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  1. J

    PCI-e 3.0 x16 graphics card with PCI-e 2.0 x16 slot

    Hi, I want to buy the MSI Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 5G OC but it's PCI-e 3.0 x16 and my motherboard is PCI-e 2.0 x16. Does it matter?
  2. F

    cpu and gpu overheating

    During gaming the cpu temperature reaches 80c and gpu temperature reaches 70c I have a gtx 960 4gb strix edition which has 2 fans and massive heat dissipation pipes(something like that) and my cpu has 1 fan(stock) Also, my case has 2 fans temperature around the room where the pc is around 30-35...
  3. O

    Problem whit ram 2x4 gb

    Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon X3450 Oc 3.3 [ Load temp 56] GPU: Nvidia GTX Black Edition 750 ti [Load temp 45] Motherboard: GigaByte GA-H55M-S2 1.3v[ Bios F4 Last version]try it whit F1, F2, F3 same problem. HDD: SSD Evo 850 120 + Wester 1TB PSU: 550W i try 2 anothers psu no help Socket 1156 Ram...
  4. C

    Question Macbook wont boot

    my macbook is not booting from my hard drive, its working fine when there is a external hard drive in it with os x on it, and when I install os x through disk utility without the external hard drive, its says its installing but once its finishes it repeats it self and downloads again, any help...
  5. CodyMondo

    CPU vs CPU

    (NO OVERCLOCKS JUST STOCK SPEEDS) Pentium G3220 G3240 G3250 G3258 Core i3 4130 4160 4370 6100 Core i5 2500 3570 4460 4590 4690k 6500 Core i7 980X 990X 2600 3820 3960X 4770 4790 4960X 5775C 5960X 6700 So how do all of these CPU's addup? what FPS can these CPU's get in games like Black Ops 3...
  6. P

    What Graphic Card Drivers are the "best" to get?

    Hello all, I have recently bought my first dedicated graphics card (an ASUS GTX 750 OC 2gb) but I don't know which drivers are most viable to download. Do I just download the most recent driver? Or should I back date to another driver that's somewhat "better"? Thanks, Panda
  7. F

    System will not boot

    Ok guys i have a 990FX Extreme3 Motherboard, AMD FX 8370 8-Core CPU, 16G Ram, Nvidia GTX 760 Graphics card, and a Apevia 900W PSU. This all started when my computer shut off on its own and i smelled something burning/burnt well i thought it was my old 600W PSU so i ordered a new one, the one...
  8. F

    review asus maximus 7 hero

    im going to build a new pc, planned to go for maximus 7 hero, how is it for gaming
  9. S

    Specs for new gaming rig - feedback and suggestion welcomed

    Hello. I'm planning to replace my old PC with new system as I have not upgraded it in last 2 years and it's starting to slow down a bit. Recently I've had a problem with GPU overheating and my machine would restart after playing a game for few hours - I've been plying Dying Light in 2560x1600...
  10. R

    Samsung data migration from OCZ Revo PCI to pro 850

    So, I PCI express card revo is working fine with windows 8.1 pro. I just got a new pro 850 cus the revo drive is running out of space. It would be nice to do the data migration to the 850 pro, if it works. Just because the 850 is the better and potentially more stable drive. The thing is, I...
  11. T

    Do i need to do something when i install all my components to new motherboard?

    Like do i need install windows again or something else? or is it just to put all in and it works?
  12. A

    Have I blown the PSU?

    Hi, I've just finished putting my 1st PC together and was feeling pretty pleased with myself when it all seemed to be working properly. I just had to put the covers back on and it was done. But, there are 3 fans in the case with molex plugs on them. When I connected them (directly to the PSU)...
  13. J

    Big Card, Small House Requird.

    Hey Guys, So I'm looking to downsize my PC Case (Currently have a HAF XB EVO) to a Mini ITX. My Rig is- i5 4440 w Hyper EVO 212 Corsair Vengeance 8Gb @ 1600 MSI G43 H87 Gigabyte R9 290 OC Windforce (This is where my question will be) Q- Does anyone have any ideas what would be a good ITX...