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  1. A

    Transfer audio cassette to cd

    I need guidance on the following. I need to transfer about 200+ audio cassettes to CD's. I think it would be best if I bought a "one-step function" machine, say like an Audio Technica or Tascam for the job. I could use guidance on what's the best and fastest process for something like this. I...
  2. L

    Computer Randomly Locks Up For 1-5 Seconds No Crash

    My computer keeps randomly hanging, it will stop responding for about 1-5 seconds then resume like nothing happened. I tried reinstalling windows, getting new RAM since I was due for an upgrade there anyways, and running memtest 86 and Prime 95 to verify it and the CPU are good, but at this...
  3. C

    MB Ethernet Port & PCI-E Not Functioning

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P Symptoms: 1.) No network adapters are being recognized in Device Manager. - Motherboard Ethernet port is no longer being detected by computer. - PCI-E slots are no longer working. I had a Wifi card connected, which is now also not being recognized...
  4. liberty610

    First BSOD on Threadripper system after no issues for months....

    Hello, I just had the first BSOD on my system since I first put it together several months ago. I am running Windows 10 Pro. Here is my build on PC Parts Picker: I recently started an overclock on my GTX 1080 graphics card, so this maybe what caused this, but...
  5. M

    Replacement for 9400GT

    Hey There, I am thinking to replace My Old 9400 GT 512 mb with 1030 I am just thinking if its a good decision i have a pretty weak system, i can't upgrade it completely rite now hopefully in future, i know pci slots matter GDDR's don't matter that much rite? i know it needs max of 8 gb's ram...
  6. P

    Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 140 and MasterLiquid Lite 240. Optimum fan airflow direction?

    I have recently bought two Cooler Master liquid coolers, a MasterLiquid Pro 140 and a MasterLiquid Lite 240, intending to use them on Intel Xeon X5492 and/or Intel QX9650. The computer cases (boxes) to be used will be: A. For the MasterLiquid Pro 140, an older Lian Li all aluminum case (box)...
  7. A

    Windows Defender not fully functioning.

    I just installed a Windows10 Pro 64bit on my harddrive without product key (via media creation tool). As checking my pre-installed apps, I noticed that my Windows Defender is not fully functioning. Is it because I haven't entered my product key? It only shows on the Windows Defender's screen is...
  8. A

    Do I need better PSU for my GPU?

    I recently upgraded my old computer and have been receiving some issues when in game. Basically, my computer just crashes. I either have to hard reboot or it will just turn itself off and restart right away. Im wondering if the issue may be because my PSU cannot handle everything. That's the...
  9. D

    Low FPS 1080 ti SLI

    I'm getting relatively low FPS in rainbow six siege, fortnite, pubg and even overwatch My specs are: 2 1080ti twin frozer msi cards High bandwidth SLI bridge Z370 Krait gaming Mobo I78700k proc 32g 3400 hz limited edition Corsair ram Samsung 960 Evo 500g Axe1200 w Corsair power supply 165 hz...
  10. A

    Display with extended value range? Not sure what to look for.

    Hello, I was looking for a good budget display. I paint digitally and for me, it is important that the screen shows as many greyscale values as possible. I'm not sure what characteristic should I look for, what I mean is that for example some screen the black is dull, even after correcting the...
  11. I

    How do I break my SSD

    Hi, The title name might sound a little funny but yes I would like to break my SSD. My SSD has been running very slow and it really been bothering me, I contacted Kingston and they told me that the SSD has a life time warranty but a slow SSD does not cover it, I told the guy that if my SSD...
  12. A

    New CPU - Now PC just Start/Stops Insantly

    Hello, I've been trying to get my PC working for the past week ever since I installed a new CPU. I checked if it was compatible with my MOBO, which is was, so I went ahead and bought an i7 8700k. I previously used an i7 6700k, but wanted to get an upgrade. Here's where the problem began...
  13. I

    GTX 1050 Ti

    I'm unsure if this is a windows/graphics card problem. and i'm sure a few of you guys have heard this before.. But everytime i boot my PC up, after a few mins it appears with the message 'Microsoft Basic Display' blah blah. To which I have to reboot at least 5 times, with it hanging on the...
  14. H

    Small Form Factor Ryzen Build

    Hello, I have a aging PC, over 5 years old with only a new GPU and SSD (ill be reusing the SSD in my new pc). I want to go all out and build a Ryzen build as ittl last a while and since im finishing school soon I wont have any issues with wanting a new pc. My first issue is that I hate large...
  15. D

    Right key on keyboard not registering

    After trying multiple keyboards and changing USB ports, the right key on my keyboard won't register; thanks in advance.
  16. D

    my device is sonilex sl-bs191fm it not show in playback devices

    my device is sonilex sl-bs191fm it not show in playback devices can u solve this problem
  17. G

    Open Nat with VPN

    Okay, so recently I had reset my laptop because it was running slow. Before I reset it, I would run on a VPN on my Xbox from my laptop(Wired Connection). I would get an Open nat. After I reset my laptop, I set my VPN back up and now I have a Moderate nat type. I have an Open Nat type when I...
  18. T

