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  1. TuckieG

    Question Is my i5 4690k bottlenecking?

    Hi there, I'm finding most of the Triple A titles I play tend to stutter a lot when i play them, and ive checked fps and my 1660 keeps all the games over 60fps easily, so is my CPU bottle-necking? SYSTEM SPECS: CPU: i5 4690k @ 3.50GHz (4 core) Motherboard...
  2. V

    Question Is this means my cpu is bottle necking?

    I have i5 6402p And gtx 1050 ti I was getting less fps than it should be so i checked monitoring through msi after burner And saw cpu usage was like 90- 100% And GPU usage 70-80% Is that me an my cpu is bottlenecking my gpu? See image
  3. T

    Question Low GPU usage (<10%) whilst playing GTA V among other games.

    I know there are many threads about this issue, however, none of them seem to match my case very well. PC Specs: Zotac GTX 1060 6GB Intel i5-6400 (2.7GHz base clock, 3.3GHz turbo) Gigabyte H110M Bronze rated 500W PSU non-modular. Standard 1TB hard-drive. I've had my PC for two years now I...
  4. V

    [SOLVED] i9 9900k rtx 2080ti 1080p bottleneck performance impact?

    I have a build I am planning to get created, have been doing a lot of research but no clear answer at least in my eyes. I will post the build here: My question is: I know there will be bottle-necking at 1080p, so what will the performance impact be? Any sort...
  5. W

    Question I have a fairly high-end PC, but im experiencing low framerates, graphical bugs and crashes!

    So, about a year ago i built myself a new PC: Asus Rog Strix z270-f 16gb RAM - 3000Mhz 1060 6gb i7 7700k - 4,60Ghz 650w PSU 75Hz monitor from AOC Also have liquid cooling so temperature is not a problem. That PC worked pretty fine..., until i upgraded it a few weeks ago. I bought a new GPU: RTX...