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  1. L

    red light on motherboard

    everything works fine it turns on plays games great and everything nothing appears to be wrong but I have this red led light right next to my ddr4 that wont go away and from what I can gather it is some sort of error message. I've double checked everything and everything is plugged in fine and...
  2. H

    Need help overclocking 1050 ti, ram, fx 6300

    Hi guys I am new to overclocking I know a little about overclocking with msi afterburner etc... my setup : gtx 1050 ti amd fx 6300 Gigabyte 970A-DS3P FX motherboard G.skill x ripjaw (2x4gb) 500w power supply I really want to overclock my cpu, graphics, and ram I dont know the settings I...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Cpu core problem

    my computer says i have a 6 core processor but it only shows 3 I have a AMD fx 6300 six core processor PLS HELP
  4. M

    Question Second screen connected using vga cable and vga to hdmi cable

    Hi,i'm currently using dual monitor but right now only one can work which is monitor that connect vga to vga.the one that cannot be use is vga to (vga to hdmi)..the monitor just show "entering power safe mode" me
  5. R

    [SOLVED] i5-2400 not being enough for CSGO?

    Hi guys. Long story short... 3 months ago I had the following setup and my CSGO used to easily run at 150-200 fps: i5-2400 dh67cl gtx 750ti 2gb 2x4gb ddr3 1333 All of sudden, after november update, BAM! 80 FPS tops! I thought to myself: it must be the graphics card. So my friend gave it to me...
  6. A

    Will it run Minecraft

    can the hp 14-an013nr run minecraft this is all I want to know, and will it with mods or not and is there anything I can do to make the performance better?
  7. M

    Question How can i apply for the job

    Hello guy just wondering how i apply for the building pc job i have been very interested in building pc i just wanted to know how to apply for the job and how much income you get from this job.
  8. T

    A little help with GTX 1070

    Well, I was thinking of upgrading my RX 460 to a GTX 1070. But I'm worried if it will phisically fit into my case because it's quite small and will the CPU be good with it. And also, what kind of PSU would be recommended for this? My current specs: RX 460 AMD Ryzen 5 1400 ASUS PRIME A-320K 8GB RAM
  9. M

    PC Crashed two days in a row, need help figuring out why.

    I am on Windows 7, with 8GB Ram, two hard drives (886GB and 976GB size), with a i5-4690k 3.50GHz Intel CPU, if all that matters in any way. I've had this PC work fine for a good year now, and yesterday it randoly decided to crash while I was playing Soul Calibur 6. It also crahes today while...
  10. becominq

    What power supply for my build?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently looking to make some upgrades to my build. Here is the link for my current build: I would firstly like to make an upgrade to my GPU, I currently have a 1050TI. I have a freesync monitor so I'd imagine it would be better to go...
  11. R

    Should I upgrade my GPU or my CPU?

    Hi, I'd like to ask you guys if I should upgrade my CPU or my GPU? Currently I have a core i7 6700K and GTX 970, but I'm considering replace it by an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X or a GTX 1070/1070 Ti. What do you think?
  12. W

    Is the HP 15-ra000nk a good laptop ?

    I want to know if this laptop any good for light use like surfing the web, watching videos on youtube, downloading and specially can it read 1080p 10-bit bluray videos ?
  13. F

    Connecting my old Polaroid TV to Wireless Wi-Fi

    I have a old Polaroid tv what's the best device to use to get Wireless Wi-Fi
  14. C

    Low fps in games, high cpu usage

    I have an acer aspire laptop with a GeForce 940M and an i5 5200u. I keep getting low fps in games as well as my computer just overall being slow. I’ve updated my drivers, I’ve gone through and uninstalled a lot of stuff, and I’ve set stuff to the lowest settings. I’m getting <20Fps in...
  15. T

    Normal temperature on CPU and GPU

    Hey I was wondering what is the normal temperature on my GPU and my CPU while running the msi kombuster i get 57-61 on GPU and 69-72 on my CPU and I have a gta 1080 and a intelcore i7 8700k
  16. K

    6700k overheating after GPU change

    Hello, recently I have changed my old GPU to RTX 2080. After that change my CPU started to have temperature issues. In idle it has spikes going from 35 to 55C. One time it even reached 70 after launching browser. In games it's going up to 95C very quickly. I tried to change core voltage on CPU...
  17. kol12

    Do I have warranty with this laptop?

    Someone is privately selling a brand new Dell G3 15 laptop they won as a price through their work. If I buy it off them will I be covered by Dell with a warranty as long as I have the product ID, serial number or service tag? There will be no purchase invoice in this scenario.
  18. Kyle_James

    Overclock won't stick

    So far a long time I have had my motherboard and 6850 K overclocked to 4. 2 gigahertz with the ram running at 3200 megahertz, I have had no issues and windows would show the overclock. the other day I had a Windows update in a few things happened that I would call A Perfect Storm. now whenever I...
  19. F

    Looking for Online Photo storage with Location map

    Is there a online photo storage that will show the location of photos in an album on a map? Like Picasa use to do/does but online not locally stored. It would be great to have say 20 pix in a album and a map showing those 20 locations at the same time
  20. M

    Connecting Akasa LED strip light to PSU

    I just bought this led strip light and tried connecting it to the PSU but its not working. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong?
  21. B

    suggest me a best laptop to buy

    Suggest me a best laptop model for best gaming with low of cost also it need to run every high graphics games with a recommended system requirements to play. Please tell with maximum possibilities of low of cost.
  22. Z

