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  1. I

    please help me to pick brands for PC parts

    i'm looking for good brand ddr4 2133mhz 2x4gb ram(~50$), 120gb ssd(~50$), 1tb 7200rpm hdd(~50$), 500-550w psu (50-60$). i will use the parts for gaming. Thanks.
  2. 0

    My budget gaming PC

    I was planing to build a budget gaming PC, I live in the Philippines I have have limited choices for parts. I have a budget of Php 20K or $400 to $450 Here's my specs AMD FM2+ A8-7600 MSI A68HM-E33 V2 FM2+ Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB Single DDR3 1866 CL10 Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB Internal Sata Hard...
  3. D

    Power Supply Wattage and Utilization in relation to noise (HELP!)

    I have never found a solid answer to this question. I am trying to get a power supply that wont spin up much or make much noise at all. I am currently looking at the Seasonic Prime 850w. I currently have a seasonic x series 1250w and it can get pretty loud. My question is... at what point do...
  4. K

    Which is the best among these?

    I'll be buying a gtx 1060 graphics card paired up with i5-6600k + 8gb + a z170 mobo. I am confused as to which of the aftermarket manufacturers is better. The only differences I could find is between the prices and somewhat in clock speeds(only in the OC/SC models though). Which of these will...
  5. X

    Best password manager?

    Too bad lastpass is only extensions any other options besides dashlane and lastpass? with a good UI
  6. C

    gtx 970 or 1060

    Which one should I buy they're about the same price Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 WF 3X OC 4GB or EVGA GeForce GTX1060 SC 6GB
  7. P


    I need to know which keyboard is better the k70 lux or the strafe. THANK YOU
  8. m4r1n7

    This PSU is enough for my RIG? COrsair TX 750w

    my rig: i7 4790k 4.0 ghz maximus VII HERO Coolermaster GTS V8 air cooler ASUS STRIX gtx 970 SLI 2x8gb TRIDENT X 2400mhz ssd kingston 120gb wdc 640gb BenqGsync monitor 1080 144hz diablo headset with lighting razer anansi keyboard with lighting razer naga mouse with lighting speakers 5.1 so TX...
  9. T

    Asus drivers keep installing as 32 bit program

    Hi there! I have build a new computer with the asus z170 pro gaming and an intel i5 6600k. the problem is that asus their drivers keep installing 32 bit which annoys the hell out of me. im running windows 10 education edition. ive downloaded the latest drivers and utilities from the asus...
  10. A

    I NEED HELP! Problems ASRock VGA Driver

    I had just bought my new ASRock Z87 Extreme4 motherboard and I was installing all the drivers needed on the Windows 7 64 bit downloading page: All the drivers worked swimmingly except my VGA Driver which I DESPERATELY need for...
  11. D

    Devices are no longer working with new motherboard (Mic and mouse)

    Hello everyone, so after weeks with computer troubles I'm finally coming to a forum for help. Alright so, just today I put a brand new fancy MSI motherboard into my tower, however a issue I'm having is when I plug in my mic which is a Blue Snowball the light goes on but utilities like Curse...
  12. T

    GTX 960 vs PowerColor PCS+ Radeon R9 390 DirectX 12 AXR9 390 8GBD5-PPDHE 8GB

    I want to get a new video card and Newegg has a deal on the Radeon R9 390 right now and my other option was a GTX 960, i am not educated enough to know which is the better buy. answer fast if you can, not sure how long the deal lasts. Thank you!
  13. S

    XFX R9 380 4GB vs MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

    I am currently using the R9 380, and the sound is really bugging me when its on full load. And sometimes the driver keeps on crashing on certain games I play with ultra settings. I'm trying to switch to gtx 960, as I heard the quality is quite on par with the 380 (maybe, i'm not really good with...
  14. H

    What should I upgrade?

    I have a system with an AMD Athlon X4 860K, 8 gb DDR3 RAM and a Nvidia Gtx 750 ti. I want to upgrade my pc, but I don't know if I should first upgrade the processor to an Intel 6700K (and of course new ram and a new motherboard), and wait untill the gtx 1060 comes out, or just upgrade to a gtx...
  15. J

    Good PC for 768P?

    Will this build beable to play games at high 60fps @768P?? Anything I should change to make it better?
  16. M

    Can I buy RAM that is one model number off if it has the same speed and timings?

    I have the Corsair LP memory model CML16GX3M2A1600C11, however that memory is very hard to find. I commonly see the same thing, except with C10 at the end instead of C11. I haven't checked the timings, but if it is the same frequency and timings and they're both LP, will it be OK to mix them?
  17. V

    uninstall universal adb usd driver

    hi, i have downloaded universal ADB USB driver from adbdriver .com in my windows 7, but now i want to uninstall it but i can't find where it is in my computer i have used almost all methods to find but unsuccessful. i used following methods already: 1: checking in registry 2: start menu all new...
  18. M

    window 10 or window 7

    Which window better for Gaming ? i was 64bit
  19. I

    Budget friendly motherboard suggestion?

    Hello I was using an msi 880GMS e-35,after 5 years of use i accidently ruined its sound chips,so i'm planning to buy a new motherboard but i cant really afford a high number atm. And i dont expect a strong oc support obviously, like from 2.8 to 3.3 at best maybe. My specs cpu...
  20. L

    Can this ram go in my motherboard

    can this ram into my motherboard Memorija Adata DDR3 4GB 1600MHz, AD3U1600W4G11-B ,- my motherboard -Asus P5G41T-M LX2 if this is not support can you give me some suggestions