Turn on/off a powerbank remotely (more details in the description)


Aug 28, 2017

I've recently searched for a a remote control for my Canon camera (mine doesn't support having a pre-built remote control, and I couldn't find a usb-mini remote in the market)

That was until I've got CHDK on my cannon camera, and it has a script that tells the camera to tell a picture whenever there's a current passing from the usb port (which in my case, I'm using a powerbank) :


When I plug the powerbank USB cable to the camera, it does the job wonderfully. However, I want to have any sort of wirelessly turning on/off the power supply for that powerbank that's connected to the camera.

After lots of search on the internet, I have stumbled upon what I think is the perfect connector of what I need, a remote-controlled LED with USB plug (that can go from the powerbank to the camera cable)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find this exact thing anywhere near me or on any online shopping website that delivers to me.

And all the ones that I could see were USB on one side and 4-pin RGB on the other side like this :

Is there a way to connect the 4-pin RGB to a female USB? I couldn't really get a clear wiring diagram for the RGB 4-pin so that I can connect it to a 4-pin female usb?, and I'm not sure if it's possible to simulate the idea in my head using this method in the first place.

ANY help is welcomed and any other ideas/suggestions on other ways to achieve this remotely are highly appreciated!
Are you planning to shoot off-grid?
If you have electrical outlet closeby, you can use remotely-controlled powerplug, with USB adapter plugged into. Or any of smart plugs available.

The other option is to hack a solution around Arduino, with custom remote (eg IrDA). I've seen quite ago a hack which allows for Arduino to work with similar IrDA RGB remote.