    Buying a gaming laptop

    Hello, i'm looking to buy a gaming laptop around 700-800euros and the one i have found is the Lenovo Legion Y520, which has an i5, 8gb ram and a GTX 1050 4GB. The question is, will this laptop be able to run games such as PUBG? Keep in mind that the graphics card said GTX 1050 4gb but not Ti.
  23. N

    Pc Freezing Every Few Hours

    Hey! So as a new pc user i never really expected my new pc to just do this. Every couple of hours, my pc (which is about a month old) freezes. No blue screen just everything freezes. I can see what i was doing prior to the freeze but everything including background activities freeze up. Its...
  24. C

    gpu hotter than normal

    so today I got on my pc and I realised that my gpu fan was really loud so I went to check my tempeture and it was 82c and my load is around 70% on fortnite.btw my gpu is a gtx 1060 6gb
  25. G

    Hard disk not detected

    Hi everytime I go to bios on my Lenovo ideapad 305 and it says "Hard Disk [Not Detected]" I've opened up the laptop to see if the hard disk is in propley and it is so I'm not really sure on what to do.. help please!
  26. W

    Cat5e Wall Socket Jakcs, Connectors with new Cat6 Cable or Cat6a.

    I'm deciding to re-wire the entire home network due to some damage to the existing Cat5e cables placed in the ceiling to separate rooms in the house. I figured, since I need to pass through and re-wire 3 or 4 of them, I may as well change the other 2 rooms as well. I've been looking at making...
  27. D

    CPU Running at 0.79GHz

    My CPU is running at 0.79GHz, and I can't seem to find anything that will fix it. This mainly happens during games, however it can happen when I'm just surfing the internet, youtube etc. When I first launch my computer this is non-existant for just about 15 minutes, but then it will drop back...
  28. D

    ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 T8G Gaming Top OC Edition Overclock help!

    hey guys! I cant find an additional overclocking guide for my: ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 T8G Gaming Top OC Edition if you know what overclock setting I should set it send me a guide about it or if you just write here! please!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  29. PaulAlcorn

    Watch Nvidia's GeForce Gaming Celebration Here, Official Turing Announcement Expected

    You can watch Nvidia's livestream of the GeForce Gaming Celebration here at 9 AM PT on August 20. Watch Nvidia's GeForce Gaming Celebration Here, Official Turing Announcement Expected : Read more
  30. R

    No mITX boards have DVI?

    Looking to build an mITX gaming rig and cannot find ANY motherboards with DVI connectors, only HDMI and DP. My older monitor doesn't have DP, and I'm certain HDMI would bottleneck my framerate. Am I missing something or is this a relatively known phenomenon? Guess I might have to do a Micro ATX...
  31. Salvis

    Will asrock h97m support elgato hd60 pro game capture?

    dats the question
  32. Pakadermia

    System won’t post, not a single clue why, please help.

    This system has been working perfectly for about 2 years now, I keep it updated and maintain very good care of it. Last night it shut off perfectly normally and when I went to turn it on today, it posted but froze on the post screen. I restart the system and it doesn’t post this time. I turn...
  33. W

    Backup and restore

    It's like Google got all the smart guys and Microsoft got all the re*****. There is no way to convince "backup and restore" that my G partition ain't a system one.(It's not located on C drive). Deleted everything in G...G still system partition. Deleted everything and changed letter from G to...
  34. W

    i5-8600k Throttling at 70*C

    Preface: I’m an overclocking novice My i5 8600k is throttling to 3600 MHZ, ~1.06V (even lower sometimes) at around 70*C while running P95 and I have no idea why. I’ve even clocked it down to 4.7@1.24V (lazily lowered voltage to see if it would fix issue, I could probably get it lower @4.7) from...
  35. J

    970 with EVGA 450w BT 80+ Bronze Ryzen 1400

    I plan on running a Ryzen 1400, gtx 970, 16gb ram. Estimated 320w on coolermaster. Will it be ok with a 450w bronze psu? HELP
  36. S

    Keyboard only types numbers

    My on screen and my USB plug in keyboards won't allow me to type any letters only numbers. Therefore I can't login to my laptop
  37. N

    Monitor suddenly not being detected

    I was using my computer as usual than left to go see a movie and left the computer on. When I got back and took it out of sleep mode only my second monitor started and my main monitor wont turn on. I have tried using different sockets on my video card but that didn't work. I tried using a new...
  38. A

    CSGO, no loss, no choke, 250 fps, ping of 70 but stuttering

    Hello, I recently purchased a desktop with a gtx1080 and an acer predator xb271hu. After setting everything up, installing steam and csgo, fixing my config, enabling gsync, setting monitor to 144hz, ultra settings, launch options of +exec config.cfg -novid -tickrate 128 -refresh 144 ... I played...
  39. R

    PC keeps restarting/crashing

    Hi guys my system is cpu - amd fx 4100 quad core processor 3.6ghz gpu - gtx 760 Ram - 12gb OS - Windows 7 ive cleaned the pc out (openned up the inside and air compressed everything out all dust etc and its really clean inside) i dont think its the ram either i usto have this problem a...
  40. L

    Dead or failing CPU?

    Hi, lately my PC has been shutting down whenever I play games. Before shutting down my screen would turn green with lines and then shut down. If I were to start up immediately, there would be 2 vertical blue bars on the screen, and it would shut down again. After a few hours it would be fine but...