

    As title says, I have to choose an adsl router with wireless support but I noticed that some of the cheap models (TP-LINK TD-W8960N V5 - 25 €) have two 5 dBi antennas, while others high end models have three 2 dBi antennas (TP-LINK Archer D2 - 58 €). I'm a little bit confused: what antenna...
  33. B

    DVI graphics card, VGA monitor

    I've recently upgraded my graphics card (Asus DUAL-RX460-O2G) but it doesn't have a VGA port anymore. It does have DVI and HDMI. My monitor has only VGA port. Would an adapter like this work normally...
  34. O

    PSU for upgrading computer

    So i'm going to be upgrading some stuff in my computer soon here are the specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 MOBO: gigabyte gaming AM4 ATX RAM: 2x4 ddr4 Storage: 1tb 7200 rpm hard drive GPU: Gigabyte gtx 1060 3gb Case: deepcool tesseract mid tower case (3 fans with led lights) Optical: 1 DVD/CD...
  35. L

    Monitor not detected after shutdown

    I use two displays, one being a monitor and the other a tv mounted above. My graphics card has two hdmi outs so I connect one to the monitor and the other to the tv. The problem is that everytime I shutdown or hibernate my pc (which I do when I leave for the day), the next time I come back and...
  36. Y

    Should I upgrade AMD Phenom II 1090T for Ryzen 5 or 7

    Hey Everyone, I Can't decide if I should upgrade from my AMD Phenom II 1090T for a Ryzen CPU. I want to know if the upgrades are worth the extra cost or if I should try squeeze out a few more years. Casual gamer and soon to start a web development course. I've already purchased a new GPU...
  37. K

    Can't find a plug for a wire

    Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Brian123456/saved/#view=dsJJxr http://imgur.com/a/7NEQL where does this head belong? Update: So I looked around and I think that cable head is called a molex. Now the question is, am I suppose to plug this into the motherboard or straight to the power...
  38. D

    Laptop Overheating When on Charge and Playing Games Causes Odd Lag Spikes

    Okay, so I am ready to throw my laptop at the wall. I have tried every way I could find on the internet to fix this issue. I got my laptop a MSI GL62 at christmas and initially it would run games such as Payday 2 and CSGO on max settings with an easy 60fps. I found that eventually the games...
  39. M

    My amd gpu keeps freezing for 2 seconds

    Hi! I'm having a hard time when playing games because once in every 10mins my gameplay freezes for about 2 to 3 seconds. When installing my graphics drivers no error was shown so i really don't know what's the problem. I'd really appreciate the help of anybody who would bother answering my...
  40. C

    Ryzen 5 1600 games crashing

    Hi, hope someone can help me, I recently built my first pc but my games are all crashing from league of legends to rise of the tomb raider, some times it crashes from the start and other times after and hour of playing , i dont know what the problem is. This is my build: MOBO:Gigabyte...