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  1. S

    Question Coil whine on Asus Z370-P II motherboard

    Hello Everyone, Can you help me with my coil whine problem? I have a Z370-P II motherboard from Asus and when i move the mouse i have a little little coil whine that sounds from the CPU/RAM area. When i stress the processor with p95 or other stress software the buzzing is disappear. This sound...
  2. J

    Question Can a motherboard cause coil whine to my gpu?

    Hi, 2 days ago my PC started buzzling when I played games which my pc ran at 200 + fps like cs:go or minecraft, the thing is that i googled it and found out it was the infamous coil whine so I tried to fix it, at first I thought it was the PSU because it was a cheap one, but after getting a...
  3. Boldi14

    Question My WD HDD gets detected only in BIOS

    Hi, I reinstalled my computer yesterday because I just got a 970 evo. I plugged in my usb stick what had windows on it deleted all of my drives and installed windows to 970 evo. When it finished I had to download ethernet driver and other drivers updated windows from 1803 to 1809, than I saw...
  4. joelmappa

    Question Increase android wifi range by a lot.

    Recently i was using a computer with a usb wifi adapter to catch wifi from but as it is broken.I only have an android, I wanna spend the less money possible.I need some system to catch wifi from far so i can download files.I tried connecting the usb wifi adapter through otg but it doesnt work.I...
  5. B

    Best Budget Build

    Suggest me best PC to build under 200$ for gaming for YouTube it should be future proof and upgradable.
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Ideapad 330s

    My laptop's CPU has a base speed of 2 GHz. However, I see that it's only running at around 1.5. Is this normal? I would think it would always be at least at the base.
  7. F

    i7-8700 (non-K) availability issues?

    Hi, I'm trying to help my wife order a pre-made PC for her science lab (they process large proteomics datasets). We need to order from a certain website ( for billing purposes but they seem to have a huge 2-month backlog on anything with an 8-series Intel CPU. I know there is...
  8. B

    fake? untangle preventing acces to any sites

    Somehow untangle (fake?) got on my network. Now none of the computers are allowed to acces any sites. Any ideas on where to start? Have tried all network securtity options including on the router, has not made any difference. This is happening an 2 Window 7 computers and 1 Windows 10. Thanks...
  9. bhabanisankardas007

    is it software raid or hardware raid on Dell T5500 Precision Workstation ?

    Hi, Recently i purchased a Dell T5500 Precision Workstation from ebay. While adding 2 (250gb) Hitachi hdds and creating raid 1 volume and trying to install VMware ESXI 6.5. It is showing 2 drives rather than 1 raid volume. So my query is is it software raid or hardware raid onboard Dell T5500...
  10. ZenKoiDragon

    Added 2 8g ddr4 to 2 8g ddr4 uefi loads but windows doesnt

    Added 2 new sticks to my original 2.. Uefi recognizes all four so they are seated correctly and motherboard is compatible.. So what is the problem?
  11. W

    Wanting to update my old house computer to a gaming pc...

    I am a teen and I am on a budget first of all. My parents got a new computer and were geting rid of are old one. So I took the old one because I want to game. I want to upgrade the computer to at least a pc that can play on high or medium setting on all the new games that are coming out. So...
  12. M

    cpu compatibility issue help needed, that is if you are not too busy.

    Hey i just got a new motherboard for christmas (ASUS TUF z270 mark 1), it doesn't support my current cpu 15 4690 due to it being a LGA1150 socket while the motherboards socket is LGA1151. i did my research and it appears that the best compatible cpu would be the i7 7700k, but when i went onto...
  13. C

    Graphics card no display, fans on

    GPU - Msi 1070 ti 8g Motherboard - Msi 7 A67 001R Intel B250 PSU - Seasonic 520W ATX12V The issue I'm experiencing is after I've plugged all the graphics card in with all the necessary cables, the system turns on (fans for cpu and gpu). But I get no display, even when I plug the HDMI + DVI...
  14. J

    Super hot gpu

    So my gtx1060 is running at 83 Celsius (in my opinion that is overheating) does any one know any ways to fix that
  15. S

    System hard locks multiple times a day.

    Hi everyone, thanks for any help you can give. Computer will be working flawless, but ill be browsing and the system will lock up. It may start off as the youtube page wont load, but soon the entire OS stops responding. I force restart and it works fine until the next lock. I think it is a...
  16. S

    1070 SLI Still worth it?? SLI owners opinion?

    I was thinking about buying another 1070 Asus Strix OC edition to add in sli to my rig. Is it still worth it though or should i just sell my 1070 and just buy a 1080ti. Recently due to mining the 1070 strix oc editions priced has lauched to $530 as of 12/15/17 on amazon...
  17. trickynick

    Please help me make sure I select the correct partition to delete

    How can I be sure I'm not going to delete the wrong hard drive? I've got 4 total drive, 6 drive letters. 2 of them are on System Reserved. One drive is 2 TB, I know not to touch that one and it's easy to spot. That being said, the remaining drives are all 500GB. According to disk...
  18. F

    What happened to my AMD card settings after upgrading to 10?

    In windows 7 my AMD 7700 series graphics card had slider bars to adjust contrast, saturation, and brightness. Today I upgraded to win 10. Everything went well and my computer works great. But my slide controls are all gone from my graphics card, all I get are calibration screens which do no...
  19. S

    Worth of my PC?

    Sorry to bug you guys.. just curious on how much you guys would think my computer is worth... considering selling it but not sure... Specs(links at bottom): GPUI-Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4Gb ram CPU-AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0Ghz RAM-6Gb Network Adapter-ASUS PCE-AC56 HDD-Seagate BarraCuda 300gb 7200rpm...
  20. A

    MOBO for 7700

    I am looking for an all black MOBO ATX for the 7700