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  1. N

    FPS of Games using FX 6300 and FX 4300

    I would like to know the FPS (or at least an estimation) of the following games on a FX-6300 or FX-4300 with GTX 750 ti - GTA V - Far Cry 4 - Fallout 4 I am going for a low power consumption PC gaming build capable of playing any game at 60fps, low - high textures at 720p to 1080p. If you...
  2. J

    Complete PC building noob, want to build a gaming PC for $1000.

    Hi guys, I am a console gamer looking to convert to the master race, but I have no idea how to build a PC. My max budget is $1000, and I'm looking to build a rig that can play Fallout 4 and GTA V at very high to max settings, and future proofing as well. Help would be much appreciated. :D
  3. R

    Moto G 4G

    Does anyone know if there is a company in the EU/UK that can replace a cracked screen for this phone ?
  4. A

    i5-4690k Overclocking Failure?

    Hi, I recently purchased a Corsair h100i gtx to cool my 4690k and it works great so I decided to do some overclocking. I have an Asus Maximus Gene VI Z87 mobo. I tried a cpu strap of 100 with a multiplier of 42. Got into windows ran LinX everything worked great, so naturally I decided to go...
  5. M

    Windows 10 SSD dilemma!!!

    Hello there! I have a dilemma... I'm wanting to by a 250 GB SSD for my free windows 10 upgrade. Right now, my windows 7 installation is on a WD black hard drive. I'm also using another WD black drive as well. I'm wanting to install windows 10 on an SSD without having to uninstall my programs...
  6. E

    No coax cable input on linksys S-series modem-router

    I have a modem-router combo unit linksys S-series. I have cable. There is no coax cable inlet on this modem-router combo
  7. J

    Fractal Design Define R5 White w/window off market?

    I have been looking for a new case for under 150$ that has great airflow and silence options and decided upon the fractal design define R5, but sadly I was looking for a white case with a window and it seems that model is not sold anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find the white windowed...
  8. J

    Help me choose components for non gaming PC

    I would like to upgrade my current setup which is a Pentium Dual Core E5200 with 4GB of ram and a Radeon 5770 1GB video card and a 1TB Black Western Digital drive. I don't play games very often and I mostly browse the internet but with dual displays and 2 chrome browsers with 10 tabs each open...
  9. E

    Vibrating/loud PSU (randomly)?

    I built my gaming PC back in November, so it's new. I have a "Corsair CX 600W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply", and a few days ago it got pretty loud and I could feel it on my desk ( the PC sits on my desk ). At the time I was playing Garry's Mod, which is not an intensive...
  10. A

    PC to Monitor - Blur - Urgent

    Hello I have a dynex monitor. http://www.cnet.com/products/dynex-dx-lcd22-09/specs/ It says on that website above that the resolution is 720p but I play my Xbox 360 in 1080p. When playing Xbox it looks amazing. I am using this with it connected to my GE Force GTX graphics card and every...
  11. NewOrleansAnimal

    Can my motherboard handle a GTX 970?

    I currently have this motherboard (ASUS M4A88T-M http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M4A88TM/overview/ and I want to know if it can handle a GTX 970 http://us.msi.com/product/vga/GTX-970-GAMING-4G.html#hero-overview If more specs are needed I can do it when I get home to my PC... (I'm a noob at...
  12. Canlocu

    Coolers for i5 & i7

    Hello, I currently have a i5 Sandy and my cpu has been reaching 96c while playing games. I have had this PC for a few years now and never had this issue till now. I been told my voltage on my mobo is off. I plan on building a new PC before this one takes a dump. My question is what would a...
  13. R

    Secure external HDD

    I am preparing external hard drives for our kids. Pictures and family videos. Is there a way to prevent them from sharing - copying files - to another drive? We don't want them to be able to copy files to one of their friend's HD. Thanks Rob
  14. V

    CPU MOBO RAM Prices dropped! HELP CHOOSING! I5 4690K VS I5 4460 BUILD

    I have a few choices i5 4690K vs i5 4460 Price 16399 vs 12971 Asus MAXIMUS VII Ranger - Z97 chipset vs Asrock H97 Pro4 vs Asus H97-Pro GAMER Price 13,000 vs 7,873.00 vs 11,750 I have no idea of overclocking. But I am buying 970 soon. I will save a lot of money (137.274 US Dollar) in the...
  15. G

    Heatsink bolt pattern?

