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  1. diogoasouza

    Question Getting nonstop Bsods on my new computer

    Hi there, I've recently bought a new computer and I've been getting bsods after one week of use (it's been going for 2 months now). I have tried analysing them with Windbg and couldn't find the problem =( They mostly happen while I'm browsing using Chrome or watching netflix and such. They do...
  2. LeftPurpose

    [SOLVED] Why do I get static in my headphones when I move my mouse?

    About 3 days ago, I noticed static in my headphones and thought nothing of it, because maybe I damaged the cord. Then the next day, it got worse, and somehow moving my mouse made the static high pitched. Now, I just got a blue error screen, and I think it might be related, but I also have no...
  3. S

    Question BSOD - Windows 10 Gaming PC

    Hello All, The Problem: I received a job for a customer who said her sons Gaming PC was blue screening. She said the build is 1 year old. She also said that her son received the BSOD more frequently. To the point where it was constant. FYI, I am a first year IT tech. I may be missing crucial...
  4. S

    Question Consistent bsod's HELP!

    So I have had a lot of bsods lately and programs closing on their own, chrome for example and a few games, my tabs on my browsers randomly say oops ran into an error, i have random freezes and crashes, i downloaded win dbg preview and i have numerous results saying the process name is from...
  5. J

    Question Blue screen of death memory problem'

    Recently my computer started getting the blue screen of death. I formatted my hardrive just in case it was a software issue. The problem has persisted so that should mean there's something wrong with my hardware. Given the messages I've gotten I suspect this is either my ram sticks or my HDD...
  6. U

    [SOLVED] PC BSOD's when idle. No error message.

    Hello! I have this issue, that when I leave my PC on idle, or even if I put it to sleep, after a while, I always get a BSOD that goes by so fast that I can't even note the error code to try and troubleshoot what exactly went wrong. I tend to game on it heavily, and when I do, I don't really...