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  1. saintequila

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite vs Pro Upgrade

    Hi All, I am looking forward to upgrade my Asrock B350 Pro 4. Im reading positive reviews for Aorus Pro but the price is too steep for me as I stumbled upon the Aorus Elite of which there aren't much reviews. I live in the Philippines and stocks are pretty limited. MSI B550 Tomahawks are...
  2. Y

    Question New PC having major issues with Windows working properly

    Hi everyone, I've recently put together a new build and am having a ton of issues with the pc working properly. Mainly with windows, nothing works properly on windows at all. Apps don't open properly, some apps wont even install. A lot of apps open and in the task manager and I can see that...
  3. Y

    Question New PC issues with windows

    Hi everyone, I am having a major windows issue with a new pc that I just built. Nothing seems to work properly, for example discord won't install and Icue wont open without going into the file location and running it as admin. Also nvdia crashes when downloading a new driver update. Have been...
  4. J

    Question CPU too hot under no actual load

    Hey, I've switched to a Ryzen 7 3700x a few days ago. While gaming my CPU reaches temperatures up to 70 °C while only handling a 30% load. My GPU however is at 95% load. Now that the CPUs temps are at 60 -70 °C you can hear the CPU fan pretty clearly. With no load on my GPU and a 97% load on my...
  5. HotTowels

    Question Aorus B550 m.2 SSD Issue

    I'm doing a new PC build, and I went with two m.2 SSDs. Both 1TB, one is PCIe gen4 and the other is PCIe gen 3. When the gen 4 ssd is in the gen 4 slot, and gen 3 ssd is in the gen 3 slot, the motherboard doesn't seem to recognize both. However, if I switch the two, they both show up in the...
  6. C

    Question B550 Tomahawk vs B550 Aorus Pro

    Hello, Which of this moteherboards would be a better choice is they are for the same price. As I can see, tomahawk has front usb-c - which I dont care about. Aorus Pro has more USB ports. VRM and temperatures are preety similiar as tests shows. Is there something I should know about when...