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  1. C

    Question Ryzen 5 2600x running at High Temperatures

    I've just finished my First build, so I'm kind of learning a lot yet but I believe that my CPU is operating with too high temperatures. If i just turn on the PC and do nothing it gets around 49 to 60 Celsius (continually changing) , accordingly to Ryzen Master App. The first time I'd applied...
  2. C

    Question Need some help with installing windows on a ssd

    Hello,I recently bought a ssd for my pc but i need some help to make me understand if this is a problem or not. I dont have an integrated gpu and when i installed my rx 570 my screen was black until i inserted the driver disk, will i have the same problem when i install the windows on my ssd...
  3. L

    News AMD Zen+ Chromebooks a Step Closer, Thanks to Google Coreboot Support

    Google has added support for AMD Picasso APU to Coreboot, further reinforcing the rumors that Google and its partners are developing Picasso-based Chromebooks. AMD Zen+ Chromebooks a Step Closer, Thanks to Google Coreboot Support : Read more
  4. AndrewFreedman

    Info The Asus Zephyrus G GA502 Is a Premium AMD (and Nvidia) Gaming Laptop

    Asus' new slim Zephyrus laptops packs an AMD Ryzen APU, alongside Nvidia's new (for mobile) GTX 1660 Ti. We went hands-on with this new premium AMD laptop. The Asus Zephyrus G GA502 Is a Premium AMD (and Nvidia) Gaming Laptop : Read more
  5. islandwalker

    Info Hands On: AMD Ryzen, Nvidia 1660 Ti Land in New Asus Tuf Gaming Laptops

    We went hands-on with a pair of Asus Tuf Gaming portables powered by Ryzen 5 and 7 APUs and the GTX 1660 Ti at a recent press event. Hands On: AMD Ryzen, Nvidia 1660 Ti Land in New Asus Tuf Gaming Laptops : Read more
  6. gilsport

    Question New GPU ~500$

    Hi, So in 2 weeks I will be in the US. And wanna get a new GPU for about 500 USD (I'm a bit flexible with the price) my main game is destiny 2 thinking about buying anthem when it will be better This is my rig What to buy? I do have a freesync screen and...
  7. JQB45

    [SOLVED] Best B450 and X470 AMD Motherboards?

    I'm no longer all that impressed with ASRock as a company and would like to consider other companies. I feel that support from ASRock's website, apps, driver updates and BIOS/UEFI are behind what I see from other companies I would be looking to spend less then $140 USD on a B450 and less then...
  8. J

    Question Best Useful Utility/Driver for Gigabyte Motherboard

    I just built a new Rig and installed Windows 10 Pro and Bios Update to F31. just wondering if you guys recommend any important Drivers that are useless or must be downloaded. i heard that the Gigabyte App center sucks. Here's my Build CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 3000 16GB MOBO...
  9. J


    HELLO! by which type of drivers and utility software are needed. i feel like after i installed Gigabyte apps my computer became sluggish. also any other tip for my new pc build? i just installed windows and the newest bios update. CPU: RYZEN 5 2600 MOBO: GIGABYTE AORUS B450 PRO WIFI ATX CPU...
  10. Gosraj

    Question Is Freesync worth it?

    I'm building a new PC, and would like to use an AMD GPU so I can use Freesync. However, AMD GPUs seem to cost more despite being sometimes being less powerful? Is it worth it to use Freesync? I'm choosing between an RTX2070 and the new Radeon VII for my GPU, with a 1080p 75fps monitor (haven't...
  11. M

    Question Really confusing drivers issues , AMD Adrenaline 19.4.1 to 4.2 Optional.

    So 3 days ago , I sat down to play Forza Horizon 4 to top off a busy week , but when I started my PC it would P.O.S.T. normally and then, in the transition from the BIOS Screen to the Windows Software, there was a full-on blackscreen, nothing would work, button presses would trigger sounds but...
  12. H

    Question Is my CPU overheating in New Build?!

    Hi all, Ive just recently build a new rig and was wondering our my CPU temperatures too high at idle load? Im running an AMD Ryzen 2600x (Non-OC) and as a cooler am using a Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240L RGB AIO. At idle load the pc seems to be sitting at around 55-60 Celsius, shouldn't it...
  13. imStorm3r

    Question ETS-T40F-BK vs Wraith Prism for 2700X

    So I'm going replace most of my components in a month or so and I've decided to get the 2700X. The thing is that I am not sure whether my current cooler, the ETS-40F-BK is better than the Wraith Prism or not for cooling down that CPU so a little help would be greatly appreciated :).
  14. basha11

    Question Can we use amd freesync monitors with nvidia gpu? Acer VG271U model this is the specified monitor. Its Amd Freesync technology monitor & i have nvidia gpu which means i need gsync monitor as per my view. But, recently nvidia releasing some amd freesync...
  15. TheGoldenBoot

    Question could this be a faulty CPU?

    So one day my PSU decided to just die and my PC would not boot at all (the flickering light on the GPU was a give away) So I decided to purchase a new PSU (corsair 550) the light on the gpu was working fine BUT the pc would not boot, no noise, no fans spinning, nothing. So I decided to go out...
  16. C

    Question Dual Monitor Set-up on AMD System

    So recently I have been messing around with a new PC and I'm having trouble with adding an additional display. For reference, here is a link to the pc build: I'm using 2 asus 24 inch monitors and before the question is presented, yes both of the monitors...
  17. E

    Question Is this power supply safe to use for an sff pc?

    Here is the link: It is 500 watts and I need a low profile psu for an sff build. Will be ryzen 3 1200, 8gb ram, rx 570...
  18. Y

    Question had a green horizontal line on monitor

    i had a green horizontal line across my monitor and it looked it was done for it was a very narrow line and it wasnt for loose gpu or ram cause i removed my pc power and just turned the monitor on ... and the line was still there.. but yesterday i was downloading something and my pc was on night...
  19. F


    can someone please help me i have a6 7310 with r4 gpu 1gb vram 8 gb ram now iknow it isnt a gaming one its low end but i want to run pubg lite on it on lowest the game runs fine before entering plane above 30 fps and above 60 in plane but when i land in populated areas the game laggs like hell...
  20. ryanex1

    Question No windows 8.1 drivers for RX 580

    Hay guys im in a bit of a dilemma here I've recently ordered a rx 580 and found out that it AMD doesn't have drivers for win 8.1 (only for win 7 and 10 wdf ! ) i don't like to change my os to win 10 anytime soon any one here has tried using rx 580/570 on a win 8 machine (will the drivers...