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  1. S

    Small ATX Cases

    I am looking for a ATX case. It needs to be less than 44cm high (17.3228346 inches) while being quite cheap. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
  2. E

    Need a motherboard that is compatibel with the following:

    i am looking for a motherboard that fits this: Intel core i5 2500 cpu @ 3.3GHZ Asus radeon R7 260x gpu Corsair tx 650 power supply Low cost if possible please!!!
  3. LightAngels

    SLI - GTX 970 different brands?

    Somehow i have these: and Can i use SLI with these two? Thanks in advance :D
  4. K

    CPU Overheat and shutdown

    Hi,I have a Lenovo g 50 70 laptop with two GPUs, one intel 4600 and other readon r5 m230. Recently when i play high end games my laptop suddenly turns off. i have tried everything but the i don't understand weather the problem is with the msvcr110 or the ati driver, i have tried to uninstall...
  5. E

    Acer laptop turns on but screen is black

    Hello i got issue with my acer aspire e 15 laptop. Yesterday it work great but today when i turn on it display don't show anything ... led light is on , mouse work but display... do somebody can help me ? ;/
  6. ArAnd0mPers0n

    Where can i get a backlit keyboard for the dell inspiron 7720?

    I cant find a backlit keyboard for this laptop and my current one is broken, Any help? Also, i live in the US
  7. Motakuji

    Overclock i7 2600 (Non K)

    Hello, I want to overclock my i7 2600 (Non K) To 4,2 Ghz from 3,4 Ghz. For cooling I'm going to use Cooler Master HYPER 212. 4,2Ghz because a lot people have achieved this result. I only need to increase Each Core to 42? Do I need to have Turbo Boost enabled ? (Red meter with leaf) Do I need...
  8. InfamousMango

    Best Headphone + Sound Card Setup?

    Budget is $300 max So, I play a lot of competitive games on Counter Strike: Global Offensive and audio is an extremely important part of that game, and you would know if you play it. So I have a pair of $50 sennheiser (not USB) head phones and am using a cheap-o motherboard (MSI 970A G43, I got...
  9. R

    Is my GPU dead?

    So I built my first PC about a week ago, then Saturday night I was playing LoL and my screen flickered, then the screen shut off. The computer continued to work (I could even hear game sounds coming from the speakers), but no display. I have: CPU: I5-4460 GPU: XFX R9 280X RAM: 8GB Team Elite...
  10. D

    my asus x453ma wont turn on or charge.. no light

    My asus X453MA WONT TURN ON no light that indicate charger and power.. I can't take out the battery coz it is what the manual say .. What should I do??
  11. H

    How to use AMD GVR?

    Hi there, when I try to run AMD gaming evolved instead of it having the simple record button now there is a Is there a way to go back to using the good ole GVR? Thanks!
  12. emtasty123

    Any boxed (old-before 2000) pc game subscriptions you know of?

    I have already heard of Indiebox, however, I wan't retro PC titles shipped to the doorstep (with the box and manual) (it does not have to be a disc) I would prefer a max of 20 bucks a month. #NOGAMETAP!
  13. S

    27" Monitor Advice!

    Looking to upgrade from my 32" LG TV, for playing PS4. I like to sit closer to the screen, therefore I decided 27" monitor. Contrast ratio and all that other stuff is really beginning to drive me insane! The two I've been looking at are: Samsung...
  14. X

    Looking for a $500-$550 Intel gaming build

    Hello! I'm looking for a Intel gaming build that could run most modern games a decent frames from med-high setting at anywhere from 40-60 frames. I'd love more performance but that's around the minimum I require. I've been told that an I5 processor is better than an AMD f6000 series so even if...
  15. P

    Need help troubleshooting a friends pc

    I'll start with some specs Windows 8.1 HP envy x2 model c7f27av Intel atom cpu z2760 @ 1.8Hz DDR3 SDRAM 2.00 GB 32 bit samsung mcg8ga (29.34 GB used, 18.28 free) motherboard HP18f6 So my friend is absolutely and completely computer illiterate. Basically described the problem as "my computer...
  16. T

    Will my Laptop run The Witcher 3?

    I have a poor grasp on what system requirements mean when they say minimum. My laptop has , Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.3GHz RAM 12gb 64bit NVidia GeForce 650m
  17. B

    New build wont boot, boot_device_led always on

    My problem is: i cant get my new setup to boot. I will describe everything i tried My build Motherboard: ASUS Z97 Pro wifi ac Processor: i5 4690k Memory: 2x8gb kingston hyperx 1866mhz Cooler: zalman cnps 14x GPU: Asus gtx 970 strix HD: 3tb seagate SSD: 250gb evo 850 samsung PSU: EVGA supernova...
  18. F

    Looking for a good cpu cooler that doesn't go over 500$

    Here's my build with out CPU cooler. And please suggest paste for cooler also
  19. X

    770 with 980?

    Hello, Right now I have zotac gtx 770, and I'm planned on buying a msi gtx 980. So my question is, can these 2 video cards work together?
  20. P

    What are all these things

    This may sound crazy, the site took about 5 minutes to load for me, it's like my modem wasn't running at it's full 64kb/s . But I don't know what is going on. I'm seeing these new cpus like Intel i5 and i7. I've never even heard of them. Likewise with DDR2 and these other windows versions My...