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  1. Mirkito

    Question USB to IDE adapter

    There is a adaptar for use a usb as internal IDE hard disk? Or i can use the existant IDE to USB in reverse? I need it for install SO to a PC without USB boot support.
  2. zoldos

    Question Installing a fresh Windows 11 to replace the pre-installed one ?

    I have an HP Envy pre-rebuilt system. It had Windows 11 Home pre-installed on a 1TB NVMe M.2 drive. So the question is, can I remove that drive completely, pop in a brand new one, and do a fresh install from my USB drive Windows 11 media that I created? I extracted the original product key...
  3. Siincerely

    Question Issues with fairly new PC build. Need help please.

    So recently I’ve had a friend assemble a computer for me and stuff and I’ve been running into minor sound issues as well as my usb connections dropping out during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. And I wouldn’t mind blessing someone’s cashapp that takes their time to assist a brother. You help me...
  4. H

    Question PC won't boot up with any keyboard plugged in after installing new GPU

    Hey! So yesterday I sold my gpu cause I needed money (planning to buy a newer one as soon as I can afford it) and installed my old 750 Ti so I can use my computer (cpu has no integrated gpu) but it wouldn't boot up so I thought my old gpu was dead. It turns out it was not, cause after unplugging...
  5. CanniestRug6

    Question USB and Discord disconnect issues ?

    Ever since i upgraded my pc, when i try to use VR it will always shut off my usb ports for a few seconds then they'll all turn back on. It's happened a couple times outside of that. For Discord, when im in a call, it will always disconnect and reconnect me, but my discord always seems to...
  6. P

    Question USB-A to USB-C cable: different performance when I rotate the plug?!

    Hello. I have a system with a USB3 Type-A port, and an external hard drive with a USB3 Micro Type-B port. Not very unusual, I guess. For some reason, there are some adapters along the way, because it needs to be a Type-C connection somewhere (for my magnetic adapters). So the cable path is a...
  7. P

    Question what would be better to use - HDMI or S/PDIF or USB

    My desktop pc, my sound bar and my TCL TV have ports for these. I don't know the advantages and disadvantes of using HDMI or S/PDIF or USB to connect the two. Is one tech better than the other? Why?
  8. ZeroDawn7~

    Question My pc's USB ports are not working on windows, but in BIOS is working perfectly

    Hello everybody, I've got this problem today, I booted my PC and I went to the bathroom and suddenly the pc went in blue screen (my brother told me when I went back), since then the USB ports are not working anymore, I mean by none of all of them is still working (Mouse, Keyboard, External...
  9. cachirro

    Question Screens go off, fan speed to max, Event ID 14 from source nvlddmkm

    I never had any issues playing any game, but of couple of weeks ago my RTX2060 died on one of many daily gaming sessions, the computer would simply not boot anymore, long story short, i put my old GTX760 and pc was back to normal and sent the RTX to warranty which arrived back today (but i don't...
  10. 6

    Question Possible water damage to cpu, "USB not recognized" on game controllers; salvageable?

    Hello, I recently made the mistake of leaving a window behind my tower open while I was out; during this time, a huge rain storm passed through that likely got into the tower onto the power supply and/or cpu. The computer was also in sleep mode during this. Upon returning, I inspected the tower...
  11. P

    Question gamer keyboard USB 2.0 only 62.5 hz a polling rate

    The gamer keyboard only has a polling rate of 62,5hz for some reason, and I think it should have a polling rate of 1,000hz. Keyboard: White Shark Commandos GK-2106W/R-HU why is this, how can it be solved? Motherboard: PRIME B550-PLUS
  12. xBHSx

    Question Why does Windows sometimes not detect my USB speakers ?

    Hello, I have bought these Pioneer USB Speakers. They are old but work flawlessly and the sound is amazing. The only problem is sometimes Windows does not detect them even though the speaker lights are on. I tried to check the Device Manager and this is what I see: Device Manager Image
  13. LBobbyTables

    Question Quality solution for multiplexing USB long distance (20-25ft)?

