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  1. M

    TP-LINK TL-WN722N usb wifi

    I just bought this wireless adapter, and I am not happy with its performance. In the same place as my ipad it reach 32Mbps while my ipad reach 56 Mbps. Can you please help me finding a better wireless adapter? Thanks
  2. A

    Which GPU uses more watts

    So out of two GPU which one consumes more watts Sparkle Geforce GTS 450 Factory overclocked with core clock 789MHZ and memory clock 1880MHZ or Zotac GTX 950 AMP Edition (AMP Edition means Factory Overclocked) Core Clock 1203 MHz (base) / 1405 MHz (boost) and Memory Clock 1755MHZ So which...
  3. M

    Windows 10 CPU stability test needed

    My system is running Win10 and I was wondering if there was a CPU stress test out that supports Win10. prime95 does not have a Win10 download right now that i know off (which is what i used a while back) so I was wondering if there were any others (please link!). I wanted to overclock my 4690k...
  4. T

    New Graphics card

    I would like to upgrade my GT 730 2GB DDR3 to something that can play games like AC 4 well. I could play GTA fine on it but apparently because its DDR3 it cant play AC 4. i need a cheap graphic card My specs are: AMD Athlon X3 440 8GB DDR3 Ram GT 730 2GB DDR3 750W Psu Thank you!
  5. 1

    HP envy vs Lenovo Y50 or Gtx860m 2Gb ddr5 vs gtx950m 4Gb ddr3

    Hi, everyone. I'm planning to downsize from pc to a laptop. Thinking about getting HP ENVY 17.3" (i7 5500U, 1Tb, 16Gb, gtx950m 4Gb ddr3). I'm gonna use it for HP UFT and LoadRunner, also ocasional gaming (Witcher 3). Can somebody tell me which one will be better? And what is better Gtx860m 2Gb...
  6. R

    Desktop needed .

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply .
  7. TechyInAZ

    How to Fix Color Washing Issues on IPS HDMI Monitors

    If you have a HDMI IPS monitor, you probably have noticed that the colors seem washed out for some reason, and could look worse than your TN panel. Why is this happening? Is IPS a scam? Well no actually, it's a driver issue that causes this to happen on HDMI only monitors. HDMI was designed...
  8. Q

    3rd screen for pc

    Hi, I currently have 2 monitors connected to my pc. Both of them are connected to ports on my graphics card (This is a GeForce 770 4GB). I have a Samsung UE40EH5300 TV and was wondering if this can be connected to a spare port I have on my motherboard (This is a MSI Z97 GAMING 5). I want to use...
  9. P

    Pc Gaming Budget $200

    Looking to build PC Gaming. I currently have: -Computer Cage -500w Power -500GB hard drive -Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80Ghz 2.82Ghz -Fan
  10. FrozenToothpaste

    Can my PC run Assassins creed 2?

    Can this run on the lowest settings of assassins creed 2? AMD E-450 APU with radeon HD graphics 1.65 Ghz 4 Gb ram (2 gb usable) 32-bit operating system
  11. E

    Is having 55-60 degrees celsius while gaming okay?

    I currently have a sock cooler, and it idles around 26-30 degrees Celsius, and when I game it goes up to 55-60 degrees celcius and I was wondering if that is an okay temp for a cpu. (I have an AMD FX- 6300)
  12. I

    Forced to format an SD card and now the recovered pictures can't be opened.

    Hi! Recently I edited some pictures on photoshop from my SD card and I accidentally saved one as a .png file directly onto the SD card which then forced me to format my SD card. After that I used a recovery program called EaseUS Data Recovery to get my pictures back. It worked except that I...
  13. L

    Need a 300$ build.

    Just like the title.
  14. T

    will Cooling System XLF XLF-F1453 fit into Rosewill RD700-M

    will this Fan fit into this PSU 700w single fan, modular, version i just wanted a good psu that has orange led if anyone has a simpler solution then swapping a...
  15. G

    can i install r7 260x drivers for my hd 7790 1gb , without flashing the r7 260x bios on 7790 ? and will it work ?

    can r7 260x drivers be installed on hd 7790 1gb having the bios of hd 7790 1 gb itself ? it the same card right ?
  16. G

    Linksys Banks On WRT Nostalgia At CES With 802.11ac Router, Network Storage

    Amongst a barrage of products that Linksys is unveiling at CES this week are several items in the WRT family. Linksys Banks On WRT Nostalgia At CES With 802.11ac Router, Network Storage : Read more
  17. M

    Insufficient disk space in C:\Program Files (x86) - Installation Error

    I am running Windows 8.1 and had the original Call of Duty game (from 2003) installed, but then I formatted because I had partition mix up where nearly 700gb was unallocated. I got all the drivers installed again after the clean install of Windows 8/8.1 (had to manually load Intel RST because...
  18. Chaingunchris

    Max 500gb Samsung Evo speeds

    I have 16gb of 1600mhz ddr3 . I have a Samsung evo 500gb ssd. How fast will I be able to make the ssd? How much system ram will I have to allocate to it? Thanks
  19. B

    Which cheap monitor for gaming?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an affordable yet good quality pc moitor for gaming and watching series. (and study) I live in Europe so (sadly) american prices and offers doesn't really come handy. I'll just write the prices of the monitors next to their name. I don't know if any of these are worth...
  20. T

    LCD Desktop Monitor Flickers (Loudly) then goes Black

    All of the sudden my LCD monitor for my desktop started flickering. Slightly for the first few minutes, then it got worse. The darker the screen flickered the louder the sound. Now it displays an image for a split second before going black. I can only see the faintest outline of the desktop. So...