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    Standoffs and Case problem

    I have a cooler master masterbox 5 lite, and I unfortunately lost all contents of the case box including the screws etc, I bought standoffs to install in the case and the thread on the Standoffs are too small for the holes in the case, it’s way too late to send back the case and i don’t know...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] inkjet printers printer lighter copies

    Do they make a inkjet printer for under $100.00 that you can adjust the copier to make lighter copies, by pressing a minus button on the on screen display? I want to print college reports and print them a little lighter, it could save me some money in the long run. Thanks for any advice. :)
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    X399 taichi ram and XMP problems

    Hi Everyone! I have two issues with my ram memory with My x399 Taichi. 1)The RAM memories (Corsair Vengeance LPX 64 GB 8X8 2400mhz) are stuck to 2133mhz, so I tried to activate XMP profile at 2400mhz but when I select it the pc won't boot and I need to clear cmos. 2) I updated the bios to the...
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    Sleep mode forces me to restart PC, then it returns to it's previous state prior to restarting...

    Hi! When i leave my computer for a while (like going to sleep) and come back, sometimes it has gone into sleep mode. Nothing happens when i press the keyboard or mouse... nothing! Even the reset button on the PC doesn't work. I have to hold down the power button in order to shut it down, wait...
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    Reinstalling Windows 10 to newly upgraded SSD

    Hi all, I have an ASUS GL702VM laptop, with a 128Gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD for storage. I've recently purchased a 500Gb Samsung 970 EVO SSD as an upgrade, and want to check the correct procedure for reinstalling windows 10: 1. Create installation media on USB. 2.Remove old SSD and HDD (does the...
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    Water cooler help.

    I just bought a water cooler a cooler master master liquid 120, it comes with 2 fans and a 2 to 1 splitter. Now, my question is I understand you plug both fans into those connectors, but where do I plug the cooler pump in? In the image it shows they are plugged in next to each other, but it...
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    HDMI out of range LG Monitor GTX 970

    I have been using this card and monitor for over a year now and i just encountered this problem. After using the computer for a while it either by playing games or using it to render 3d animations the screen goes black and it gives me the message HDMI out of range. I have also tried using the...
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    System Upgrade Ryzen or Coffee Lake

    Heyho, I want to upgrade my system (in this case: MoBo, CPU, RAM) in anticipation for the upcoming Volta release in 6-12 months but I am not sure what the best path is and I want to stay on a "budget". My current system consists of: Motherboard: Asrock P67 Pro3 CPU: i5 2500k (OC'ed @ 4,3)...
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    GPU at 99% in most games (BF1, PUBG, Fortnite etc)

    So in early December I changed my old AMD phenom ll x6 cpu, gigabyte ultra durable mobo and ddr3 ram to an intel i5 8600k, msi gaming pro mobo and ddr4 vengence ram, along with a clean install of windows. Since then i've noticed that every now and then say if i have youtube playing in the...
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    need help with audio

    I have a logitech speaker system for my computer. but the cable that plugs in to the headphone jack has been stripped, with just the wires exposed. It did have a (diy) phone jack connecting to another headphone jack and was working fine but has come apart now before I could take a picture...
  11. NDDU Julius BSIT

    Is the G4600 paired with a 750Ti a good Gaming and Graphic editing PC?

    Planning to start with a 7th gen Intel platform and since the G4560 isn't available, prices for the G4600 came down and there is a local shop here that offers a CPU+Motherboard bundle. I currently have a GTX 750Ti in my system and I am planning to sell the rest of the components leaving the PSU...
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    My RAM stuck??

    Guys, help. I'm trying to upgrade the RAM on my gaming rig, but the RAM seems to be stuck in the board. Not sure if any of you have tricks up your sleeves? The board's a Gigabyte AB350n-Gaming WiFi. Mini ITX.
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    New build and i would like opinions to many variables

    Hi all so its time to do a new rig since I assume my mobo died not sure I will list the items and my thoughts behind it but nothing is final if you have a better recommendation. I am all ears. Keep in mind this PC will be taken on payment plan meaning I get the stuff and pay monthly for 3 - 5...
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    Worth the upgrade?

    Im buying a pretty cheap college laptop becouse of economical reasons it has a poor processor and my old laptop which stopped working and has better processor. Is it worth changing a processor from the 2012 laptop to my new laptop?
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    Thunderbolt EX3 installation/configuration

    Hi, I installed the driver of the TB3, however when I put in the card and follow the steps here: I still cant get it to work. appreciate your support, Regards
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    How to overclock Gtx 1050

    Hello I bought a gtx 1050 i while back and i'm trying to overclock it but when i ever i overclock it my games crash and im not sure how to overclock it safely Here are my Specs: Cpu:amd a8-7600 8gb ram gtx 1050
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    Should I get an AIO cooler for my Ryzen cpu?

    I'm new to PC building and i don't know if it's worth getting an AIO cooler for my Ryzen CPU when I see people who can still overclock it by air.
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    cheapest x299 boards

    cheapest x299 boards?
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    Laptop with combined jack and headphones with combined jack...still doesn't work

    So here is a situation which'll probably make me look stupid: I have an Acer aspiref5-573G-52DJ laptop and a Trust GXT 330, both having a combined 3.5mm jack. Problem is, whenever I plug in the headphones, the playback works just fine, but the microphone doesn't. I checked the sound panel's...
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    CPU memory support vs Motherboard memory support.

    The Intel datasheets for processors (e.g.) have a Memory Types field that show what kind of memory is supported by a particular CPU. If I buy a CPU that supports only DDR3-1600, and I put that on a compatible higher end motherboard that allows a high frequency memory support, will the CPU...