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  1. C

    Question Low range of a Class 1 USB Bluetooth adapter

    I bought a HAMA H-53188 USB Bluetooth dongle. It was recognized without any problem by my Windows 10 PC and I had no trouble while connecting my bluetooth headset to the PC. The problem is the range the dongle provides. Despite that it's declared as a Class 1 Bluetooth adapter the signal starts...
  2. Etxan

    Question USB ports are kind of working

    I built a PC and it has been working fine for almost a year. Turned it on today to have my keyboard and mouse not work. I tried other keyboards and mice and they all don’t work. USB ports on my motherboard and case won’t connect to keyboard and mice but will charge my phone. Any clue what’s...
  3. Kaikualexander

    Question Windows 10 bootloop

    Bear with me here because I am new to posting on forums. A couple months ago I made a ryzentosh using the amd-osx vanilla guide. I set it up so that Mac os used a 1tb nvme ssd and windows 10 used a 128gb ssd. I found the hackintosh experience too buggy for my likings as I couldn't utilize...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Peripherals and Monitors blink in and out when i plug my Oculus in

    I doubt this is a power supply issue so I am posting this here My Setup: Recently moved and when i got my station setup i moved on to setting up my 2 Oculus sensors. after that and plugging in my headset i noticed one of my monitors blink on and off for a...
  5. 8

    Question No usb 2.0 wire, what does that mean?

    Hello, I am building a budget pc and have opted to use the Corsair 200r for my choice of case along with a msi tomahawk b450 max. However, when building the pc I have just noticed that there is no usb 2.0 cable, only usb 3.0. What does this mean for my pc? Will I still be able to use the front...
  6. Soomro393

    Question Unable to Install Ubuntu Please Help

    i recently messed up by changing my windows drive partition to active, now since it doesn't even boot up, i decided to install Linux Ubuntu, i downloaded the Image from the official website and burned it to my USB through Universal USB Installer, everything went good but now i can't even install...
  7. Mox1

    Question Why can I not boot when I have >1 device plugged into this PCIe hub?

    I bought a USB hub a while back, and I could never get it to work. When two devices are plugged into it, it prevents booting: not even the POST report shows up, nor any beep is heard. Interestingly enough if a USB power cable is plugged in, it still works with the one other device. Upon boot...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Thunderbolt drive to USB C(3.1) is that possible?

    Hey! I have an old WD MyBook Thunderbolt Duo 4gb that I used for My iMac several years ago and it's gathering dust now. I'd like to use it on my PC (no thunderbolt port). I researched for thunderbolt(or mini Display Port) to USB C adapter like this one with no luck, they're all unidirectional...
  9. stormman34

    Question Problems installing Windows 7 on Samsung notebook

    Hello. I'm having problems installing Windows 7 on Samsung NP700Z5A. For the full story i'll put it in a spoiler. Long story short: When I try to install Win 7 via USB then it wants a USB driver and the one from Samsung website doesn't work. When I try to install Win 7 via DVD then it turns the...
  10. omri0147

    Question asus x540m no bootable device

    hi everyone, im having a problem. can you guys help, please? i have been upgraded my laptop with an old hdd to ssd. all i have done is just replacing between the two and after that , install a windows 10 with a usb flash. now after i did that, i started dealing with an issue. that issue was...
  11. Anyparktos

    Question Is it possible to use my PC and a generic USB-USB C phone cable, to give another pc internet through the ethernet cable connected to the first pc?

    So I have a Laptop/Tablet, on which I can't use WIFI at the moment, because the WIFI drivers on it won't work until I install new software update. Problem is, I don't have the internet to download it. So I thought about a couple solutions, like USB tethering(didn't work), or WIFI USB...
  12. W

    Question What is the best external SSD to use for cold storage? (May 2020)

    I've got pictures backed up to thumb drives but I don't trust their longevity so I'd like to buy a reliable, good quality external SSD for cold storage. Recommendations appreciated!
  13. Chill__Cosby

    Question USB ports not working

    I just reinstalled windows, and suddenly my USB mic isn't working. I have checked that this isn't a driver problem, and it isn't because when I plug it into another USB it works. I have done so windows doesn't disable USB ports to save power. I have also disabled fast boot. The light on my...
  14. L

    Question Ongoing Problems with USB WiFi Adapter, esp when other USBs plugged in

    Hey guys, I have this TPLink WiFi adapter which I bought to replace what I thought was a faulty adapter from a noname brand a year ago. Turns out the problem persisted. Even after I recently upgraded my setup I still have the problem. X570 Aorus Elite, Ryzen 7 3800X, 2x8GB Gskill Ripjaws at...
  15. StephenB95

    Question my pc keeps making connecting noise?

    Hi so basically every time my computer starts a few seconds after loading the os, I hear the noise of a device being connected into my system. My guess it’s icue since it coincides with systems colours changing, is this just the corsair devices connecting to the system?
  16. W

    Question PC won't boot when USB is plugged in

    Hey guys, I just changed my CPU from a i5-7400 to a i7-7600, and my pc will not boot unless I unplug every single usb input. That did not happen before I installed the new CPU. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? I have an AsRock B250 Pro4. I at first thought that it was a faulty...
  17. J

    Question USB port turning on and off

    Hi! I just set up a new PC for a friend and he has 2 USB ports on the front. 1x USB 2.0 1x USB 3.0 the 2.0 port works fine, however the 3.0 port constantly connects and disconnects. I've made sure the USB headers, cables & 24-PIN mobo power cable are all secure and corrected positioned...
  18. Lukeo18

    Question 2 of 4 USBs stopped working

    So today I repasted my laptop and cleaned the fans the same way ive always done it. This time when I rebooted my laptop the two usb ports on 1 side of the laptop stopped working, they worked for a second because my mouse lit up but then stopped. All my other ports are working fine except these...
  19. Quinkroesb

    Question Pc randomally disconnects all usb connected device since my ram upgrade

    Since I upgraded my ram from 8gb to 16gb, my pc randomally disconnects all usb devices. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks in advance.
  20. S

    Question USB Wake device grayed out

    My laptop is connected to a docking station and would like to wake the laptop from Sleep with either of the docking station USB-connected mouse or keyboard. My laptop has a USB selective sleep option. For troubleshooting, I disabled this for both with and w/o power connected. In Device...