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  1. D

    Sennheiser HD598 vs Sennheiser PC 363D

    I have a Hyper X cloud 2 USB headset. I want to upgrade my sound and Microphone quality. Will this be a big upgrade if I go for ether sennheisers. I own a MSI gaming 6 Motherboard so to anyone that knows I don't know if the sound will be decent if I directly plug into them. the Pc version comes...
  2. H

    replace a GT 120

    I have an old gateway L6810 with a nvidia gt 120 graphics card that stopped working. does anyone know what would work as an replacement as these are out of stock. I only use this computer for internet searches and some small household type things. don't need anything real expensive. Most of you...
  3. A

    Palit GTX 980 artifacts

    I upgraded my system with a new motherboard, new processor, and a new video card. Everything was running smoothly when I booted up the PC for the first time after I've assembled it. I installed the drivers that came with the mobo and installed the latest Nvidia driver for my videocard and...
  4. T

    TFT LCD panel for gaming?

    Guys, i'm looking to buy a 1080p screen for gaming, the cheapest one i can afford TFT Panel LED monitor, i've heard that IPS monitors are better but is TFT that bad?
  5. N

    How can I make my CPU run cooler?

    So basically I built a pc using a Bitfenix Prodigy Mini ITX case. It has an i5-3570k, and that uses an H60 cooler with the fan mounted on the back of the case as an exhaust. I also have 4 more 120mm fans installed so that there are 2 on the front of the case that act as intake, and 2 on the top...
  6. A

    Asus Cannot Turn On After Windows 10 Update

    Hello, my laptop cant be turn on at all after the windows 10 update.. Im using Asus A43s .. Specs are : i5 2450m nvidia 610m 4gb ram before windows 10 using windows 7 SP1 64-bit.. ------------- The problem is, I already installed all drivers and software for the Windows 10, the windows 10...
  7. dsr07mm

    Concerned about battery on android

    Is it normal to have "Android OS" as highest battery usage ? Lets be clear here, I'm aware that I have low budget 7" tablet with weak battery but I'm just making sure is this normal anyways. This happened after 10 hours of sleep, 100 minutes of not touching tablet neither and then 20 minutes...
  8. R

    Kingston Fury 16Gb (2x 8 GB) 1866 not working on GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3

    Hi Guys, I have GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 and currently have 8 GB(2X 4 GB) corsair vengence 1600 on my system. I got Kingston Fury 16Gb (2x 8 GB) 1866 for cheap and was looking to upgrade the ram. But when I insert them I just get beeps like no RAM is present. If I Put back my old ones it boots fine. I...
  9. A

    What 1x8gb RAM should i use for my ASRock-N68-S

    I want to upgarade both my RAM and my CPU. I'm thinking to get a phenom ii x6 1055t compatible with my ASRock N68-S motherboard, I'm also thinking of getting only one RAM of 8gb and not 2 of 4gb, this due to my previous problems with the second RAM socket. Said that I don't know what...
  10. V

    Building a Gaming computer to replace M17x R4

    Hi guys, post #2. I have a late 2012-early 2013 M1x R4 that i am selling and I am looking to build a desktop to replace it. I have been focusing on school, and am going to college in a year, and need a Gaming desktop to take with me. I would be buying said computer sometime this summer, and...
  11. T

    Can I run GTA V without overheating

    Video Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 290x 200 series Processors: Intel Core i5-3570K CPU 3.40GHz Memory RAM: 12.0GB Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology OS: Windows 7 (64) PSU: Kingwin Model NO: ABT-750MM 733watts power supply.
  12. U

    Installing 8.1 on new build

    Hey guys, just finished building my first pc and I'm trying to install windows 8.1 (student) on it via usb but having no luck. I bought and downloaded right from Microsoft, and using their usb setup. Pc started up trying to install windows fine, but when I enter my product code it says it's not...
  13. N

    Gigabyte GTX 780 Ti Ghz (GV-N78TGHZ-3GD) good choice?

    Hey guys, I am going to upgrade my pc to a Gtx 780 ti and i've seen that the Gigabyte version is always the fastest. However, i've also read that this card is unstable. Is this still the case and should i take the risk and buy this one? Or is there any 780ti which is a better choice than this...
  14. L

    no usb 2.0 port in my computer

    my mother board is mercury pi865d7 here is link ram is 512mb, processor 3.20ghz my pc there is no usb 2.0 port all are only 1.1 and offcourse i have checked the mannual and connected the front...
  15. M

    MSI-A78M-E35 USB 3.0 Drivers

    I'm building a new computer with the motherboard shown above and I went to the website to get the drivers but where I thought I would find the USB 3.0 Drivers, it just says "PIDE/SATA" drivers.. Are these the USB drivers or must I keep looking? Here is the website...
  16. Arishok N7

    Is it bad to always have your fans at max or close to max?

    Pretty simple question. Doesn't seem like it would hurt anything.