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  1. PatriciaJames

    Question API For Mobile Application - Consulting App

    Could anyone suggest with free video chat APIs are the best for new mobile applications? I have found some API in market solutions, I am looking for more suggestion.
  2. Ayelwen

    [SOLVED] API Spy / Handle Finder for external Apps

    So, way back when, we're talking DialUp internet, AOL and Yahoo Chat days, I used to teach myself VisualBasic 6. There was a little tool with a (+) cross hair that would give you the handler to access a window you clicked on. You could use that information to provide input to that window. Such...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Question Android Studio Kotlin API extraction using URL, throws a java.net.SocketException

    Hey, so I'm trying to use URL from the java.net.URL, to read the data from an API as a string using URL like this; response = URL("https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?q=$CITY&units=metric&appid=$API").readText() anyway everything should be working, but while debugging I can see...
  4. Benji19912

    Question blurry image on 1920 x 1080

    Hi all, I have paired a GTX 960 2gb with a samsung T22E310EX 1080p moniter via HDMI. but the image isnt crisp. logo's and text and everything are not crisp. need help to remedy this cheers. the HDMI is connected to the STD port on the moniter, not the DVI. samsung website says to change the...
  5. U

    SATA Express Cable?

    Hi! My ASUS Board Z 97-A Supports the SATA Express & read that its a failure do not even bother. I looked at one cable & not even sure that would even work. I am just making sure by other opinions just do not even bother just use the regular SATA...
  6. T

    Linux causes computer to randomly hard reboot, Windows doesn't

    Hi, I'm currently running Ubuntu 18.04 on my desktop, which I've been dual booting Linux/Windows on for the past couple of years. Recently, my computer has completely powered off (fans stop, everything loses power) and then immediately powered back on while I'm using it, usually between 5-30...
  7. S

    Failing Drive Not Accessible?

    I have a hard drive from a laptop that is failing. It would no longer boot so I removed it and plugged it into an external housing. When I fit turn on the housing it spins up and I can see it pop up as F Drive, but as it continues, it locks up and a minute or so later I get "F: is not...
  8. W

    Windows 10 apps links, link to unknown targets. How to locate the targeted .exe ??

    The target inside the shortcut's properties is grayed out and you cannot even select it. I tried to manually open the shortcut file with notepad, wordpad, notpad++ ,to look for the .exe inside, and even tho they open other shortcuts with windows 10 shortcuts i always get the same error...
  9. K

    Can You Still Use An AMD AM4 Motherboard with a Missing Backplate/Bracket?

    I recently purchased a cheap (£35) AM4 motherboard on eBay (Asrock AB350M) for a new AM4 build I was doing. Got a nice 1800X and 16GB DDR4 to go along with it. However, the motherboard I received was missing pieces. It was missing the manual and driver disc but hardly matters with everything...
  10. S

    Games not smooth in my house.

    Hi, i have problem with whom I fight a lot years. Now im so close to fix it - BUT. When i play cs:go i have 250+ fps (144hz) and when im in action where the computer goes into the load for example when i fighting somewhere on map with a lot players,grenades my game is so unsmooth, microstutters...
  11. D

    Can you plug a 3 pin system fan into a 4 pin motherboard header?

    I've been browsing solutions to my issue but none have been decisive. MOBO: Gigabyte ga-ab350n Gaming Wifi. Case: Thermaltake Core v1 ITX Case Thanks!
  12. J

    is the msi A68HM-E33 V2 able to fit a i5 with a cooler that support both amd and intel cpu's

    Hi, I am looking to build a pc and a little confused on whether these components will work, I am looking at the A68HM-E33 V2 and I have a core i5 processor. will these two go together. Also Im looking at the Premium Quality upHere Quiet CPU Cooler. Please let me know if there are any problems
  13. K

    Belkin USB adapter problems.

