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  1. fiat127lover

    Ryzen Balanced Power Plan, how to get it? :/

    Hello everyone I've deleted the Ryzen Balanced power plan, I don't know if it's a good thing because I've seen that it make my CPU goes to 3.8ghz every time ! But in normal mode it's gradually, like when i'm on Opera the cpu is running about 2.2/2.5ghz or something like that, and it rises up...
  2. T

    PC freezes during graphically intensive games

    my PC freezes (not crashes) during graphically intensive games and i have to manually restart my computer and i can still hear sounds like people in discord. its happened in Witcher 3, monster hunter world, middle earth shadow of war, PUBG, ARK, Dying Light, Just Cause 3, BF4 and 1, Dishonored 2...
  3. U

    Sd card locked forget

    Hello I forget my sd card password i have huawei mate 10 lite now only last try remaining Please tell me how to unlock the card. Thanks Regards Usman
  4. A

    3.95 Usable RAM memory

    Hi. I recently built a new computer on Ryzen 5 2600. Bought 2x4 HyperX Fury 2666 MHz HX426C15FBK2/8. I noticed a weird problem.. in computer specs it says 8 GB RAM (3.95 Usable). I cheched with CPU Z, it detects dual channel and both sticks, same in bios but still in task manager I have only 4...
  5. H

    1070ti vs 1080 vs 2070

    I have been thinking about upgrading my gpu. The current cards i have on mind right now are the 1070ti, 1080 and 2070. In my country ( UK ) 1070ti ~£380 1080 ~£450 ( found one for 430 though ) 2070 ~£460 I was looking for advice for what card to choose. I also don't really want to look at...
  6. julienruc

    1080p on 27" Monitor?

    Hi, I'm planing to buy a second monitor for my setup. I'm thinking of a 27" Monitor TN Display with 144hz, 1ms response time and G-Sync. I'd love to get a 2k display but it is quite expensive. I doubt I'll be able to go for it. I am wondering if 1080p is a good idea on a 27" monitor? I sit at...
  7. Z

    [SOLVED] I5 2400 to i7 2600k?

    Worthy upgrade? I have a GTX 1060 Will I see smoother gameplay and better overall performance? I found used one for 110$ Is that a good deal?
  8. mightmaster92

    Help me to choose a power supply

    Hello, my 4yo FSP PNR 600W 'commited sudoku' last night, leaving me with even older 450W supply, so i'm currently on eco-mode, afraid to even play solitaire, looking for new one :pt1cable: PC specs: Asus PRIME B350M-K Ryzen 5 2600 MSI GTX 970 OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, UVP, SCP, NLO, 80+ would be...
  9. S

    MSI GTX 1050 2GB Gaming overclocking?

    Hello. I wanted to ask about overclocking my GPU. So i have MSI GTX 1050 2GB Gaming GPU and Akyga Basic ATX Power Supply 550W AK-B1-550 Fan12cm P4 3xSATA PCI. I was increasing core and memory in MSI afterburner, done some benchmarks (Valley and MSI Kombustor) and got to stable +125 core and...
  10. S

    Creative sound blaster Z, surround headphones and 2.0 speakers

    Hi everyone, I used to own a asus Xonar DGX sound card which supported dolby headphones. I have an 5.1 astro a40 and i was not getting the best quality using this soundcard since it needs dolby digital live (ddl). So i decided to get the Creative sound blaster Z, which is a card that does...
  11. A

    Nvidia surrond won't go 144hz

    Welp, I recently bought 3x G27C2 monitors. Since I only have two Displayport 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 and one DVI-D on my GTX 1080ti Gaming x, I plugged two of them with 2x DP1.2, and 1 x DVI-D, but i annot put 144hz in 5760x1080 nvidia surround. Im only able to when using the 2 Display ports one...
  12. S

    Router in an inaccessible place, how to move?

    The cable company will charge me $$$ to move the port (the single port in a giant house). I need to move the router and modem out of the atrium, to my room. How do I do this? Just buy a bunch of Ethernet cables?
  13. D

    q9650 mislabeled cpu?

    hi... i just bought a q9650 chip and installed it and when my computer powered on it said it was a q9400 chip... on the chip itself it says q9650... did i just get scammed? i have a dell optiplex 960 mini tower with 8gb ram... if the chip was incompatible wouldn't it say so at some point...
  14. P

    GTX 1060 FPS drops

    I built a new pc a couple days ago that has 8gb of ram, ryzen 3 1200 and a gtx 1060. My problem is that so far i've played 3 games consisting of pubg, gmod and fortnite. My fps fluctuates on fortnite and gmod when playing multiplayer as the fps drops for a second and then shoots back up no...
  15. I

    4 bit colour display problem

    I install xp sp3 on Old PC it has Celeron processor but the disply shows 16 colors display what is the solution
  16. W

    Whats the best and cheapest gaming pc out

    Looking for a cheap but not laggy gaming pc
  17. C

    Will there be a noticeable difference? i5-4460 vs i5-8400

    Im trying to get more fps in a game, currently have 4460 and want to upgrade soon. budget is around $200. Will there be a noticeable difference between these two? here are their specs: Intel Core i5 4460:
  18. R

    Fatal Error and more

    As of the last few months I have been getting fatal errors and crashes in all games and softwares. I usually have a game, OBS, discord, and stream labs open and it used to be fine. I'm not sure what happened. I didn't change anything and all of sudden out of no where my games would crash and...
  19. T

    Ryzen 2600 stock cooler good enough to keep things 60s and below?

    I hear good things about the wraith cooler, but I think this model is a little smaller. I know it's fine to run the cpu at 70+, but I don't want mine running this hot. I rather buy whatever cooler to keep the gaming temps in the 60s and preferably 50s. With my old i5 4460 I always turned the...
  20. S

    hard drive showing 2 different used space, over 30 gb of space missing from memory

    So i have an SSD and a hard drive and I checked their properties and highlighted all their content, the content adds up to less than what is telling me is used. I have pictures to explain more, I wish to know what happened to the other storage I have.