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  1. Jaymz2000

    Question Is it possible to create a bootable USB with a FULL install of Linux

    I'm trying something new, I'm familiar with Linux (ish) I'm not one of the people who's gonna preach about switching to Linux, to be honest I really don't care lol, I just wanna try something new until Win11 is a little more improved. Anyways... I'm trying to create a bootable USB, NOT a live...
  2. Ensign Scrulu

    [SOLVED] USB ports stopped functioning upon upgrade from Windows 7 → 10

    Hi all, when I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 suddenly the two lower of the four USB ports on the back of my Dell Optiplex 3040 stopped functioning. They worked fine for several years until the upgrade (there were external HDD's connected to them so I knew right away). Sure, there is the...
  3. J

    Question I can't low-level format a USB drive ?

    I have a Seagate Backup Plus portable drive with 1T capacity. After not using it for close to a year, I plugged it in to a USB port. Windows 10 said it couldn't recognize the drive. So, I downloaded Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool (version 4.40) and did a full format. It encountered a problem...
  4. P

    Question Issues with peripherals on USB slots

    Hello, I own a Fujitsu AH532 laptop (i5). I've had it for many years and it hasn't caused any problems until recently. Since the past month, the USB ports are misbehaving. I started noticing this when I wanted to transfer some files from my phone to the hard drive. The PC was having difficulty...
  5. laism

    [SOLVED] Redragon Kumara k552 suddenly stopped working

    I was using the keyboard and suddenly the keyboard stopped working, I tried reconnecting by unplugging it, the keyboard lit up for a while but as I tried typing it only wrote NNNNNNNNNNN, so I disconnect and reconnected again but this it is not coming anymore, device manager says, " Device...
  6. P

    Question Custom High Spec PC - Graphics issues. (Help)

    Hi all, I have been using my desktop PC (Custom Built) for a couple of years now, the issue i am getting is a constant flashing on my desktop icons, also the sound of a USB device being added / removed constantly and the other day an error on booting up saying overclosking failed - I reset the...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 USB won’t load when ssd plugged in.

    Long story short, I was doing very little on my pc and it became sluggish. Turned it off and turned it back on and wasn’t able to boot windows. I plugged in my usb that I had used to install windows onto my computer with to try and repair it. None of the repair options worked and they also took...
  8. Re0x

    [SOLVED] Need help -- some USB ports not working

    I recently bought a new wired aftermarket xbox controller, played a little bit with it and then it suddenly stopped working (i had it connected in a port in the back of the pc) okay, i tried to take it out, put it back in in the same port, didnt work. Tried to put it in the front ports, didnt...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Cant make simple volume on USB drive

    Hi, I am trying to make a simple volume on a new USB drive but when I right click the thumb drive in disk management nothing happens. It isn't greyed out or anything, it just does nothing. I also tried to make a simple volume using Command prompt but it said: "A disk specified is not dynamic...
  10. s4v4ge_cut1e

    Question USB error 43

    Hello, everyone! I have little annoying and strange problem. Once i restarted my pc right after i turned it on. I tried to log in, but my laptop keyboard didnt work. I restarted it many times and it did not help me. I looked up in device manager and in USB devices one was with error 43. I...
  11. L

    Question New build with an Asus Prime Z690-P WIFI issues

    Hello. I would like to get some help finding a culprit in my build. Since I upgraded to the Z690 I'm having only issues. I'm running the Asus Prime Z690-P WIFI with a i9-12900k, Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR5, RTX 3090 and EVGA 1000W. Since I've build the PC, it was an unstable mess. For 14...
  12. Sicross1989

    Question Ethernet cable not detected if I boot with USB devices plugged in ?

    Good Morning all! I have spent the whole day yesterday trying to solve this: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUE: If I boot my windows 10 pc with usb devices plugged in, it won't detect the ethernet cable (so no internet connection). If I boot...
  13. O

    [SOLVED] very small wired usb keyboard? Do you know about a small, like on the picture, and low priced wired usb keyboard? The keyboard is not meant for everyday use. Therefore practicability is not a priority. It is about having a wired usb keyboard in case a computer's...
  14. ConorDuey2000

    [SOLVED] USB microphone doesn't pick up any sound, only static ?