    I have a PC in one corner of my lab and need to plug in some USB 3.0 equipment at a bench along a different wall. I measured I should need about 20-25ft of cable to reach there. My PC has type-C, USB 3.2 gen 2 ports so I figured it would be easy to get a USB hub with a type-C upstream...
  14. S

    Question An old laptop is unable to safely remove external hard drives and it's causing errors

    So I've got this old ASUS laptop that's about eight years old with Windows 8.1. All I want to do is use it to copy some files from one external HD to another. The laptop is a mess though. The screen flickers and goes to black constantly and it's extremely slow. The data I'm trying to transfer is...
  15. A

    Question Laptop not recognising USB headset, not installing drivers ?

    I recently bought a new ROG Zephyrus G15 GA503QM laptop and when i try to plug in my Hyper X Cloud Alpha S with USB it does not recognise it at all, like no Windows prompt or anything. The small dongle thing gets power but the normal hyperx devices dont show up in device manager or in playback...
  16. merrickman2003

    How to stream audio from phone to pc

    I got a new phone and thought to use my old one for music. I realised the best way of doing that would be to connect it to my pc audio output, and it would be insanely convenient compared to running itunes on a monitor for music because of the touchscreen. I tried a program called airfoil...
  17. J

    Question Adapter from a laptop's 3.5mm audio jack to USB headset?

    My headset has a built-in USB plug. Where can I find an adapter that will let me use it with my laptop's 3.5mm audio jack? Amazon sells lots of adapters with the right connectors, but they all seem to be made for attaching an MP3 player to an auxiliary storage device, and they don't work with a...
  18. Giorgi379

    Question how to to access device remotely from remote computer?

    hello all i need help how to to access device remotely from remote computer? USB from remote computer to OBD2 interface to car. or Ethernet to OBD2 like this
  19. Chezzybunz

    Question Can I use a large capacity usb as a storage device?

    Ive been wondering if using a 1tb or what have you usb flash stick is a legitimate or possible alternative to internal/external ssd or hdd. If it is a possible alternative would the download speeds be much slower? My purpose would be to store files but also games as well. Also I have looked in...
  20. radeunder

    [SOLVED] Where to connect pins

    Hello I have 4 leftover pins to connect but idk where. 3 PIN FAN 3 PIN ARGB 3 PIN RGB again and some USB 3.1 cable which comes from the front of the case View:
  21. E

    Question Where to store my dataset (read-only)

    I have a 2TB training dataset to run in my desktop PC with 4 nvidia rtx2080ti graphics cards. This entire 2TB dataset is going to be continuously read from the disk (without break) at each training epoch and there are 200 epochs to train (total training time is estimated as two months). My...
  22. ALee01234

    Question Constant Issue of "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)"

    Yesterday night, I started hearing the notification sound of a device connecting and disconnecting every other second. When checking 'Bluetooth & devices > Devices', I saw an unknown USB device that was showing up and disappearing/disconnecting pretty much every other second. It's cooled down...
  23. S

    Question USB Drive can't format to Fat32 and showing wrong size

    While, I was trying to install the windows 10 media tool in my usb drive, it got disconnected and the drive broke. At first it said "insert disk" and the drive couldn't work and after I tried several things the drive now shows 57.3GB of storage instead of 32GB and it's on NTFS file system. The...
  24. Z

    Question Gigabyte X570 Gaming X v1.0 - Keyboard & Mouse turn off in BIOS ?

    Hello all! I have had this PC for a couple of years, it suddenly started BSODing two days ago (a few PCI errors). I do not overclock, I'm very minimal, everything is almost always updated with the latest drivers. I ended up having to reinstall Windows completely yesterday. Upon using a USB to...
  25. T

    Question How to fix or replace front panel USB 9pin female connector?

    I'm not sure how to explain it but the pictures should do a better job, I'm not sure how get this red wire back into the 9 pin female plastic casing without breaking the casing? I've tried opening the black plastic casing but I can't seem to do so and it seems that I would have to break the...
  26. S

    Question Wired headset hangs PC by continuously connecting and disconnecting

    I've been using a wired headset for a year. Sometimes when the pc(windows 10) is on(don't even need to have some audio playing)the headset disconnects and connects repeatedly causing the pc to hang. The pc recovers but the headset don't work until I restart the PC. The headset is connected to...
  27. fangorn-forrest

    Question SanDisk Extreme 55AE external SSD recognized but unreadable: "Device not migrated" ?

