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  1. C

    PC Case Replacement

    Hi! I'm looking for a new case for my current build. I have some extra money and I want to (if possible) find something smaller and better suited to holding my multiple hard drives/SSDs. I'm going to University in September and would like to find something that won't take up too much desk space...
  2. N

    Reset is taking way to long

    Soo i have win 10 and a prety powerfull pc . Yesterday i tried reseting my pc due to some problems with my ssd . I chose to remove all files and now after almost 12 it still sais please wait withought even giving me the persentage of compesion
  3. H

    Are the Norton Antivirus programs exactly the same?

    Hello does the antivirus on Norton Standard work exactly the same as the Premium or Deluxe? Or do these versions have much stronger and tighter security than the Standard? Thank you. Lee.
  4. R

    Best settings for Mirrors Edge Catalyst for GPU with 2gb vram?

    My monitor is 1080p and I have a gtx 960 2gb, but I've heard this game runs better in the 4gb variant. What's the highest possible settings I should choose to get stable 60fps with my current GPU?
  5. N

    MSI gtx 1080ti gaming X sag?

    Hi, I am thinking of getting a 1080ti from MSI and I have the Gigabyte z97x-gaming 3 and I'm wondering if it will maybe sag or should it be fine? I currently have the MSI 980 gaming 4g and it doesn't sag at all so should I be fine?
  6. M

    Can GTX 770 with DP 1.2 push more than 100Hz at 3440x1440p? Nvidia custom resolution test successful but no change?

    Hello, First part of the question is pretty self explanatory. I have a GTX 770 as a temporary card and a 3440x1440p monitor that OCs to 120Hz (Z35P). According to reviews of the 770, it has DP 1.2 which theoretically has the bandwidth to push 3440x1440p at at least 120Hz. But that's where...
  7. Vaip3r

    New Gaming PC build, Any suggestion for changing?

    Hello, I want to build a new PC for gaming at 1080p 24-inch monitor (i have the monitor). I listed some parts and i want to ask if these are compatible each other and if you have a better suggestion (I can give 50$ more but only if worth it!). I will not do any overclock the next 2 years...
  8. M

    Boot mgr error

    So my pc won't boot, i was having to boot my HDD from bios and it was working fine I couldn't make that my boot drive as it wasn't appearing on the list only my ssd now I get boot mngr error from my HDD and my ssd blue screens after windows screen I've never had windows on my ssd!! I don't know...
  9. T

    i9-7980XE vs. Xeon Gold 6146 floating point

    I've searched but cannot a floating point calculation comparison between the Intel i9-7980XE and Xeon Gold 6146. Does anyone know of an article about this subject?
  10. P

    I need help with my new pc build

    So I am building my first pc and I chose pcpartpicker because it tells you some information about your PC build. I chose the parts I wanted and it said parts are compatible but it had under it to see notes and there it said this: ASRock - Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 ATX AM4 Motherboard has an...
  11. R

    Windows installation issue

    Hi my OS has been deleted but when I'm trying to install new windows through boot pendrive it's goes on blank screen with curser and try press F8 for safe mode but safe mode option won't come nd continue that blank screen comes please help me nd suggest on that
  12. G

    Budget computer desk's for multiple monitors

    I'm currently moving flat and i'm looking for a reasonably priced computer desk (under £150) which will be able to accommodate at least two monitors. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  13. O

    How to update the bios for the GA-F2A55M-HD2

    So I would like to install a new CPU into my system but in order to do this I need to update the bios to prevent a blue screen. The motherboard I have is a GA-F2A55M-HD2 (rev 3.0). I have searched for bios update online but cannot seem to find what I am looking for. It would be a massive help if...
  14. A

    Can a Corsair H115i Pro cooler fit with a Corsair 350D and ASUS Strix Z370G Motherboard?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any success with installing a 280mm radiator in the Corsair 350D on the top of the case? I wondered if there would be any clearance issues with the ASUS ROG Strix Z370G motherboard? I know that may be a bit difficult to answer, but I thought I would...
  15. G

    LG 55-inch C7 OLED (OLED55C7P) Review: An Unbeatable OLED Bargain

    The LG 55-inch C7 OLED (OLED55C7P) offers everything you want in a premium TV, from gorgeous design and an impressive OLED display to robust smart TV capabilities. It was already a smart buy at full price, now it's an unbeatable bargain. LG 55-inch C7 OLED (OLED55C7P) Review: An Unbeatable OLED...
  16. S

    I7 8700K Overclock

    Hello! I'm planning on overclocking my 8700K and I was thinking on 4.8Ghz. I know that all chip are different but I would like to try if my chip can do 4.8 This is my first time overclocking so I dont know lots of thing, from what I know I have to go to the BIOS and put the multiplier on 48 and...
  17. A

    Need some advice for Upgrading my PC with F2A58M-HD2 (P0)

    Hello i think it's time to upgrade my current system bought back in 2014. Im not in the mood of buying a new system. My requirements  are not huge but i want to be able to play some more games. (Like GTA V with low or medium settings but to be playable) My current specs: AMD Athlon X4 750K...
  18. S

    I cloned my ssd but It Won't Boot!

