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  1. [SOLVED] Members, Show Off your Camera(s) a little.

    So I will start Far from being a collector, but I now own 4 cameras, so from the Left to right; Canon Rebel EOS T3, 12.2 Megapixel, gifted from my wife for my birthday sometime ago. Sony Mavica MVC-FD71, 2.5 Megapixel saved on 1.44...
  2. LordVile

    Question I know nothing about cameras

    Looking for a camera, could be a small digital or DSLR that’s simple to use for taking on holiday etc and will be better than my iPhone. ATM I’m looking at a Sony compact digital one (link below), but wondering if anyone more knowledgable can help because I don’t actually know what’s good, what...
  3. xupitera834

    [SOLVED] Best firsT camera under 600$ with prime portait lens

    hi guys just consider which one to choose from A6000 + 50MM OSS f1.8 or D3500 with 50mm 1.8 g do have you have anything else to suggest
  4. L

    Question 400/450€ phone (camera and battery) [Huawei p20 pro vs pixel 3a?]

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a new phone! I'd like to spend under 400€ since I really mistreat my phones and they don't last very long for me, but I see that at around 400/450€ you can get a really good phone so probably that's the better price point. By far the most important thing in a phone...
  5. L

    Question Huawei P30 Pro vs The S10+

    Hi there! I am planning to buy a new mobile and the candidates are the p30 Pro and the s10+ I had both on my hands in a store but thats still not enough intel to decide. So I'm asking you consumers. I need the best video recording performance and also daily performance (imo the last aspect will...
  6. N

    Question Alternative options to Sony a7ii?

    Hi guys, Would just like some personal opinions on comparing a few camera options. At the moment I feel leaning towards mirrorless full frame and Sony a7ii seems to be an appropriate option, but looking for some alternatives that are possibly newer with better features/firmware etc for around...
  7. V

    Question Sony a6400 file transfer to pc not functioning

    I have just recently purchased an a6400 and was looking forward to using its wireless photo sharing capabilities but for some unknown reason it refuses to connect wirelessly to my computer. it states that I have not set the PC or destination for which the files will be saved to, but I did just...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Differences and better camera? Suggestions?

    I dont really know much about camera's but I'm fairly interested in them and over the next several months I'm going on some trips where I'd like to take pictures and video with good quality. However, $350 is really my top limit (like to go lower) cause a lot of these camera's I see are super...
  9. S

    Question Any 4k + 60FPS outdoor home security cameras available on the market today?

    Hello, I am shopping for 4k home security cameras and I want one for outdoors which has a resolution of 4k along with 60fps. I have seen a lot of 4k and 30FPS cameras online but I am NOT looking for 30FPS. Anyone know any 4k AND 60FPS home security cameras?
  10. A

    Discussion Cannot connect my wifi/ip camera to my laptop

    So i bought with wifi cam of rather unpopular brand jht. So its having a mobile app of jht electronics through which i can access my camera connect it and whatnot. i have to create an account in the app and then connect the camera by connecting to cameras wifi, after that i can see it through...
  11. chouiyekh

    Question my ASUS camera is upside down

    hello guys, i'm in trouble with my asus X64JQ laptop, all drivers installed properly, but when i use laptop's camera i get an upside down video ( skype, messenger ect..) and pictures ! i tried a lot of drivers but untill now i haven't resolve the problem i hope you could help, thank you