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    Question Razer Wireless USB Headphones Audio Issues while PC (GPU?) is under heavy load

    Yeah, the title says it all as it is kind of hard to dumb that down any further. Video of the audio issues I ran OCCT's "PSU Test" in the background while I was listening to music and after about 5 minutes of letting the test continue, the choppy-ness started showing in the headphones. I...
  2. V

    Question I can use USB Tethering to share mobile internet with my PC, but can i do it the other way around?

    a few months ago my Wi-Fi modem stopped working and it just so happened that i need Internet on my phone so i started looking at youtube tutorials and other threads on how to use USB tethering, after retrying all of them countless times, following everything step by step and still getting no...
  3. F

    Question My bootable usb doesn't appear in the bios

    My usb flash drive doesn't appear in the bios Can anyone help me fix this problem
  4. A

    Question bluetooth usb adapter appears as a usb pnp sound device

    i got a bluetooth usb adapter the other day and i wanted to try it out but when i plug it into my pc it shows up as a usb pnp sound device . and i haven't been able to connect anything to it.
  5. M

    Question Play videos on USB pendrive on old analog TV with RCA input

    I have a super old TV which has RCA input. Is there any way (possibly inexpensive) to play videos on USB pen drive on it? I find this video which installs OSMC on rasberry pie and then connects it to TV. I didnt get which cable they used. View:
  6. J

    Question Unplugging an USB while in BIOS?

    So today I was formatting an SSD and HDD I have using a bootable WIN10 USB drive. When my system no longer had a drive with an operating system to boot to, I opened BIOS. While the BIOS was open, I unplugged the USB drive. When I went into the peripherals section, it displayed the USB drive as...
  7. S

    Question I don't have enough USB ports for VR (keeping my normal keyboard and mouse plugged in)

    As stated above I don't have enough USB ports on my rig to hook up VR while keeping my keyboard and mouse set up. What would be the best solution that doesn't include getting a new motherboard because mine is new? (MSI tomahawk b450)
  8. K

    Question How can I make this motherboard be capable of powering the case’s ports?

    Motherboard I want to get is the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max. The case is the H510i. Mobo: 2 x USB 2.0 connectors (support additional 4 USB 2.0 ports) 1 x USB 3.2 Gen1 connectors (support additional 2 USB 3.2 Gen1 ports) Case: 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A How can I make this...
  9. I

    Question Bypass USB GPO of Active Directory

    Hi, Is there any way to bypass USB block GPO applied by Active Directory Administrator???
  10. E

    Question Is there a way to play a custom sound for a flash drive when you plug it in

    I know that there is a way to make the new drive found sound for Win10, but is there a way to auto run a batch file or something like that whenever you plug in the flash drive to play an mp3 or wave file?
  11. B

    Question Why is my SSD not showing up?

    So I had installed a Kingston SSD into my computer but for some reason, under the USB options, it said I could eject this SSD. One day I was trying to eject a usb and I accidentally selected the Kingston SSD to eject and now it's not appearing on my drives. It's not even appearing in my disk...
  12. S

    Question USB not wokring, well sorta.

    So when I plug my keyboard or mouse or anything out of my computer USB and back in. It doesn't work at all. Also if I plug anything into my usb ports after booting up, it does not show. I have tried going to my device manager and uninstalling the USB drives but it just goes on an endless loop...
  13. M

    Question BSOD possibly caused by WIFI Adapter?

    Ever since I bought a Tenda Wifi USB Adapter N, I kept getting errors such as IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or WATCHDOG_ViOLATION Blue screen errors randomly when gaming. It doesn't happen immediately when I turn on the computer. Based on google, I think it's mostly driver problems? But I checked for...
  14. M

    Question USB problems

    My computer is fairly new, just built it a few months ago everything was working fine until last week. My brother was playing league then the game froze rabdomly. After a restart the mouse and keyboard wouldn't move but they were still lighting up and Windows starts normally. Any idea how to...
  15. G

    Question Recommendation for USB Adapter (Gaming)

    Hello, So I recently built a mini ITX with the following parts listed down below, and when I tried to play Overwatch, I noticed that within a session of gaming lag would happen once, where everyone else would freeze and I can still run around for a split second, then everything would just...
  16. G

    Question PC not showing some USB devices

    I really need help with this. Yesterday my PC stopped recognizing some USB devices (phone, PS4 controller), not as in "not recognized device" but they don't show at all. The weird thing is, it WILL recognize my friend's PS4 controller and some other devices. Can anyone help me with this?
  17. Borko1

    Question USB port broke after compressor blowed the air

    You know people, I'm a BIG JINX. Every time I want to do something good for my PC, to upgrade it, to keep it clean, to make some minimal damn change to the PC, something ALWAYS has to be screwed up. And then I have to waste a * of time fixing the damn problem. I clean my PC every 1-2 months...
  18. G

    Question PC freezes with mostly new components

    hey there ..i recently had a problem that my motherboard fan wouldnt i replaced my mother and it had tdp low but there was a option for that was just running then suddenly my pc would freeze ...keyboard and mouse and other all usb doesnt work ...i forced reset it ...after every 2-3...
  19. X

    Question Case front usb port defective?

    I have a problem regarding my front USB port casing. My old WIFI adapter suddenly don't work when I plug it in and I though maybe my old WIFI adapter broke so I grab another WIFI adapter then plug it in. The brand new WIFI adapter was so hot to touch and still don't work my conclusion is the USB...
  20. remixislandmusic

    Question Dell computer mouse doesn't work.

    Hello, so I still have a 10ish-year-old Dell USB mouse. It says on the bottom "P/N XN966". This mouse used to work fine, but when I tried to use it today it doesnt work. I plug it in, the laser turns on, flashes a few times, and turns off. It doesnt every show up on the computer and this exact...