    I was cleaning up my computer and deleting a lot of files I thought I didn't need, but I accidentally deleted the belkin wireless adapter. I know, really dumb. now I've got no internet, and going to device manager and updating it doesn't work, I've tried to uninstall but that doesn't seem to do...
  14. T

    ram or psu

    so i am running 4gb ram with an i5 3470 and a 750 ti sc i want to upgrade my ram to improve my pubg experience but i am nervous that my power supply may give out soon i have had the pc almost a month and its just my anxiety should i get another 4gb stick or should i get another powers supply...
  15. B

    What tv has rca imput

    What tv has rca imput so I can use PlayStation 2
  16. B

    What gaming pc should I build

    Here are the parts that I think they are good This the first build.It cost around 1250 euro 1.CPU:I5 8400 2.Motherboard: MSI Z370 Gaming Plus 3.Case Aerocool Aero-500 (Window) 4.Cooling:CoolerMaster MasterLiquid 240 5.RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT White 16GB DDR4-2666MHz 6.HDD:Western Digital...
  17. I

    Optimizing RAM on ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F

    I just upgraded to this mobo and I was hoping someone would be able to help me configure my RAM in the BIOS (and any other suggestions you may have for optimization)? The RAM I bought has a latency of 15-16-16-35 and 1.35 voltage. I found these sections in the BIOS, I can take a guess as to what...
  18. C

    Good build for 11/12 year old

    My cousin is looking for a build, he currently plays minecraft (but I'm pretty sure that that will change as he get's older). I want to TEACH him how to build a computer but I'm not sure what parts to use. I know that he likes colors, and the cool looking cases but his budget is $800-$900. Can...
  19. M

    Bad cables or bad mobo?

    Installed some new Cablemod modular PSU cables for my Corsair SF600 yesterday and used my computer just fine all day. Went to turn it on today and no noise, fan movement, any signs of life when I push the power button. Appropriate voltages getting to appropriate pins on the cables when checked...
  20. O

    Newly Built Gaming PC, Need Help With Graphics Card

    I have been working all summer to buy a new gaming pc, because my old pc took a dump. I went ahead and bought the components and built it. The problem I am having is when I install my GPU, nothing appears on the monitor. It turns on to a black screen. I checked multiple times to see if I have...
  21. J

    Help me chose between these two keyboards

    i found a good deal on an offbrand mechanical keyboard and im curious to know if its worth it over this razor one i was looking at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N0XQI2A/ref=crt_ewc_title_dp_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A142BGUZC6UH73...
  22. G

    pc get reboot while gaming

    i have a big problem with my gaming pc which i bought a few months ago but still it is under warranty. in actual i have set up this one computer for gaming. while i am in normal gaming and pc is under normal use of system it dont have ay problem but while i run high games it get reboot during a...
  23. M

    Better cpu or gpu?

    Hello! I am currently looking for a new gaming computer that will work with most games for a few years atleast. I have 2 pc's I'm choosing between, but I need help. Computer 1 has a i7 6700 3,4 ghz with a GTX 1080 8 gb, computer 2 has a i7 6700k 4 ghz with a GTX 1070 8gb. Which computer would be...
  24. D

    Help with GPU Issue

    I've had my PC for a little over a year with no issues until just now. I'm suddenly getting low FPS in every game and the GPU fans are VERY loud. I have a Radeon 380x. MSI Afterburner says my GPU load is at a constant 100% with occasionally dips all the way to 0% then immediately back up to 100...
  25. P

    unable to format my sd card

    when i format my strontium sd crd by sd formater software there is an error that your disk is write protected ,how to release my sd card from write protection?give me perfect solution ?cmd device maneger such ways are unable to formate my sd card,give me somme special way tthatv will work .
  26. Prdp

    GIGABYTE Radeon RX 480 G1 vs MSI Radeon RX 480 GAMING X

    When both the cards are RX 480 and having 4GB memory why there is a 65 dollar price difference ? GIGABYTE Radeon RX 480 G1 Gaming 4GB - $199.99 MSI Radeon RX 480 GAMING X 4GB - $265.00 After some research I found, best card to buy in RX 480 is "MSI Radeon RX 480 GAMING X". But is it worth...
  27. S

    xeon x5660 vs xoen e3 1245 v1

    which one is better i thought to oc the x5660u up to 4.0ghz how will they perform at stock and at oc performance and which one to buy i can easily buy x5660 it's my priorty tell be is it right?????
  28. F

