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  1. Cubeeee

    [SOLVED] Cable management problems

    This may seem like a rather pointless thing to post about for some of you, but please bear with me as it’s genuinely an issue that I’m experiencing. I just finished my new gaming pc build, hoping to make my setup look like one of the builds you’ll see in setup wars or some other YouTube series...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Custom Cables for Silverstone ST1300-TI

    I have a Silverstone ST1300-TI PSU for which I want to buy custom cables. So, I went over to Cablemod, but they do not have my model. On the other hand, though, they have a series of cables for the Silverstone ST models. When I contacted them, they could not tell me for sure if something...
  3. rkderj

    [SOLVED] 5 pin to eight pin cable?

    I have bought a more powerful graphics card for my workstation. The problem is that it needs to be connected to the power supply. It has an eight pin entry and the power supply only has five pin exits (the flat one). I am having trouble finding a cable that would connect both. Is there such a...
  4. xReDo

    [SOLVED] First PC build and need help with ordering cables

    Corsair RM (2019) 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply is what I got. I have read that custom cables are best for cable management/aesthetics and want this to be a good clean build... Can I get some advice?
  5. xReDo

    [SOLVED] First PC build and need help with ordering cables

    Corsair RM (2019) 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply is what I got. I have read that custom cables are best for cable management/aesthetics and want this to be a good clean build... Can I get some advice?
  6. mark520fay35

    [SOLVED] Missing Modular PCIe Cables, is buying replacement cables safe?

    I have a Thermaltake TR2 RX 500 PSU, I’m trying to power a R9 380 GPU. As seen in the photo below, I don’t have a PCIe cable. I’m considering to buy a modular PCIe cable from eBay, but I don't know if PSU cables are interchangeable between brands. Should I buy modular cables from eBay?
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Underperforming RTX 2080 Ti and control panel not showing 144Hz option for monitor

    Hi. My PC specs: i9 9900k at 4.7Ghz Corsair H100i RGB Pro MSI Z390m MPG Gaming Pro AC Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB DDR4 2666 Mhz A.Data M.2 SSD - 256 GB 1 TB WD Blue Zotac RTX 2080Ti Twin Fan Seasonic Focus Plus 750W PSU Monitors: Dell S2719DGF - 1440p, 144Hz, Freesync with GSync...
  8. Wetosi

    [SOLVED] Is everything compatible in this system?

    I don’t know if the PSU and the motherboard have enough slots for the cables. And I would like to know if these parts are compatible with eachother. I picked 3TB of storage because I will be using the same system for 4+ years. PCPartPicker Part List: CPU...
  9. P

    Question Running second monitor from motherboard

    Hello, I am currently running one monitor from my 2070 super graphics card but want a dual monitor set up. I can't afford another monitor right now so I attempted to use my old one which only have a vga cable. Is it possible to run these at the same time as I can't seem to get it to work. I...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] do motherboard manuals tell you where to plug in each cable?

    just wondering if you the manual that comes with the motherboard tells you where each cable plugs into on the motherboard, or if I'll have to watch a separate video
  11. dragonelf37

    [SOLVED] Chaining AER RGB fan to the HUE2 cable comb

    Hello, So i've got the same problem as mentioned in this thread, in my search for a solution i encountered this nice, compatible cable comb. Does anyone know if it is possible to daisy chain a AER RGB120 fan (hue channel) to this comb, the comb will be connected to the hub. Thanks in advance ;)
  12. szehn

    [SOLVED] 144HZ with HDMI cable

    I want to buy a new monitor and i think im going to go with the Viewsonic vx2458-mhd which is a 144hz 1ms monitor. My question is, can this monitor hold up 144 hz with a 1.4 HDMI cable? Some people say it works with the ViewSonic XG2402 but im not sure if in this one is going to work. Hope...
  13. amshak01

    Question Zip ties too long?

    I made my first build several weeks ago in the thermaltake core v21. The core v21 doesn't have much in the way of cable management and I used a horizontal mobo placement and did my best with a few zipties on the extremely long case IO connection cables and on the PSU cables to keep them tidy. I...
  14. ChanceBih

    Question Corsair 750m problem

    I have a Corsair 750m power supply and I’ve ordered a new motherboard and cpu, but I need an additional 4-pin ATX power connector for the motherboard to work fully, I’ve heard it works fine without it but is there a cable replacement I could buy or something instead of buying a new power supply...
  15. N

    Question Dual Monitor, different cables

    So im getting a new monitor, and im keeping my old one, which uses a HDMI port, my new one is going to use a DP port, is it okay to have two different cables hook up to my gpu? cause my gpu have hdmi and dp ports.
  16. N

    [SOLVED] Can I link my 6+2 GPU cable to become a 8 Pin GPU?

    I’m getting some LINKUP Cable extensions, and it comes with 2X 6+2 GPU Cables, my GPU (Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580) needs only a 8 Pin and 6 Pin. I know when I plug it in I can just leave the extra 2 Pins out but I want my build to be clean and not have a hanging out 2 Pin on the side of my GPU. Is...
  17. 8

    [SOLVED] Ethernet Switch Questions

    There are only two Ethernet ports on the back of my router, both of which are in use. I want to buy an Ethernet switch to allow me to get more Ethernet ports, but I'm not sure if that is the right option - Google tells me that it allows the connected computers on a switch to communicate which is...
  18. A

    Question SSD SATA CABLE

    Are these cables good for my ssd that i will buy? CRUCIAL MX500
  19. R

    Question Fried SSD Circuitry: Worth it to RMA or salvage?

    Hi all: Yes, it happened. I learned the hard way. After plugging in a power supply cable from another manufacturer and connecting my SSD, the drive fried. With a round of investigation, it looks like all of the voltages were moved around. Here are the two configs: The unfortunate part is the...
  20. A

    Question White/black sleeved cables for PC

    Im looking to do a white/black/ bit of rgb build and i thought that some black and white sleeved cables would work nicely, but im not entirely sure what the major difference between the basic cable bundles and others. Im mostly looking to have the cables that show to be the sleeved ones. If...
  21. N

    Question How do i do this?

    Hello! so i have an Asus G11CB and its connected to a Benq RLhm..45.. something through the HDMI port on the GPU iso. I also want to add a second display, an Acer 27” KG271C monitor. I posted a thread and we came to the conclusion that I should use a DP cable. Im not sure how to connect that...
  22. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Will this PSU work with my Motherboard?

    Will the Corsair CX450 work with the Gigabyte Z390 UD? My concern is over the CPU power connectors since the Z390 UD uses 8 + 4 CPU power connectors and I’m not sure if the CX450 has enough cables to support it. Thanks for your help! -...