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  1. L

    Delete my e-mails

    I would like to know how to delete my e-mails at one time
  2. G

    Error message I get on Startup, please read!

    Ok this goes with my post below, I FINALLY got it to not reboot without showing the error message: *** stop: 0x0000001E(0x(0000005, 0xBFEA5206, 0x00000000, 0x0000006c) *** Adress BFEA5206 base at BFE9A000, Datastamp 38178976 - nv4.sys Begging dump of physical memory Physical memory dump...
  3. S

    Sound driver is not installing

    Hello, when i am going to install Avance ac97 autio driver then a message appears that alsndmgr.wav is missing. what should i do to solve this problem i have install windows again and again but this message is also comes again and again.
  4. G

    Lan connection

  5. C

    How to

    Hello How do I shut off magnifer
  6. G

    PC won't shutdown or restart

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?) I'm using XP home edition and for some reason my pc won't shutdown or restart. When i select turn off or restart nothing happens, it just stays at my desktop. I tried to bring up task manager and alt - F4 but still...
  7. lhikary


    hi guys i want to buy a pc to play bf3 on ultra setting with 4XAA if thats not the max setting for it then correct me if im wrong so my budget is $850 i have a 19 inch lg screen with 1440x900 and that what i will use for now im planning on gettin 45 fps on heavy battles or at least 35fps on...
  8. X

    Audio Enhancers

    I have a system with running Windows 64 bit and an HP 2509m monitor with built in speakers. I would prefer not to buy external speakers. When streaming videos sometimes the audio is nearly unhearable (other times I have to crank the volume down to 40% or lower). Anyway, my question is are...
  9. S

    TMPGEnc and the disappearing Video Codecs

    It's weird. It used to show it. Then I was testing out something and uninstalled DivX 5.0, installed 3.11 then 4.0 then installed 5.0. Now when I go into TMPGEnc and try to save as AVI I don't see DivX as one of my options and I used to. I went into Virtual Dub to see what it had and sure...
  10. R

    Www samsungmobile com

    have a samsung Galaxy GT-15500 want to load tools allowing me to transfer my photo's ect can you help
  11. S

    PS2 repairs?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know of a good/trusted place to repair a PS2. I am getting a Disc Read Error. I am open to suggestions of trying to clean it myself if that has been successful for anyone. I am in the UK (Coventry to be exact). Thanks
  12. malavena

    Need an efficient and massive mp3 tag editor

    I have a massive collection of MP3s. Some have been ripped more than once. When I use library programs such as Winamp, MediaPortal, WMP, etc. I often find MP3s that belong to the same author, but scattered along typo'ed names, such as: The Beatles Teh Beatles The Beetles The Betlaes etc. Back...
  13. L

    XP Boots Weird

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) Ever since I installed XP Home Edition on this computer, it boots up with problems. It always starts 2 copies of Windows Explorer. I can't find anywhere to stop this from happening. It must be in the registry. My...
  14. G

    Group Policy Problem

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.security_admin (More info?) Recently I let a close friend look after my house which included my computer system. I set up enough rights for this person to install games but not to change any files or settings that could, i thought, drastically...
  15. M

    OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND on my sony vaio laptop

    My laptop would not come out of safe mode it then viewed an error message saying operation system not found.What do i do?
  16. exfileme

    DNF's ESRB Summary Was Worth the 14-yr Wait

    The ESRB has listed the description of Duke Nukem Forever, highlighting everything that will make this the biggest game of the year... and the most hated by parents and political loud-mouths. DNF's ESRB Summary Was Worth the 14-yr Wait : Read more
  17. Marcus Yam

    Fable III Confirmed for PC; Xbox 360 CE Detailed

    Fable lives on, on the PC. Fable III Confirmed for PC; Xbox 360 CE Detailed : Read more
  18. G

    Cpu under system 2 0 Ghz and under Bios 1 5 Ghz

    Hello, my processor under XP system is 2.0 GHZ and under Bios is 1.5 GHZ?????
  19. G

    Apple is taking a big bite out of the environment

    Apple may be the leader in the market of MP3 players, but in the world of environmental friendliness, the company holds an entirely different distinction. According to Greenpeace, Apple is ranked dead last on the scale of green electronics, failing to make virtually any accommodation to lessen...
  20. G

    CES 2006: A-Data presents SD cards with capacity display

    CES product intro CES 2006: A-Data presents SD cards with capacity display : Read more
  21. R

    Why laptop restarts on shutdown

    Hello, My laptop PC restarts on shut down
  22. Plo_Koon

    Chkdsk stage 4 and hdd question

    Just wondering if it's normal for chkdsk on cmd safe mode to go really slow on stage 4 but speed up after? I ran chkdsk on a partition on disk0 and it is at 250gb. Anyway it took too long to get from 7-9%. 3hrs. Then strangely, after that it went to 11%, 15, and so on at a regular speed to me...
  23. J

    Windows activation loop bug XP Pro

    Hello, I am having trouble with keeping XP Pro. I can't log in. I tried a number of things but, I have the same problem as many have had. When I start up, I can't do anything. Can anybody help me? I will provide more details if needed. It say that I already am activated.
  24. R

    PCI/AGP driver for toshiba satellite C850 F01N

  25. G

    ANNOUNCE: Weekly Pinball Chat Tonight at 8 pm Central Time

    Archived from groups: rec.games.pinball (More info?) Sunday Night Pinball Chat Feel free to sign in and talk about anything related to pinball and arcades. Q: Where is this chat held at? A: Q: What time is the chat? A: It is every Sunday evening starting at 8:00 p.m...
  26. O

    Fresh Windows 7 x64 Freezing Issue

    Hello, New person here, but I have ab it of an issue, just built a new computer, as I was way overdue, put everything together, checked components, ran a ram test, everything was peachy, went to install the OS.... Goes through the initial..copying windows files, expanding windows files...
  27. G

    Can i have 32 and 64 bit office installed

    Hello, I have bought the student version of 64bit ms office and now discover that the blackberry sync software doesn't work with the 64bit outlook 2010. Can I install an older 32 bit version of outlook to run alongside the newer office if i remove 2010 outlook?