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  1. B

    GTA V Broken!

    So I downloaded GTA 5 and had no issues, till i started trying some mods which essentially broke my game so i reinstalled. Now when im at the loading screen with all the game pictures after a couple minutes, my game crashes. This is the error im getting Faulting application name: GTA5.exe...
  2. M

    Laptop Screen back-light turns off when brightness is not set to maximum

    Hello, I have an acer aspire E5 and its screen became faulty so I bought 1 and replaced it, made a factory reset and re-installed windows only to find that the screen works perfectly only when the brightness is set to max... when i try to decrease the brightness the back-light shuts off...
  3. M

    Chinese script help

    whenever I right click media files like video and music the familiar Chinese script appears at the top of the options. Anyone encountered this too/know what I have missed?
  4. D

    Noisy Powercolor Red Devil RX 470 4GB. Possibly coil whine. What should I do?

    So I upgraded from an overclocked 7950 to the Powercolor red devil rx 470 and the 470 is producing what I think is really loud coil whine. Here is a video I took of the noise. It is louder in person than what my tiny phone could capture and even while browsing I can hear the buzzing while...
  5. J

    Help Overclocking i3-6100 @ 3.7GHz

    I am currently running an i3-6100 on stock settings (3.7GHz) with a ASUS B150M-C mobo with a more-than-adequate PSU. I just finished my system build and have no wish to upgrade the CPU, though I do understand it is the bottleneck for my current build. I have OC'd GPU's in the past, but never a...
  6. P

    How to install a CPU. (The Correct Way)

    Hey guys this post is here for all you that don't know how to install a CPU or want more help on what to look for when installing a CPU. I will go over CPU sockets, CPU power TDP, Cores and Threads, if you have a bent pin, how to put the CPU in and how to remove the CPU, so on so forth...
  7. Spacebit

    Intel PCIe WiFi adapter AC-8260 Internet keeps disconnecting when Bluetooth is turned on.

    I have the Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I (rev. 4.2), which has a Intel Dual Band AC-8260 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2. I have noticed that with Bluetooth turned on, the WiFi keeps disconnecting after every 3-10 minutes for 3-5 seconds and then reconnects itself. If I turn Bluetooth adapter off, then the...
  8. S

    How to see what machine is eating the internet?

    Hello! I'm new to running the internet for my household. My brother used to run it, but we moved away and now I am the only one near capable of knowing what to do. Now, the thing is, I have no idea what I'm doing. It's a big problem.. It's pretty obvious how to set it up, but now I want to do...
  9. M

    GTX 1070 underperforming

    Hello all, I bought a Gigabyte GTX 1070 a few days ago. I had a Radeon R9 280x before. I upgrade as my current card started to fail and of course because of the raving review of the new Nvidia cards. However I feel that it does not perform as advertise and I pretty sure that there is something...
  10. K

    Is the upgrade worth it?

    I currently run an i7-4790k and a GTX 760. The i7 is still good and i'm sure it will be for another year or so, but my GPU is not doing too well. I havn't been able to play many new games because of my GPU. Would it be worth it to upgrade from the 760 to the 1060? Also, what 900 series GPU...
  11. P


    I need to know which keyboard is better the k70 lux or the strafe. THANK YOU
  12. A

    H110 vs H170 and etc.

    Background: I recently purchased two rigs-worth of components, and I went with the Asus H110M-D (https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/H110M-D/) for both PCs, the other option being the H110-K model (https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/H110M-K/). I don't seem to find much info endorsing them in...
  13. XBlitz15

    MSI Z170A Gaming M5 H.D.D. LED

    Hi, I am wondering where I put the HDD LED, +P LED, -P LED, RESET SW and PW SWITCH.
  14. C

    I have an MSI Gaming 5 z97 board, and a gtx650ti and 1070 does card order matter?

    In the bios there gives lane configuration options x16x0x0, x8x8x0, x8x4x4,or auto I currently have the 650 in the top slot, but my monitor is plugged into the 1070. I also haven't noticed any performance boost. Is it possible that to get the full power of my 1070 I would need to put it in the...
  15. B

    corsair h100igtx pump noise

    I'm having an issue with my h100igtx.it seems to make a rattling noise on quiet mode which I can confirm is coming from the pump.i disabled my hdd gpu and case fans to be sure.is this something normal with this cooler or should I be worried?by the way I have recorded a vid that I will probably...
  16. T

    Gaming Monitor - Which to buy?

    What is a good 27 inch 1440p monitor (60hz or 75hz) that I can buy for gaming at around 400-500 dollars cdn? I plan on gaming mainly like gta v, etc and while I can not afford 144hz, 60hz should be fine for me. What about this? ASUS PB277Q 27" ...
  17. J

    Why does my PC reset its self everytime I launch my pc

    I logged onto my pc today and noticed that my background is missing as well as a lot of icons from my desk top. Every time I reboot my computer it does the exact same thing so all the files I had on my desktop go missing again, I also occasionally receive errors whilst trying to boot my PC
  18. Barney6262

    75Mb/s speed test, 900KB/s actual download. What is going on?!?!

    Hi guys, the past few days my internet has been really sluggish. I tried running the speed test on Ookla and this is the results: I download games in steam at about 9MB/s which is roughly the same as the speed test results. I don't notice much lag in games. However, I tried to download...
  19. M

    E5-571 RAM fit into E5-511?

