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  1. T

    Question HDD Corrupt?

    Hi, I'll get straight to the issue - I think my HDD must be corrupt. It shows up in File Explorer fine, however, when you go to access any files from it, it freezes solid (even if I just try to open an image file from the HDD). The issue is, I have important files on there I would like to keep...
  2. M

    Should I replace my Xbox with Acer Nitro spin?

    hi there . so im thinking of buying an acer nitro 5 spin. im starting university. i want to sell my xbox one and use the laptop as my console by connecting it to the TV when I'm at home. I want a convertible laptop and this is in the price price range is around $1000. i would like to...
  3. J

    What is best upgrade for Apple Macbook Pro !

    What is best upgrade level both in quality & speed,durability for a Apple Macbook Pro A1278 MD101lla it is presently at a i5, 2.5 ghrtz 500ghz,4mgb Ram ? I want to go to a Solid State Drive of 1TB & atleast 16gb Ram ! What do U think,would be the best way to go ? It is a mid 2012 ...
  4. K

    Build a 1440p, 60 FPS rig

    Hi all, I am a PC gamer looking to upgrade my build. Before I go any further, I must clarify I am quite a novice with limited knowledge and understanding of the various elements and parts that go into building a PC, and that’s my primary reason for reaching out to this community for help! My...
  5. Boosted7M

    Legacy Hardware: Do I change the TIM after 10 years?

    So, I recently took possession of both of my family's old core 2 duo systems to tinker with (play XP games on one, play around with Linux on the other). While running some much needed cleaning software I found that under full load the core Temps were reaching 82-83c. Doing a little research I...
  6. O

    I have a lenovo laptop with ideapad 110 with 4GB ram and the processor is AMD E1, can I change the processor?

    Changing of processor of lenovo ideapad 110 with AMD E1 processor
  7. D

    "infected computer" screen plus my OneDrive photos

    I have run across the "infected computer" screen before, but yesterday I got the infected computer screen with my OneDrive photo folder popup on top of it. I was concerned by this so I ran a root scan. Then I went back to the same place and sure enough along with the "infected computer" screen...
  8. J

    Upgrading PC, which parts should I keep? Any suggestions on what parts to get?

    Hi All, Looking to upgrade my PC parts, as I am not enjoying the performance of my PC currently. Ideally want to keep my case and graphics card, as I only recently acquired them and definitely do not need those new parts. I was wondering, can I keep my power supply and storage if I was looking...
  9. T

    Help compare CPUs

    So do I pick the laptop with an A6-9220 cpu or the PentiumN3710? Same price, the only other difference is the A6 has 8gb ram and the pentium has 4gb ram. Casual gaming and internet usage will be it
  10. A

    Is this pc enough to run far cry 5 on ultra and achieve 60 fps??

    I also wonder if this is a good gaming pc for lots of gaming, wathing streams and youtube. (Surf) This is the pc: Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 5 RGB Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Dual 8GB GDDR5 16GB 2x 8GB HyperX DDR4 2600MHz Intel Core i5-6600k 3.5GHz, turbo 3.9GHz Noctua NH-U12P SE2 CPU...
  11. P

    Is this a safe overclock? GTX 1070

    After around 3-4 tests of Unigen Heaven, at Ultra settings (1440p) my MSI GTX 1070 managed to get to 71 degrees C. This was with a 2050 Mhz (Stock: 1873 w/o GPU boost) Core Clock and a 4752 Mhz (Stock: 4007 w/o GPU Boost) Memory Clock. I have a pretty Moderate fan curve I believe and I'm just...
  12. N

    6TB HDD showing as only 1.46TB capacity

    Background I have 8 6TB HDD (WDC WD60PURX) that were part of a NAS which used Btrfs. The NAS has been retired and the HDD's wiped and repurposed. Problem One of these 6TB HDD is registering a 1.46 TB capacity. All the others still show as 6TB capacity. I first noticed when HD Sentinal warned...
  13. S

    Toshiba RD100KD TV recorder HDD not working.

    RD100KB HDD replacement. The HDD menu does not appear on settings menu, hard drive does not power up. Have replaced with a new HDD and it powers up but still does not show on settings menu. Have formatted as FAT32. Does the drive need software or different file format?
  14. M

    My ram won’t run at full speed

    I have 16gb of ram (2x8) it should run at 2800 but when I’m in my bios it says it’s at 2133 and it won’t let me change it. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, how do I get it to it’s full speed? Here’s my ram:
  15. zippycar

    Can I run 3 corsair psus

    Having no idea and concerned that I may be under powered. I have x6 1080ti cards and x1 1000PSU another 750 PSU and another 650 PSU. My question is= Will I ah heck up my system if I run all three PSUs? Why do I only have 1 1000psu? I couldn't buy any others from anywhere.
  16. N

    Windows 10 home single language?

    I have an asus fx553vd laptop. I want to clean install windows. How can i find an iso from the microsoft site or through media creation tool?
  17. G

    Gaming On The Couch: Corsair's Next-Gen Wireless Peripherals, Hands On

    Corsair aims for the living room with a family of wireless peripherals, including a lapboard that solves some of the problems we encountered with the company's Lapdog. Gaming On The Couch: Corsair's Next-Gen Wireless Peripherals, Hands On : Read more
  18. F

    Best Laptop under 125 dollars

    I am looking for a basic laptop for light school work. And currently I am looking at the Thinkpad T410, Thinkpad X201, and the Thinkpad Edge E430. Which laptop would you recommend performance wise? Also I am open to other laptops other than just Thinkpads.
  19. A

    Gaming system from scratch

    Hello there my friends, First things first, have an awesome new year! With that out of the way, as the title suggests I'm planning to build a new PC, mainly for gaming, in the upcoming days/weeks. Since as always there's a lot of discussion to be made about the components, I've reached...
  20. gladosportal21

    Repleacing keycaps on a mechanical keyboard

    I've been looking into the E-Element Z-88 keyboard, but because my main language is different, I wondered if I could repleace the caps to a set which includes the special characters. My question is if it is even possible, and if yes what kind of keycaps should I look for? (I'd like to buy the...