Question B550 PRO AC solid red cpu light after one month use...

Mar 10, 2021
Was using my rig for a month now until yesterday when I turn it on, a solid red CPU light comes up. Keep in mind usually the red light would pass from CPU to DRAM and my speaker would beep once and go into POST. I have tried the following:
  1. running with 1 ram/2 ram
  2. reseating the CPU
  3. changing the graphics card to a different slot
  4. make sure all the cables are plugged in correctly
My specs: B550 Pro AC, RTX 3070 FE, 32 GB CORSAIR Vengence 3200 MHz

PS: before asking me questions if I plug in cables right or if I didn't reseat something, I am confident in my building skills because if not I wouldn't be able to run it at first place. The system was already running fine with Windows and everything before this. It just suddenly died on me today. Other than that, any advice or input would be highly appreciated.