    Can't install win7 on ssd

    So my friend called me to see if i could help with his problem. He had a virus on his HDD and wanted to do a fresh install of Windows 7 on his new SSD. He plugged in the SSD but the Windows 7 setup does not recognise the SSD. It doesn't even show the HDD where Win 7 is installed on. I told him...
  29. E

    Gigabyte AORUS K5 or Ultra Gaming or...

    So the long story short; I've got the following but I'm unsure on the Motherboard; - Intel i5 K7600 Kaby Lake - 16Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000Mhz - Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming I'm buying my goods on ebuyer.com as I get most of my stuff on there and can't be bothered to make loads of...

    Toshiba Sattelite P50t-A chkdsk Stuck on 10%

    tldr: Tried to run Macrium Reflect to make an image of the drive on a portable drive for a new laptop, failed, tried to run chkdsk, it asked to run on next reboot, did so, went to 10% quickly, and hasn't moved in a long tine. Taking drive out of old laptop isn't an issue, just can't have any...
  31. R

    PC won't turn on after being in sleep mode overnight? [SOLVED]

    Last night I left my PC on so that it could finish uploading a large file while I slept. In the morning the PC was in sleep mode and I could not wake it up. This has been normal, I think I needed to change some settings so the keyboard/mouse could wake it, or maybe there is something more...
  32. K

    Computer Freezes very randomly

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/VPRk8K Hey guys, I recently took on a little venture of trying out used parts. I wanted to build a decent computer using used parts I could find mostly on the hardwareswap reddit, So i just got it all together a few hours ago and have been having a lot of trouble...
  33. J

    Connecting GTX 1060 to Power supply

    I just bought a MSI GTX 1060 ARMOR 6GB. Now I just realised my power supply (OCZ ModXStream pro 500W) does not have a cable to connect to my GPU. Does anyone know what cable I need to connect those two? Thanks!
  34. F

    Correct boot order in BIOS.

    When I start up my PC I get the message reboot and select proper boot device. Here is my current boot order: https://imgur.com/gallery/KgTLI Can anyone help me and tell me the correct order so that it boots properly. Any help is much appreciated
  35. S

    high quality microphone

    Hey, Was thinking about buying a headset with a good mic but thought it's just better to keep my current one and buy a microphone separately. What are some good low budget microphones for gaming and chatting with friends on Discord? Thanks guys :)
  36. M

    a directory app?

    I have a big hierarchy of bookmarks in the desktop chrome and I want to be able to use and modify it on an android device. it can't be done by syncing - mobile browser does not support complex hierarchies so most of entries/subcategories are lost; tried online solutions like xmarks - does not...
  37. kylecb

    Help Building 1st PC

    Hi guys, I'm building a new gaming PC, and am looking for some feedback on my build. I would really appreciate any suggestions because I'm pretty new to this. A. Build: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/kylecb/saved/#view=m66nTW B. Main Questions: 1. I have a HP Blackbird Case – has a (a) disk...
  38. U

    Need your opinions

    I'm in the process of buying and building my first PC. I want to hear your thoughts on the parts I picked. CPU - Intel i5 6600 MOBO - Asus H110 M - D PSU - LC5550 "black" v2.2 550w RAM - Single stick of Crucial DDR4 @ 2133Mhz GPU - Radeon RX480 reference for now and may change if there...
  39. J


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  40. Mkurucar

    Problem with SSD? amd system

    Hey guys, so im having a huge problem with a new build. everything is new except my cpu and ssd. I didnt format my ssd or anything before hooking it up to the new mobo and now whenever i boot up i get no LED errors on my mobo, no beeps, nothing. I then tried to reset my cpu heatsink, and i...