    Are the heatsink bolt patterns for the 4790k and a I7 975 the same?
  16. S

    600 watt card on 500 watt psu

    I have this psu www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=100-W1-0500-KR I want this card http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125726 But it recommends a 600 watt PSU, in my pc im running a fx-6300 8gig ram in 2 sticks of 4 amd a 250gig ssd drive and one case fan then add this...
  17. Y

    Whats your reccomended temperture for the i7-4790K

    It appears to be clocked at 4.3GHZ. I am using a Cosair H100i. The idle temperatures are at 23 - 26C On prime they go up to 74C I've not tested general gaming yet. What is your reconsiderations on the temperatures for these chips? Is that normal? :)
  18. S

    lost ip address how to get new one

    I lost my IP Address . How do I get a new one for windows 7
  19. Alex Kelly

    PC won't POST after installing CPU cooler

    So I just installed my new Dark Rock 3 from be quiet and uninstalled my Kraken X61. I also took my PSU out to change one modular cable from a 4 way SATA to a 2 way SATA. Now, my PC won't post at all, just shows 'A2' in the corner of the screen and tries to reboot every 20 seconds or so. All...
  20. myeungix

    Normal Temperature for Palit GTX 970 JetStream

    I just bought Palit GTX 970 JetStream When I played Assassin's Creed Unity with 1080p resolution and All Settings are max/ultra optimized by GeForce Experience. I checked the temperature of the VGA, it reached 80 degree Celcius. Idle : 42 - 45 Celcius Play Game ACU : 79-80 Celcius I wanna...
  21. R

    Which Graphic Card is Better than Quadro K4200

    HI, I am considering make one workstation for HD Video Editing. I will be using Avid media composer / Premier Pro CC / Edius 7 pro / Photoshop CS 6 As per Videoguys DIY Budget Premium workstation suggestion, I got the configuration given below... ASUS Z87-DELUXE/QUAD Intel Core i7...
  22. M

    Looking for a new case. Please help

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new gaming case after spending years on my old crummy dell xps titanium steel 20 pound behemoth. As you can guess, i'm looking for something small, light, and portable. It needs to be able to keep what's inside reasonably cool though and also be decent looking...
  23. NerevarReborn

    µTorrent (and other torrent software) causes Google to stop responding?

    I find this very strange, but when I have µTorrent running and use the web i often get issues with Google and Google owned sites such as Gmail etc. They simply stop responding randomly for a little while. If I'm searching, the autofill stops, if I click search nothing happens for a while. All...
  24. K

    Desktop wireless slower than laptop wireless

    So i was using a USB wireless adapter on my desktop for the last year. I recently upgraded my internet connection to 30Mb/s and replaced our trusty old wrt54g with the asus rt-n53 for wireless N support. Much to my chagrin I was still only getting around 20Mb/s according to speedtest.net. so i...
  25. R

    Is my PSU compatible with this GPU

    Hey guys, I have a OMEGA 800W AX800N and I'm wondering if it's enough to supply a Sapphire Dual-X R9 280x GPU, does it has the 8 pin cables it requires or do I need a new GPU? Excuse my ignorance, thanks in advance.
  26. S

    GTX 970 on 4k tv

    Is it worth buying a gtx 970 to play games in 4k on a 4k tv or will it be to weak?
  27. J

    Microsoft blocked my Windows 8 Pro upgrade key?