    No posting no beep, holding down power button wont turn down pc

    Hello, yesterday i accidentaly knocked over a glass of water on my case, i immediatly shut down Windows. Since it took so long, i switch it of via PSU switch without a proper shutdown. Took out all parts, tried to locate the damage but there was no water,anyway i put them back together and gave...
  19. J

    Is my pc compatible please help

    Hi I just built this pc it is a gigabyte z370 aorus motherboard gaming 7 and an intel i7 8700k and I bought t force ram 16 gb 3200 MHz and my pc will not start up it has an error code c 1 and loops reboot screen is black and I need to know if my ram is compatible w my mobo please and thank you
  20. D

    Black display showing

    I plugged secondary hard drive while my computer was on and the screen blacked out as i plugged it, now it's showing black screen do you think that I damaged my graphics card? Though my pc is still starting
  21. S

    Computer turns OFF when trying to QUIT Battlefield 4.

    Hi, I have a very odd problem where my computer turns itself OFF when I try to QUIT (Not start, or during gameplay), Battlefield 4. When it does turns itself off, I can't turn it back on.. sometimes it helps removing a hard drive (I have two hard drives in my computer), sometimes it don't...
  22. M

    Will I need to overclock to run Far Cry 5?

    I am currently using a AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1GHz on a Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 board, 16GB DIMM DDR4 RAM, and Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB Will I need to overclock to run Far Cry 5, and if so on what resolution/settings? My concern is if all 4 cpu cores hit 100% usage, it'll overheat to the point the PC...
  23. J

    Windows taking forever to boot

    I recently installed windows 10 on my toshiba satellite C660-14H and since yesterday when I try to boot it it take about 30minutes for it to boot and when it boots it run very very slow but it was running fast when I installed it first,about two weeks ago.. Please I need help.... Joel Lutterodt
  24. M

    laptop battery help

    hi, uh i've talked here about this before but i want to put all what i have to say somewhere where they won't be ignored/talked over by some angry old geek squad worker. so my battery, as you can probably guess by the title, is having some issues: power is draining from it while i am playing...
  25. N

    AIO to chose for this case

    I'm planning to rebuild my gaming set and I have run into problems with choosing AIO 1st. Cooler Master Master MasterLiquid 240 (MLX-D24M-A20PW-R1) on top or front 2nd. Enermax Liqmax II 120 (ELC-LMR120S-BS) I'm trying to decide which AIO would provide me with the best CPU cooling, as for...
  26. K

    Need help deciding

    So here is my current situation. I bought a MacBook air for my wife in 2014 for her school. She has since started a new job after graduating and got a new lenovo (Which is very nice) for work. She gave me the MacBook and I use that for school sometimes. I also built a gaming PC which I do most...
  27. N

    Spanned Volume SSD Failed

    Hi So i've had 2 different sized SSDs set up in a spanned volume to store all of my games, and the larger of the 2 drives has now changed to 'Not Initialized' in Disk Management. The spanned volume has obviously stopped working because half of the drives it uses can't be accessed, so I was...
  28. Spexels

    Possible pc upgrade?

    ello everyone, I recently tried playing far cry 5 at 1440p and 75hz and noticed my computer couldn't quite handle it, I have a i5-7600k, gtx 1070 and 16gb of ram. I'm thinking about upgrading either my gpu or my cpu, if I upgrade the gpu, it was give me more fps and be more expensive, but if I...
  29. R

    System showing 1 MB requirement

    My system showing 1 MB minimum requirement while I tried to make partition.
  30. M

    I5 8600k cooling choice

    Hello everybody I have a problem with choosing the cooler for my CPU. I cant decide which one will be better: water or air. I want to oc it to around 5GHz From air coolers Im considering BeQuiet! Dark Rock 3 I still dont know much about the water coolers. I have done some research and saw many...
  31. M

    force a usb boot?

    Hace made a USB boot but lap top will not recognise it.
  32. M

    ssd clone to nvme (missing anything?)

    Hey guys, planning on using macrium software to clone my sata ssd to my new nvme in my desktop. I'm hopping you guys can take a look at the steps I'm going to take and let me know if my plan of attack seems ok. My main concerns are highlighted below 1) Will the nvme be read as the C: drive...
  33. H

    gtx 1050ti gaming

    hi, is gtx 1050 ti 4gb enough for gaming for 900p resolution (1600x900)
  34. D

    I have a BIG problem

    Hello! I have a BIG problem with my computer. Every time I start my computer the screen just freeze.The only think I can do is pull the cable off.I reinstalled the Windows but still nothing.You are my last hope. Thanks! Windows 10 home v.10.0.16299 System type x64-based PC Processor AMD...
  35. L

    looking for a budget atx motherboard that has 2 pciex16 slots and supports an am3+ processor?

    looking for a budget atx motherboard that has 2 pciex16 slots and supports an am3+ processor?