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  1. david8889

    Question Only one 4 Pin USB connector on the mainboard. Rgb?

    Hey Guys My Frriend bought a prebuilt to get a RTX 3080. Acer Predator Orion – 5000 PO5-615s He changed cases and the RAM but the motherboard is stock. The Problem is it has only one 4 Pin USB connector instead of the 9 Pin and the USB 3.0 Connector. Its probably not possible to connect a...
  2. T

    Question Is 3.1 USB port bound by 3.0 speed in my laptop?

    I have MSI GE62VR Apache Pro laptop. I was looking into my USB ports to understand whether my USB-C port is 3.1 Gen2. I have a few questions: As I understand correctly from the screenshots below, it seems that I have a 3.1 Controller which is bound by 3.0 version? Does this mean that the speed...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] PC makes a constant weird noise after a few minutes connected to internet via USB

    As mentioned in the title, my PCs just few months old, everything was working fine until today.. I normally powered it on, went to the bathroom, and then i heard this loud constant buzzing sound.. Display was turning off and on like it was losing signal. I panicked and powered PC off with PSU...
  4. Rodion15

    Question Back up hard drive over SATA vs USB

    I usually try to back up hard drives by plugging them to SATA rather than USB, as I heard that the SATA-to-USB conversion may affect the transfer. Is this really true? I find USB more convenient so I’d like to know if it’s worth the hassle. Any advice much appreciated
  5. A

    Question Keyboard Typing Issues & Clicking Links Issue

    At random moments, with my keyboard, when I type a letter that is supposed to be lowercase it outputs as being capital. And vice versa. When this happens, most of the time the number keys will only output the symbol the key is for. What also happens most of the time is whenever I click a link on...
  6. ChaozTaco

    Question DRAM and Boot light is on, usb ports won't work

    This is my first build and I was able to wire everything up properly but the issue is the led light is the DRAM is on and the boot light is on too. It's able to display to my monitor and it says to press delete/f2 to go to bios but my usb may not be working cause I tried putting my mouse and...
  7. fakefrom98

    Question A question about the lifespan of a USB flash drive running a windows 10 operating system

    I want to install windows 10 on a USB flash memory and connect it to a mining rig. As every flash memory has a limited lifespan if my memory would be connected to the rig 24/7 with windows continuously running on it, what should be my expectation of the lifetime of this drive? And do you think...
  8. M

    Question I plugged in a 6V motor on the USB port of my Laptop and suddenly my laptop becomes turns off. After turning on, that USB doesn't work except on mouse

    I plugged in a 6V motor on the USB port of my Laptop and suddenly my laptop turns off. After turning on, that USB is no loger working except only the mouse. I reinstalled the USB driver, disabled the suspended power setting in power setting option but nothing happens. What to do now?
  9. M

    Question Is it safe to keep my USB port powered even when the PC is off?

    Hello, I own a MSi B450 Gaming Plus Max Motherboard, and I notice that only one of my USB ports are powered after I shut down my computer(USB Mouse plugged in and the lights are on even the pc is off). So I removed my USB mouse and plugged it in the other port, now the said powered port was...
  10. N

    Question Previously worked USB Pendrive formatted to MS-DOS FAT32 in MacOS and now it's not working in my car's Pioneer audio system (Error code-23)

    Hey! I had a 8 Gb Pendrive with musics in my car for half a year. Recently i plugged it into my new laptop which is a M1 Mac and it didn't recognize the drive. Not even in DiskUtil and finder. I formatted to Fat32 with terminal, then it worked on my laptop, on windows pcs either, but not in my...
  11. Rizvee

    Question USB OS installation drive

    Can I create an USB OS installation drive with multiple OS in it? If so, then which software can I use to create one? I want to install an OS from the USB drive, not run an OS from it.
  12. V

    [SOLVED] External Windows 10 for my work computer

    Hello, I have a work computer with non administratative rights running OEM Win 10 Pro. OS requires me to sign in to my working e-mail. I dont have my own PC so I would like get USB 3.1 adapter to connect Sata SSD which already have another OEM activated Windows 10 OS installed. I am aware of...
  13. Nevis

    Question Android phone wont connect to my PC but will connect on other PC

    I was going to transfer files from my phone to my PC but my Phone wouldn't show up on my file explorer, I tried another phone and my PC would recognize it, I also tried plugging my phone to another PC and the PC would recognize it only on mine it wouldn't but my PC would recognize other phones
  14. X

    Question recover files from usb showing empty drive

    i have this usb with important files in it but windows can't read it the weird thing is right when i plug it in all the files show up but after a loading they all disapear
  15. A

    Question USB Issues on a MSI Mag Tomahawk B550

    Hi guys so this isn't like a huge issue or anything but I was wondering about usb connectivity issues. So the Msi tomahawk mobo has around 4 usb ports, kinda low amount, but I have my mouse, keyboard, and my o11 dynamic also uses some sort of device for controlling the integrated rgb of the...
  16. I

    Question Computer will not boot unless USB connected

    Hey there, I'm new to Tom's Hardware so my apologies in advance if I am asking in the wrong place. My old rig is having a very strange power cycle issue that requires me to plug in a USB while it is booting in order for it to start. This problem started out as me having to hold the power...
  17. E

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Not Recognizing USB

    Hello, I have a Cruzer Glide 16GB USB that my pc does not seem to be recognizing when I plug it in. I need it in my process of reinstalling Windows 10 due to my computer being extremely broken as of late. I can see it under "devices" in settings, but nowhere else on my computer. Any help is...
  18. B

    Question GPU Utilization Issue

    [Specs: Windows 10 Home OS, Intel Core i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 16.0 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, 2.72 TB HDD, 464 GB SSD] Hello everyone! So recently, I've had some worrying issues caused by a controller that I've been using on my computer for ages. It's this old, cheap USB Xbox 360...
  19. M

    Question Electronic Interference in Headphones!

    I bought myself some EKSA E900 Pro headphones. They use analog for the microphone input and the audio. However, they can't do 7.1 Surround Sound without an additional USB plugged in. My issue is, when I plug the USB in as well, I get this buzz over my headphones. In OBS, it appears in both...
  20. itsTh3K1ll3r

    Question MSI Gaming Plus Max B450 glitches the screen whenever I want to boot into Windows 10 USB.

    Hello! I have recently made my first custom PC. Everything went well, it passed POST. But after I changed the boot priority of my USB it showed a glitch of the MSI Logo on the screen. I said "Ok". I Googled the problem, most of them said that my USB Should be GPT with FAT32, and so it was...