    Hello. I recently got a USB microphone (Dynex DX-USBMIC13) but whenever I try to use it, it doesn't pick up any sound. All that it outputs is faint static. I have tried setting it as my default device in the Windows control panel, trying to update my driver, uninstalling my Realtek audio...
  15. J

    Question Windows sometimes ignores connected USB drives

    Hello, Sometimes when I connect a USB 3.0 storage device it does not appear in explorer and I'd need to pull it out and back in again for Windows to make it appear. The USB socket itself is 3.0. So far this only happens with USB 3.0 flash drives or external harddrives. Never have this issue...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] First time installing new SSD on prebuilt computer, need some help

    I imagine this is a super simple task for a lot of you. I very recently got into gaming PCs. I got a prebuilt with these specs. Intel i7 9700 (3.00 Ghz) RTX 2080 SUPER 32GB DDR4 1TB SSD Gigabyte B350M D3SH Motherboard My SSD recently got corrupted. Can't format or install new windows on it...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] what is a GB/s in a type-c USB header?

    As the tittle suggested, I have stumbled upon a motherboard that featured a type-c USB header which is cool but I got confused by the "GB/s 20" and I dont know what does it actually means could someone plz help?
  18. B

    [SOLVED] USB backup over local network?

    I'm trying to add a backup drive that's connected to my computer via local ethernet. Currently, I have an old Airport Extreme, but its USB port is USB 1 or 2, so it's horribly slow. I found AnywhereUSB devices with USB 3 that are beyond my budget for this project. I thought about getting an...
  19. DCNOS18

    Question USB Overcurrent ?

    Hey guys, recently installed a new power supply, Seasonic Prime 1000 Platinum. On the first start up, I noticed my CPU fans connected to my Corsair H110igt started at full blast. I thought that was odd, but then I noticed a smell, which I thought was the fan. I looked at the waterblock with the...
  20. K

    [SOLVED] I need some info on USB flash drives

    Hi So i have a bit of a weird question. What i need to know is if take a piece of metal and short all of the usb pins of a usb flash drive (memory stick) together for a prolonged time will that damage or degrade the stick in any way? I know it doesn't do anything if i do it for a minute because...
  21. xLOREx

    Question Devices connected via USB disconnecting and reconnecting even in bios

    Hello everyone. So today we have a weird issue o'mine. Let me tell you about it. Don't know how it started, but now I have USB ports randomly disconnecting when there's any action applied to the PC, and reconnecting a few seconds after. The only thing I can remember doing with PC in last two...
  22. B

    Question Portable Monitors / USB

    I have a laptop (Clevo / Eluktronics N970TF) dual booting both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04. I've decided I need another screen for multi tasking preferably in both OS's and have been browsing over the portable monitors and to be honest I am lost. I have: • 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 port (Type A) • 1...
  23. V

    [SOLVED] Keyboard causing a BIOS freeze after a clod boot (Asus Z97-A as motherboard and Asus TUF gaming K7 as keyboard)

    Hello everybody, I have a conflict between my motherboard and my keyboard. The problem: When I boot the PC for the first time after a power down (out of order), with my keyboard plugged in, the PC boots but I get stuck on the "Press F2 or DEL to enter on BIOS setting" page. If I press DEL or F2...
  24. _mik_

    [SOLVED] How am i going to replace the program files after manually backupping with USB Drive?

    I'm trying to copy my system files (Program Files, inetpub, Program files (x86), Intel) into My other computer. Yet i realised that I might not be able to replace the existing ones in my computer with the ones that already exist. So, How am i going to replace those folders? Simply Copy and...
  25. R

    [SOLVED] USB Compatibility with New Motherboards

    I am building a new system and have had great comments, thank you! I have an issue with USB ports that I need help understanding. I have purchased an i9-12900K processor and a Cool Master NR600P case. The Case has an I/O Panel with two USB Ports (1xUSB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C and 2xUSB 3.2 Gen 1...
  26. auerbachvoltz

    [SOLVED] Using External Monitor Ports Instead of Laptops

    Hello, I bought a Omen 27i which I have connected to my laptop via DP to USB-C. However, in order to connect any port-related devices such as a mouse, flash drive, headphones, keyboard, I need to connect them to my laptop in order to be recognized by my monitor. Is there a way to use my...
  27. Shooter7point62

    Question AMD USB 3.10 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.10 (Microsoft) causing nvlddmkm.sys Video TDR BSOD?