    Hi - does the RAM card from an Acer E5-571 fit into an Acer E5-511?
  20. C

    New Custom PC

    Thinking about getting my first gaming PC. Got the below specs and quote from PC Specialist. What do you think? Case COOLERMASTER K350 GAMING CASE Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Processor i7-6700 (3.4GHz) 8MB Cache Motherboard ASUS® H110M-R: Micro-ATX, DDR4, LG1151, USB 3.0, SATA...
  21. S

    Overclocked 980ti cooling

    Is there any other way to cool down an overclocked 980ti gold edition than watercooling? Because if you are overclocking a company overclocked card you need to do something to cool it.
  22. T

    Trouble installing NH-D14 on X99A SLI Plus

    Hi, I am trying to assemble a PC with a 5960X, an MSI X99A SLI Plus motherboard, and a Noctua NH-D14 with the NM-I2011 mounting kit. I've got the standoffs and 2 brackets installed on the motherboard in the right orientation, and changed the brackets on the heatsink to the ones supplied in the...
  23. D

    No display on monitor but everything turns on?

    I don't know whats wrong it wont give a beep code (probably because I don't have a speaker) All the fans turn on, just no display. I have called support and they that its a different part and have me calling in a loop from company to company. EVGA said it was the motherboard Gigabyte said it was...
  24. M

    i5 4690k with Hyper 212 Evo horrible temps

    Short and sweet. I recently upgraded to a i5 4690k from a FX6300. My temps are awful. I'm idling at 40-41 degrees celsius. While playing Overwatch i'm hitting 70 degrees. I took off the thermal compound that I put on a couple days ago (MX-4)(used to get 73 degrees while playing Overwatch). I...
  25. N

    Tried to install a new GPU, now my computer fails to boot correctly.

    The graphics card I bought is an EVGA Geforce GT 610 1GB DDR3 low profile, and I took the steps to installing it that I remembered. Uninstall Intel display drivers, shut down computer, unplug everything and press the power button to make sure it has no more power, I then inserted the graphics...
  26. M

    Will my cou cooler interfere with my ram

    Hi everybody i have question i have A asus maximus viii hero morherboard and corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 3200 ram i want to buy the cryorg r1 ultimate my question is will my cpu cooler interfere with my ram? Will everything fit like they're supposed too
  27. akattkisson

    Netflix Knows What You're Binge Watching

    Netflix is tracking what you binge watch, revealing the shows we can't stop watching and those that we take our time with. Netflix Knows What You're Binge Watching : Read more
  28. I

    Stuttering in CS GO

    Hello everyone,got an problem with the game.I bough some new PC parts and everything was working perfect,since i had to go away on 2 months,because of work.After i got back,updated drivers and got into the game and there's a problem,after few minutes.It looks like i get teleported back for 1...
  29. H

    power supply 12v rail question

    Hello, My friend has 300W PSU which has under +12v rail 10/25 amps written. So what does "10/25 amps" mean?? Please help me.
  30. S

    Topre Delivers Variable Actuation, Cherry-Compatible Sliders On RealForce RGB Keyboard

    Topre's next keyboard will have switches with variable actuation points, Cherry MX-compatible stems, and RGB lighting. Topre Delivers Variable Actuation, Cherry-Compatible Sliders On RealForce RGB Keyboard : Read more
  31. A

    Cancelled transaction on ebay didnt recieve my money ?

    the seller sent me request to cancel so i accept it but now were is the money i paid for , i didnt recive it also i payd with credit card not paypal
  32. S

    gtx 980ti 4k

    HELLO guys i want to play the witcher 3 in 4k specs am going to buy Cpu -i5 4690k gpu- gtx 980 ti gaming MotherB-msi z97 gaming 7 cooler 212 - 8 gb ram hyper x 1600 mhz but all of this specs are [useed] !! this specs enoph for 4k with good fps or what i have to change?? and i want to know...
  33. H

    GTX 960 no video with riser card

    I am having an issue with an SFF build, which occurs on my ASUS GTX 960 mini when using a riser card. Everything works fine when connected directly to the motherboard's PCI Express 3.0 16X port, but when connect with a riser cable, there is no video output. I know the card is getting power...
  34. L

    PC upgrade advice

    Hi guys, I built a PC last summer with an fx8350 and asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0. I got the 2 for £180 when each had been selling new for £150 so I thought it was a good deal and went for it. I paired this with a 380 and had a great gaming experience. Last week my PC was running fine, I left the...
  35. D

    CPU Cooler Fits to...

    Can someone give me good CPU Coolers That will fit into Antec X1-T(the one with the side window)???
  36. A

    Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2HP and i7 6700 RAM compatibility

    Hi guys let me know if this combo is compatible with the RAM bellow Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H Intel Core i7-6700 Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB DD4-2400 K2 Cheers, Nino
  37. J

    hd 6870 vs gtx 470

    will a gtx 470 be faster than 2 amd hd 6870 in crossfire
  38. Y

    Custom Built PC beeps three times and won't show hdmi output

    I built a custom gaming PC yesterday but when I turn it on, it beeps three times. At the same time, my monitor doesn't display nor detect my PC. The fans are working and the graphics card lights up. What could be the problem? Btw, it's an AMD build. Thank you.
  39. K

    Upload Faster Than Download?

    I know most people would be happy to have this problem... It is not really causing an issue, but I am curious to understand why this is happening. I have gigabit fiber service. I am connecting wireless to the gateway. The connection speed listed under network settings is 877mbs (sounds about...
  40. C

    Gaming graphics card for Optiplex 755?

    Hi, I have a dell Optiplex 755 tower and I wanted to know what graphics card I should get for running games like battlefield 4. I have a Intel core 2 quad q6600 2.4ghz with 4gb of ram. I really have no idea, so can someone help please?