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  1. J

    Mobilizing New Low-Powered Hardware

    So, recently acquired some Win 95 laptops for free, and just because of how big they are, I really just wanna put some low power parts in it, namely this mobo and this GPU. The combined TDP of both is 49 watts, while the pentium alone in my Win95 runs at 59 watts, so I know powering it wont be...
  2. T

    How do you update the BIOS of a Z170 motherboard to support kaby lake i7 7700K?

    I am done with my first PC build, but I need to update the BIOS of my Z170 Maximus Hero VIII motherboard in order to support the Intel i7 7700K kaby lake processor. How do I do this? Please help! By the way, I do not have any other processors
  3. A

    Fps Drops with decent specs

    I have fps drop issues where i can play games such as gta 5, BF1 or pubg at 60+ fps however frequently the fps drops to 6-20 fps during the game, i watch online videos of people playing with the same specs as me a solid 60 throughout the game. My specs are: MOBO: Asrock z170 Extreme4 CPU: Intel...
  4. I

    Wow this is like my third build

    K so this is my build : Look for the one named Red Ryzen Hood. I would just like to ask if I could improve anything or lower any costs.
  5. D

    No LAN, WiFi, USB drivers on my laptop and no optical drive

    I have three laptops which needed to have Win7 Pro installed, not the preinstalled 10. On one laptop I had put a folder on which contained all the necessary drivers and they were retained in a 'windows.old' image which was created during the install. No probs there as I could access the folder...
  6. M

    How to connect a phone to amp

    Hello. Any ideas how I connect a phone to an amp via a 2 in 1 cable from the phones head phone Jack. To the amp. What should I have the amp setting on? Audio. Cinema. Etc etc
  7. E

    Can anyone help me get the direct link to this site??

    I was looking all over for a custom rom for my device, and finally I found one. But for me to download it I have to go through these ad pages. This site is just like adfly..., tried a lot to get the direct link,Please someone help me!
  8. A

    My 1070 won't run games well...

    I recently bought a Gigabyte G1 GTX 1070, and I'm getting really low and inconsistent FPS on games such as GTA V and Rust. I have an i53570k@4.5Ghz, some people say that it's a bottleneck issue, and others think it isn't . All I know is that I'm fluctuating between 50-70fps on GTA regardless of...
  9. J

    is z97-p good for i5 4690k?

    In terms of features it fits my needs i just want to know if its good enough to overclock my cpu up to 4.2ghz ~ 4.5ghz. i5 4690k Asus Z97-p
  10. N

    What do you ink about this PC build?

    I can't decide on the power supply, keyboard, mouse, monitor and, operating system to get. What would you buy? I got this from CPU Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor $204.99 Motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Professional Gaming i7 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard...
  11. J

    Will Corsair Vengeance Red LED DDR4 3000Mhz Memory Kit be able to fit next to a cooler master masterair maker 8?

    I am planning to put a Masterair maker 8 on my msi Z170A 5m mother bored, however i have 2x8gb Corsair vengeance Red LED RAM sticks. i would like to know if their will be clearance issues between the RAM and the cpu cooler.
  12. A

    How to transfer Huge Data files from one computer to another?

    Hi guys, so i got this laptop with a 60 GB file in it and i want to transfer that file to my desktop pc and i dont know how to do that, plz anyone help me.
  13. Matt582

    For under £800, could this be improved?

    I'm helping my friend build a computer and he as around £800 to spend. This is what I've come up with so far: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor (£164.28 @ Aria PC) Motherboard: ASRock H170A-X1/3.1 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard...
  14. J

    Which motherboard and PSU do I need to over lock in the future?

    I'm building my first PC with a 4690k. I don't want to overlclock it straight off the bat, but I might want to in a few years to increase the lifespan before I have to upgrade. Anyway, here's the link: Basically, I don't really know which motherboard or PSU...
  15. F

    Screens not detected by gpu, beep with a pause then two quick beeps

    Hi, so I have a built rig and it was working fine up until I noticed one of my displays (dvi) had some discolored specs on it so I cut it off and cut it back on and then it was getting no signal at all. My screen with through hdmi was still working but unfortunately everything would open on the...
  16. B

    Will my GPU be fine with this CPU?

    I am thinking about upgrading my PSU to a eVGA supernova gs 650w and fitting my new gtx 960 4GB but will my current CPU run the card fine? its a AMD A8-6600K Quad Core Processor 3.9GHz. will it run fine? will i need a new CPU? if so any suggestions?
  17. D

    Suggest me a GPU.

    Hello guys i m gonna buy a new GPU and I don't really know what to get my CPU is a AMD fx 4300 my ram is hyperx fury 1866 8 GB my mobo is a Ga-970a-ud3p, I'm looking for a viable CPU under the 150$ mark
  18. O

    I7 960 cpu on lenovo s20 motherboard?

    Hello everybody. I have an i7 960 cpu (wich his socket type is lga 1366) and I would like to know if my cpu would work on a lenovo s20 thinkstation motherboard which is also a lga 1366 socket type
  19. S

    Did I damage my CPU

    Ok so I recently moved to college and ever sense I have been having issues with my PC freezing. So finally after a week I went and opened up my CPU monitoring software and saw it was running at 84C! I instantly crapped myself and turned off my pc, pulled it off my desk and to my surprise my CPU...
  20. C

    Stuttering in every game

    Hello, i have noticed that most games i play will freeze for half a second or so then continue, this only happens at first, then after a little bit of playing it will stop. Why does this happen? my PC is capable of running these games fine.... specs r9 280 i5 4590 8 gb ram 7200 rpm hdd