    I have been experiencing nvlddmkm.sys Video TDR Error BSOD crashes since mid-October. I have been keeping a detailed log of all events since November 01, which has allowed me to possibly narrow down the potential cause. This log is now 32 pages long, so I will try to summarize all of my...
  28. P

    [SOLVED] Thunderbolt 2 to USB (any type)?

    Hi, I've got a bunch of old Lacie 8big with only Thunderbolt 2 connections out; I usually connects them to an iMac with T2 to T3 adapter which works fine, but now I need to connect one or more of the Lacies to a different machine which only supports USB connections, both type A or C but no...
  29. Kio Hiraa

    Question [USB Port Problem] One of my USB 3.0 port can't detect USB 2.0 Devices

    Hi, i am using Acer Swift SFX 14 - 41G Today one of my USB 3.0 port can't detect some of the devices My USB port can detect device like my flash drive and my HDD (USB 3.0), but my USB unable to detect my other device such as pen tablet, mouse, printer (any devices that uses 2.0). my other...
  30. Leon6666

    Question Electric piano USB blocked

    Hello, I just purchased a cheap electric piano to learn on. The back has a plug that days USB but is covered by some sort of plastic, I'm not sure if I. Supposed to break it or what? Why would it be there is I couldn't actually plug in a usb?
  31. A

    [SOLVED] Chipset Drivers refuse to Update.

    This is the first time I've tried to update my Chipset drivers, was doing so because my USB 3.0 ports were being recognized as 2.0, and would cause my VR headset (Quest 2) to have major disconnect issues. Upon downloading the drivers from my motherboard manufacturer's website, and running...
  32. guitargod213

    Question USB only works in BIOS and Win 7, not Linux or Win 10

    One day when running Ubuntu I lost all ability to input. This happened suddenly and out of the blue after running linux for months. No mice or keyboard input were possible regardless of 2.0 or 3.0 port. I figured this was a linux thing and try reinstalling but couldnt because once the usb drive...
  33. X

    [SOLVED] weird USB connections

    my friends laptop has a weird issue with his usb port that when i plug a mouse, the rgb mouse lits but dont move in the screen. It also happens when i plug a stick, the stick lits but windows dont recognize there is something in the port BUT if i put a stick with windows.iso sometimes appears...
  34. P

    Question How do I safely remove this ?

    My USB device is plugged into my PC but is NOT in use so why do I keep seeing a window which says 'This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows which might be using the device and then try again' every time I try to unplug the device ? How do I remove the USB safely if I keep...
  35. RobRus

    Question USB ports not working. Pc taking longer than usual to shut down

    Okay so, I wanted to check some files on a USB I have. I insert the USB, no response from the PC, I try 2-3 different ports, no response still. At that point I'm thinking, maybe I'm super unlucky and all these empty ports broke somehow. I unplug the keyboard and try the USB there, no luck...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] USBreview - Only one device has a serial number?

    Imgur: The magic of the Internet I have a mouse and keyboard connected to my laptop, only one of them which is the keyboard is connected to my first USB port. How come it's the only one with a number? Also how come installed USB devices have multiple drives? I'm assuming composite means it...
  37. vimu1506

    [SOLVED] USB pen-drive not showing in File Explorer ?

    I have a 64GB pen drive. I plugged it into my laptop and its not showing in file explorer but there's a removable disk as No Media in disk management. Any solution for this?
  38. V

    [SOLVED] How to clean Windows 10 OEM USB flash drive so I can use it for storage ?

    How to clean Windows 10 OEM USB flash drive for personal use? Using Diskpart with command "attributes disk clear readonly" doesn't work. Is it possible to format it?
  39. Q

    Question write protected

    I have purchased a bundle of Cruzer Edge 16G usb sticks, but I cannot remove the write protection from any of them. I can read everything that I stored on first use, but since then no success. Looking on the web it seems to be a frequent problem, but with no satisfactory solutions posted. I...
  40. polictyresdert

    Question Is it possible to connect two computers to one keyboard and type simultaneously on both?

    I want to type on my laptop and the same content to be displayed on my PC. I want to have a keyboard that has two USB outputs that allow me to type on both computers at once. I am unable to find a solution to THIS problem. I understand there are KVM switches, RDP, USB Switch Cables with FTP...