    I recently cloned my ssd (Samsung 850 Evo 250gb) And when I go to check it, it says it has all the folders in it from my hard drive including the windows folder. But whenever I set it to #1 Boot Priority and try to boot with it. It'll give me a message saying change boot option even though it...
  19. G

    EKWB Apologizes For X399 Waterblock Performance With Vouchers, New Cold Plate

    EKWB issued a public apology for the below-expectations performance of its EK-Supremacy EVO Threadripper waterblock and X399 motherboard monoblocks. EKWB Apologizes For X399 Waterblock Performance With Vouchers, New Cold Plate : Read more
  20. S

    good external usb sound card under $50

    I need usb sound card for my speaker. Bought one , but my motherboard and front panel produce higher quality sound. If any cheaper than $30 with decent sound it would be better.
  21. J

    Moving my cpu to test out a motherboard

    Hello my sister recently gave me a super expensive motherboard she got for free from the place she worked and i was wondering if I were to test to see if the motherboard works could I move my CPU to the new motherboard just for testing and if the motherboard doesn't work would i be able to use...
  22. A

    How to boot Windows of another HDD?

    Hello guys, A week ago I have broken my MOBO, and know if I want to recover my digital certificate from the HDD that has been installed on my older system I have to do something. The certificate can only be recovered if I boot the windows, but I know if I put right now the HDD on my laptop, the...
  23. T

    Game lag after factory reset (Windows 10)

    I own a low-budget gaming laptop and recently I did a factory reset. Ever since then, this game I play has been lagging (brief screen freezes). The lag only happens when I press a button specifically when I use skills, or whenever a message shows up in the in-game system message box. Holding...
  24. Valorek

    Question regarding upgrading

    Hey all, Firstly thanks for taking the time to answer my questions here. I was not sure which catagory to put this post sorry in advance. So I'm wanting to make a big investment on an upgrade of several parts. My current build: Mobo: Crosshair V Formula Z Asus...
  25. Z

    Computer turned on but it turned off and then on by itself few times before turn on normally.

    So yesterday my computer was running normal and today when i turned it on it started to turn on then it turned off then by itself turned on again and off, several times (each loop lasting about 4seconds+/-) till it turned on (normal) after about 15 of that loop, i was a bit shocked about it and...
  26. R

    "Repairing disk errors. This may take more than an hour."

    I got this Acer laptop for Christmas and for some reason t always crashes when I open the this pc part of files. Today I forgot and instead of crashing it froze so I turned it off with the power button. When I rebooted it said it was scanning and repairing C: drive but it got stuck on 58%. I...
  27. R

    Motherboard with No CD for drivers

    I'm getting an I5-4670k from a friend with this motherboard MSI z87 gd65 but he does not have the cd that the motherboard came with and I'm wondering If I need the cd to boot up my pc or can I boot it up normally and then get the drivers?
  28. Y

    graphics card on server dell poweredge t430

    I have a server (dell poweredge T430)... I needed to add a graphics card ... is it possible?
  29. B

    Wifi 5ghz problem

    So my laptop can connect to the 5ghz wifi but after maybe 5-10mins it will stop working and have the yellow triangle with exclamation mark next to it. I disconnect from the wifi and it doesnt show ANY wifis to connect to at all. And after that Ihave to restart my laptop, im able to connect to...
  30. K

    UEFI changes are not saving. Settings are stuck in one place.

    I have a laptop with UEFI firmware. I wiped the Hard-Disk of it with bootable partition manager (fill all sectors with zero 0). This lead to my firmware/UEFI to not detect anything at all. Any thing I connect to USB is not detected so I cant re-install any OS. Plus whats worst is that in UEFI...
  31. E

    How to send audio from projector to bluetooth speakers

    Trying to send audio to Bluetooth speakers from my projector.............
  32. H

    I can't get my realtek speakers out of disabled devices

    So I accidentally deleted my audio device... I saw that it had a check mark, though when I right clicked the sound icon.
  33. L

    What Cooler Will Fit In The S340 Elite

    Can anybody out there let me know what AIR coolers can fit into my case the S340 Elite, besides the hyper 212 evo that is already in my system. Also will there be an issue with the ram clearance. Any help needed, thanks. MSI z270 Sli Plus Corsair Veng Ram 4x 8gb
  34. E

    Is my PC damaged from outages?

    2 issues, lately i been having power outages with my pc on, 20 times or more, i feel like it is damaged, i wanted to know if my UPS protects my hardware. 1: When gaming and alt tabbing, it instantly alt tabs and shows me the other screen even though i placed the settings at full screen mode, so...
  35. S

    Is 144hz monitor worth it?

    Hey guys I will get a new pc which will have the following specs i5-8400 1070 8gb 16 gb 2400mhz ram (ddr4) My question is: Is it worth getting a 144hz monitor (Asus VG248QE)? Or is the a 60 hz monitor fine (Asus VS247HR)? Thanks :D
  36. J

    Crashing Video Games

    A short while ago a game I'd been playing for weeks started to crash - either the screen turns into flashing little squares or a blank screen with a message saying directx has crashed because of a copying program, which I don't have. I've noticed in MSI Afterburner the 4 CPU clock speeds are...
  37. E

    Asus laptop - No screen image or keyboard function.

    Asus Rog g750jx laptop in a thin case fell from my car onto the street and now when powered on has no screen image and no keyboard function. Keyboard lights up and the fans are spinning when turned on. Laptop is supposed to boot from a SSD. I've disassembled the laptop and don't see any...
  38. Y

    Monitor under 500$

    What's the best gaming monitor under 500$ to pair it with a 1080Ti?
  39. Gdot

    Game recording software

    I am looking for suggestions of gaming recording software preferably by people who use such software. I wont use shadow play as in BF1 it doesn't run like it does when not using shadow play. A friend suggested OBS which i tried and again BF1 didnt seem to run correctly. What other softwares...
  40. H

    Close to final Build. Last few questions! Need Help!

    Okay so I'm coming close to my final build. Let me know what you guys think. It might be overkill i'm not too entirely sure. Still needs a few tweaks. I'll lay out the build first and then ask a few questions. Case - CORSAIR Crystal 570X RGB Tempered Glass -...