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  1. C

    Windows 10 starts then shuts down

    Okay so the brand new PC that my cousin built was working perfectly. We started with Windows 7. For the wifi adapter, it said that it only worked with Windows 7. However, I needed Windows 10 so when I made it Windows 10, it worked perfectly for a day (I've had it for only a couple). However, I...
  2. G

    Compact Mini-ITX Case Round-Up

    Today we're putting three compact Mini-ITX cases to the test: Cougar's QBX, ID-Cooling's T60-SFX and Lian Li's PC-Q10. Compact Mini-ITX Case Round-Up : Read more
  3. L

    could use some help

    So recently my motherboard died which killed my CPU as well so I had to get new ones. ever since I got new parts I am able to see the pixels and when i am on a bright page with lots of colors i can see the pixels "flicker". At first i thought it was my graphics card but I put my av cable into my...
  4. N

    Prioritise home network?

    Hi,i would like to know how to prioritise my network at home.The reason I ask is because my brother when he plays on his PS4.It eats a lot of bandwidth and it is affecting the overall performance of the ADSL broadband internet in my home.I have been throttled twice in a row for the same reason.I...
  5. J

    How can I reset my tablet 8 acer

    I got a USB plus it is charged I need help to reset my acer tablet 8 can someone help me
  6. F

    Help first built pc

    Hi, please can someone tell me what to do , I am thinking about buying a pc off easy as they are built but not great but there cheap I want a decent gaming pic 1080p I want to play the new rust not the old one, do I build my self or buy one? Iv never built one before only replaced graphic card...
  7. saintequila

    Antec VP550P good?

    ill be running an i3 4170 and a R9 280x with it wont oc or SLI on a B85M Pro 3 Asrock board does it have all the required pins and will fit on my Deep Cool Smarter M-Atx Case?
  8. S

    No display on monitor after installing my PC

    Well, I bought a ASRock Z87 about a year ago, and stopped production of my PC. I left it in a safe space and nothing ever touched the motherboard but I had installed it in the PC and left it for a year which probably isn't great. I just bought a second hand i5-4670k yesterday and installed it...
  9. K

    Pop-up during HDD extention

    Hi I have 2 internal disk drives in my PC. One is SSD with Windows 7 on it, and another is a 1TB HDD for storage. The HDD is split into two equally sized partitions (A and B drives). I freed 200GB of space by shrinking B drive tried to add it onto A for more space. In the disk volume extension...
  10. R

    lenovo Z50 vs Z51

    i want to buy a laptop in lenovo 'Z' series ..which model should i go for buy 1. lenovo z51: 5th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-5200U Processor, 8 GB RAM, SSHD 1TB 9.5MM 5400RPM(8G cache), Screen Size "15.6" FHD TN GL(SLIM), AMD TROPO XT2 DDR3L 4G, HD 720P WITH ARRAY MIC, Win 8.1...
  11. E

    Kernal mode driver crash

    Hello, I have had a computer with these specs: CPU: fx 4100 GPU gtx 760 PSU: AXP-500p12p MOTHERBOARD: forgot sorry RAM: DDR3 corsair 2x4G Windows home premium 64 bit, genuine ofcourse. That computer would have an issue where it would crash almost instantly in almost everygame, some games were...
  12. X

    Looking for a $500-$550 Intel gaming build

    Hello! I'm looking for a Intel gaming build that could run most modern games a decent frames from med-high setting at anywhere from 40-60 frames. I'd love more performance but that's around the minimum I require. I've been told that an I5 processor is better than an AMD f6000 series so even if...
  13. P

    Need help troubleshooting a friends pc

    I'll start with some specs Windows 8.1 HP envy x2 model c7f27av Intel atom cpu z2760 @ 1.8Hz DDR3 SDRAM 2.00 GB 32 bit samsung mcg8ga (29.34 GB used, 18.28 free) motherboard HP18f6 So my friend is absolutely and completely computer illiterate. Basically described the problem as "my computer...
  14. H

    AMD Catalyst not installing correctly/at all.

    Hello guys. Couple of days ago I downloaded the 15.4 beta drivers optimized for GTAV, and noticed that only these two options were available instead of the whole list that usually shows. I didn't think much of it until I completely uninstalled the drivers and still got these 2 options and...
  15. JerrWolf

    Will these all work together? The RAM I have is 1600 Corsair Vengeance RAM, I don't remember exactly what it is, but its 1600 16GB and I'm 80% sure DDR3,(back in like 2013 is when I got it)...
  16. X

    PS4 vs PC (My Build)

    My cousin thinks a PS4 is better then this build, and he's not believing me when i tell him the graphics and performance will completely obliterate this, and he thinks a PS4 in general , (buying games) will be cheaper. Even though PC has Steam, and origin. Can someone tell him the performance...
  17. exfileme

    Zotac Steam Machine Will Have Intel Skylake CPU

    Zotac is launching a Steam Machine later this year. Zotac Steam Machine Will Have Intel Skylake CPU : Read more
  18. R

    screen on my gateway lt4010u netbook won't turn off even though the power is off

    When i turn off my netbook the screen stays white and im guessing it's still on but everything else is off except the screen
  19. W

    Co-Channel vs Seperate (non-interfering) channel Wi-Fi setup

    Hey guys, So I'm wondering what advantage (if any) having a networks Wi-Fi set up on non-interfering channels vs having all of the access points on a single channel (co-channel). The 2.4ghz network contains about 4 access points by the way.
  20. 0x1eef

    mATX H97 mobo + gtx980: asus or gigabyte?

    CPU is 4690, of course. Building system in FD Arc Mini R2. Mobo Asus H97M Plus vs Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H GPU With all that 3.5Gb GTX 970 hassle, decided to go big. Asus Strix vs Gigabyte G1 Which combo is superior? Will those be problematic to cool with 4 case fans?
  21. T

    Best building options for a first time PC Builder.

    Alright everyone, this is my first post on this site, so here goes nothing, I read the rules of asking for help so I hope I'm not over looking anything, thanks in advance to everyone! I plan to start buying parts in the next 2 weeks, my budget is around 500$, doesn't have to be right on it...
  22. T

    Is ram my issue?

    I am try to install a Sapphire R9 270, and when I looked on the box after it was shipped it said that I need 4GB of Ram. Well it just so happens I am trying to install it on an older Dell with 3GB ram. Would this cause the card to not run? I have all the other specs on the box and I am not too...
  23. A

    I have 2 Zotac 780Ti OC, is it better to go SLI, or just keep them one by one for 3 monitor gaming?

    My title pretty much describes the question. And is there anything else I need to know?
  24. K

    Benq RL2450H is "dark"

    Hello, My Monitor randomly just went dark in the bottom left corner! I have no idea what caused it or how it can be fixed. This is how it looks:
  25. Rival Son

    Avexir 2133 2x4Gb with i5-4670K AsRock Z87 BSODs?

    So I've had a few BSODs from time to time.. Never thought much of it, then I had another and decided to look into it since the PC is less than a year old. Full system build (current) From PCpartpicker, I did notice this before buying, but after a little...
  26. M

    Which motherboard Is best for gaming?

    Hi, Ive seen a few motherboards and im wondering which one is best for gaming. This is what I have setup so far but I've seen z97 gaming motherboards the msi x99s and stuff. Please give me some advice on which motherboard to get.
  27. B

    By pc closes when i turn on a game with crossfire

    Im using AMD Radeon R9 290X crossfire and when i boot up a game the pc Immediately closes i dont know why. My Specs Are: AMD FX 9590 2x AMD Radeon R9 290x Motherboard : Crosshair V Formula-Z iCute 1000w Power Supply