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  1. X

    Upgrading HP pavilion HPE h8-1360t to a 1050 ti issues, code 43, prolonged boot with beep code, NEED HELP

    Im trying to put a 1050 ti into the above mentioned pc which previously had an AMD Radeon HD 7570 GPU installed. The 1050 ti is a zotac mini single fan that I got today and installed. On the first startup with it, it booted, but took maybe 7 mins to do and kept hanging up and did one single...
  2. D

    amd fx 8350 + msi geforce gtx 970 4gb gaming

    Hello, will there be any bottleneck with these components? amd fx 8350 + msi geforce gtx 970 4gb gaming
  3. I

    Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU

    Hello im looking to upgrade my MSIR7950 graphics card and am not sure if my intel i5 3570k 3.4ghz will bottleneck a 1070 graphics card. Games I play are Black desert, Vindictus and some other MMOs.
  4. P

    Connecting via cable.

    Hi. I have broadband speed problems. I have run checks. My provider will tell me that using wireless is slow. How much of a reduction when using WiFi? I would love to know. What I have attempted is unplugging my USB adaptor from my desktop and using a long 10M cable. I can't get to the...
  5. J

    Install issues, possible bad cpu

    Hi, I can't seem to get windows 10 to clean install on my pc. The ssd I'm trying to install it on is blank since I just wiped it. Everything was working since I built it about 2 weeks ago, but in the middle of a game windows crashed and it got stuck in an infinite bsod loop. I managed to get out...
  6. E

    3rd GPU in Fractal Design S case

    Hi Recently purchased 2 additional Nvidia GTX 1080 gpus to complement my existing GTX Titan XP gpu on an Asus X99-AII mobo. Thought I would have no issue installing 2 additional cards since there are 4 gpu slots and I thought I had plenty of room. However, when installing it seems that the...
  7. N

    Laptop screen malfunctions when turning on from sleep mode

    Hello! I have as of recent bought a Y720-15IKB (LENOVO_MT_80VR_BU_idea_FM_Lenovo Y720-15IKB). During the first couple of days it worked perfectly fine, a couple of days later it seems to be having issues with waking up from sleep mode. When I put it to sleep by either quickly tapping the power...
  8. L

    Significant FPS and quality drop when laptop connected to external monitor.

    I’ve been getting issues with my laptop where when I connected it to an external display I get very significant quality drops. I connect my laptop (gtx 1070 and i7 6700k) to an asus 144hz monitor and to a dock which connects my other peripherals and devices. I usually place my laptop on the side...
  9. mesapegasus

    Reinstall Windows 7 on Different Motherboard/CPU

    M2N78-LA (Violet 6) motherboard 64 bit 16 GB DDR3 memory AMD Phenom II X4 logo quadcore 2.8 GHz 1 TB SSD 4TB Hybrid SSD/HDD Windows 7 Home Premium Corsair 300R case Corsair 750M power supply I have a SSD that boots Windows 7 but the motherboard may be bad. If I get a new motherboard and CPU...
  10. R

    Is this a decent system that I just ordered?

    I just ordered all parts needed for my gaming system - Would like some reviews. I do a little web programming, work in blender, and want to game with some friends on battlegrounds. I am currently a network admin at FSU and use to be a technical support...
  11. N

    PC is not powering up properly and random shutdowns while gaming

    So in the last couple of months or so, I noticed that my PC won’t boot when I press the power button, and by not boot I mean literally nothing happens, I see all the standby leds on my mobo are still there lights up and doing their flowing/flashing effects. The PC will only boot if I switch my...
  12. I

    Ethernet cable connection <> yellow exclamation mark

    Hi, I have an HP laptop and have recently decided to connect ethernet cable. But the problem is that whenever I connect my cable to my laptop,a yellow exclamation mark comes on the network.It shows no internet access. My Wifi works great and I have updated drivers.However,I donot see a "Local...
  13. R

    Question about g2a

    Hello i know there is a lot of talking about this website, but my question is, if the seller have good rating, is ts safe to buy? for ex, battlefield 4 on this link secound question, i dont have paypel...
  14. W

    No POST on an old machine. Worked 2 days ago

    Hello, I have a ~4 yr desktop that recently stopped POSTing (fans spinning but nothing on the screen). The last thing I did before the problem started was to reboot to install a Windows update. Since then, I have gotten it to POST 2-3 times after clearing CMOS, but it never booted because it...
  15. A

    Cpu 4k streaming

    Which cpu is available to stream 4k games at 60fps using obs/shadow play? Will ryzen 7 1800x be able to do it?
  16. A

    Connect the monitor to the Nvidia card, instead of the intel card!

    Hello! I have a laptop asus k550vx that have igpu intel and dgpu nvidia. As u know, only intel work cause is directly connected to the monitor. Can i connect my monitor, by modding the cable, directly to the nvidia, and let my pc use only the nvidia'??! Thannks
  17. K

    Whats a good processor to match the R7 360

    As of now I have an amd athlon x4 860k and I want an upgrade before I build my new computer before the end of the summer. As the title says I have an R7 360. I would prefer a 4 core processor but it doesn't have to be. Just want to have some more power while playing games such as playerunkowns...
  18. K

    Need help hooking my HyperX Cloud 2's up to my PC and Xbox One at the same time

    I am trying to find a way to hook up my HyperX Cloud 2's to my Xbox One and PC at the same time while being able to use the mic and headphones on both, is this even possible? If it isn't possible is their a way I can connect them both at the same time and switch between them easily without...
  19. R

    Intel core 2 quad Q9550

    Intel core 2 quad ddr2 ram support
  20. S

    GTX 950 A8 6600K bad fps

    Hello guys, i've got a gtx 950 with an amd A8 6600K (8GB ram) but I only get 90-100fps on cs:go and 30-40 on GTA V, and 80-100 on Minecraft ! Help me please :(