    Hey all, Last night I was able to access my external SSD, a SanDisk 55AE (500GB). This morning while preparing for an interview with files on that drive, it became unreadable by my computer. My system recognizes that there's a USB device plugged in, and what the drive is called, but not that...
  28. R

    [SOLVED] External enclosure for 3.5in internal media reader

    I'm upgrading my PC case to a new one with one fewer external drive bays, and so I don't have room for my internal multimedia reader, which is similar to this: My ideal would be an external bay like the external...
  29. ethan206

    [SOLVED] USB-C bandwidth & limitations ?

    I was looking into USB-C docks and was getting confused on their limitations (or more so my laptop's limitations). This Anker USB-C one...
  30. S

    Question Computer does not Post when GPU is seated

    Hello, i have a weird problem, 4 months ago i built my first PC and everything went well. however yesterday i moved to another town and when i set up my pc, i was getting no signal on my monitor and a red VGA Debug light. i reseated my gpu, my ram, checked all connections and everything seems...
  31. F

    Question Can someone help me figure out why my PC malfunctions while gaming?

    Here’s a little background before I list out what I’ve done so far followed by my system specs. Sorry it’s wordy but I want to capture as much info as possible. I’ve been a long time lurker so I appreciate any advice! Background: I built my a PC about a year ago (didn’t tune components much)...
  32. Kutugari

    Question How to fix GPU causing usb and display ports to stop working?

    I have recently bought a new gpu. After plugging it into my computer and turning it on all of the fans work, including the one on the gpu, however there is a problem, the usb and display ports stop working, meaning I cant use a keyboard or mouse and cant connect it to any display. When I dont...
  33. W

    Question PC freezes constantly and can't shut down

    PC Specs: i5 12400f Gigabyte B660 DS3H AX DDR4 WIFI Corsair Ballistic DDR4 2x8GB RAM MSi GTX 1060 3GB Crucial P2 m.2 1TB EVGA supernova G650 This is a somewhat new build with some parts (PSU and GPU) reused from my old PC and was built around April this year. I've pretty much had some kind of...
  34. Scribbler2099

    Question Asus Prime x570-pro and Lian Li Evo - front panel not all working

    I have the Lian Li Evo, and my mobo is the Asus Prime x570-pro. Everything seems to work fine except that the front panel has 2 usb a port and 1 usb c port, but one of the usb A ports doesn’t work. Updated and Looked in bios, seems like all the usb stuff is enabled, was wondering if anyone...
  35. rounakr94

    Question Is it normal for PC to leak slight AC?

    After one of my friend said that his PC was giving him shocks I checked that he didn't have a proper cable. After installing a 3pin cable with ground pin I came back and checked my system. Everything was fine and no shocks but there is a slight voltage (~1.8VAC) on the USB port metal part or...
  36. cromsoi

    Question The motherboard does not have enough Type E USB connectors for all the ports on the case"

    Building my first PC and I'm a little confused regarding the USB connectors. Got this message on a compatibility checker: The motherboard does not have enough Type E USB connectors for all the ports on the case". Also, on PCPartPicker I got these two notes about my build, but I don't understand...
  37. C

    Question USB Over Current Detected. Dead Motherboard?

    Hi, Yesterday when booting up my PC I was met with the USB Device Over Current Status Detected !! and the system shut down after 15 seconds. I had never seen the error before, had made no changes to my system at all and have not had any issues with my PC for ~5 years. I googled possible...
  38. M

    Question Can I connect a Corsair MP600 SSD as an external drive?

    I have a Corsair MP600 SSD, which is currently plugged into my motherboard. The invoice from the people who built my PC says it's a "Corsair Force PCIe Gen.4 MP600 1TB NVMe", which I think must be this one. I would like to be able to remove it, and plug it in as an external drive, but am a bit...
  39. G

    Question How to make USB ports still charge stuff while off state (but power still there)

    Hello, I was wondering how I can charge my PS5 Controller on my PC while its off. So I want the USB ports to still work while its off but power is still there. I used to do this before but I cannot find the setting so any help? thanks
  40. D

    Question Front Panel Connectors Issue

    So I've never had a problem with front ports, either USB or audio jacks. Recently I was deleting files with spacesniffer and was trying to delete an apple backup, little did I know is that I didn't read close enough and deleted appdata folder. After that I had a lot of settings issues, like...