    In November 2013 I bought a Windows 8 Pro upgrade key for users with XP, Vista, or 7 from eBay for $39.99 and everything worked well until today. My Intel 730 240 GB SSD arrived today and I de-registered the windows 8.1 pro on my old SSD (intel 520) and installed Windows 7 on the 730 SSD. I...
  28. A

    laptop shut downs in 30 mins

    My Asus Laptop Model Q301L Shuts down in 30 mins. Again switching on exactly in 30 mins. it shut downs. Its a new laptop with Core I5 pro and licensed win8. What might be the issue
  29. R

    when i start my pc it cant start with gpu resolution is 800*600 and after restart it will ok with gpu my gpu is gaiward nvidi

    when i start my pc it cant start with gpu resolution is 800*600 and after restart it will ok with gpu my gpu is gaiward nvidia 610 core2d. with d945 motherbrd need help urgnt plz starte time gpu cant work every time starting time this problem occur
  30. V

    GTX 680 BLANK Screen + Fast spinning fan

    Hello I just purchased a second hand GEFORCE GTX 680 upon plugin it in I get a black screen and fan spinning at a ridiculous speed. At first when I was plugging the card in it would show ''Please power off and connect PCIe power'' My pc: 600W Stream Pro x Mod P6T motherboard 18gb kingston ram...
  31. T

    My 'Display drivers' keep crashing, can anyone help?

    This is my first build and I bought a gtx 760. The dirvers I have used are the GeForce 337.88 Driver but it keeps crashing and saying the display ports have crashed but have been restored. It then sometimes crashes the computer entirely and means I have to reset it. Can anyone help please? Thank you
  32. Marcowicz

    H100i vs Dark Rock 3 (Does the Dark Rock 3 fit?)

    Hello everyone. I have been saving up lately and with the help of my parents im getting this dream PC of mine for my 18th birthday soon. Here are the components: CPU: Intel core i7 4930k MOBO: Asus Rampage IV Black Edition GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified K|NGP|N Edition RAM: Corsair...
  33. V

    computer game releases

    can gta 5 release in india
  34. U

    best gaming pc configuration INR 35000

    i would like to buy a pc for INR 30000 maximum please help me find the best gaming and also HD 1080p movies playable confuguration.
  35. N

    Psu 450watt with Sapphire 7870 xt

    Is a SFX 450 watt psu enough for my Sapphire 7870 xt and intel i5 2500
  36. B

    how can use ethernet net connection in wireless n 300adsl2 2750u +router and make it accessible to wifi?

    i have dsl-2750u router + wireless. it having one dsl port ,four lan port , one usb port plus wifi and wps switch. i just want to know how can i use my ethernet cable to connect the router and make accessible to wifi. thank you.
  37. H

    Is it possible to use 4k with integrated graphics intel 4600 on CPU i7 4970k?

    I am getting a 4k samsung monitor as a gift for my new system build. My question is that will the intel 4600 integrated graphic able to handle 4k resolution. I am getting the new Devil's Canyon 4970k. I basically need it for productivity. I just want to have 4 or 3 different VM's running on the...
  38. S

    Help with a PC Build

    Hi everyone, I decided to build a computer mainly for programming purposes, but I also play games from time to time (nothing too demanding) and enjoy watching some movies. Right now I'm having some trouble with choosing the right parts even after the guides and reviews on parts that I've read...
  39. K

    can vsync being off destroy your monitor?

    hey guys i jsut boguht a new monitor http://www.plaisio.gr/periferiaka-othones/othones/monitor/LG-OthonhLED-24-24MP55HQ-P.htm this one so i wanted to ask if i turn vsync off in games will it dmg my monitor? or should i keep vsync on on all games?
  40. M

    Intel core duo vs i5

    I am in store for buying a macbook pro 13 inch. I was wondering what i should get processor wise intel core duo 2 or intel i5. I mainly use my laptop for a small bit of photo editing, microsoft office, surfing the internet, and watching you tube.