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  1. S

    "This app can't run on your PC" even though it was working perfectly fine.

    I have been playing this game called Black Desert Online without any problems whatsoever. Today, I went out to buy a drink and closed the game(just like how I close it any other time), and when I came back to my PC (maybe 10-15 minutes passed) I tried to open the game and it gives me the error...
  2. G

    ps3 emulator for pc

    anyone know a good ps3 emulator for pc that can play most ps3 games without lag and can support remote play with the ps vita thanks guys
  3. J

    Black screens PC monitor and TV monitor

    Good evening, I am using my PC now and 3 months for no problem with a Samsung PC monitor(connected to DVI) and my Panasonic 4k viera(connected to HDMI) at extended displays option on AMD R9 270. All of a sudden today when I was playing a game on my main screen (Samsung PC monitor) grey vertical...
  4. M

    Speaker issue With my laptop

    My Acer laptop is 4 years old and yesterday it started to make weird sound while watching movie. The sound is perfect when there are vocals but when the music comes it is unbearable sound. This happened a year ago and I replaced the speakers but now it's again making noise. Please help me with this.
  5. C

    Case fan splitters

    I have 5 fans I want to mount but only 2 fan connections (not including cpu) on my motherboard, would I be able to use two fan splitters on one connection by plugging a splitter into a splitter, or would this not work and should I just stick to the 4 fans?
  6. T

    Budget case on the cheap

    So any budget cases you guys suggest on
  7. T

    NEW computer, problem!

    So i just upgraded my computer to : asrock b85m pro3// 8 gb ram// gtx 1050//i5 4460. My monitor is and old one with VGA adapter. My friend helped me built the new pc but we couldn't solve one problem: when we wanted to work the monitor from the graphic card, it showed us black screen, as it...
  8. SlimTimDoWork

    Upgrading Ram on my system

    Hello, I want to upgrade my 8gb RAM to 16gb. My MOBO is: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2PT and the processor is AMD FX-4300 @3.8ghz The video card will soon be a GTX 1050 ti 4gb SC I read on my mobo website that it supports 16gb but I need help figuring out what will work in this mobo. Maybe someone...
  9. O

    Would it run?

    i have a 1050 ti and a a10-7700k(125 watts on full load) would it run on a 340 watt power supply ?
  10. C

    Is the New DELL XPS 13 (9360) RAM updagradable?

    Does anyone know if the new Dell XPS 13 (9360) has its RAM soldered or is it upgradable? I believe the previous XPS 13(9350) was soldered and thus not upgradable. Thanks!
  11. F

    How future proof is my rig?

    CPU: i5 4690k GPU: GTX 770 2GB RAM: 12GB PSU: Corsair VS650 MOBO: Asus H8M1-e Can someone tell me what I need to upgrade right now for gaming? I want it to last at least 2 years for triple (A) titles. And I am not looking to game over 1080p.
  12. I

    Best pc output to tv in games is?

    Hi guys. I LOVE playing with my xbox360 and xbox one. And play on my 55" plasma tv. Okay well pc has way more powerfull hardware, BUT usually the pc is connected to a pc-monitor. I am connected atm to a 24" BenQ monitor, and its really good. But I wanna go and play on my tv. And of course I...
  13. M

    Getting some more life from an old Asus P6T

    I have an old P6T that's still going strong but is starting to give me issues with newer games. I am maxed out on RAM and have a massive overbuilt liquid cooling system which I really didn't need but made for fun. I figured later on (now) I would be able to overclock the CPU to the heavens and...
  14. L

    Can I Overclock the i5-4690t ?

    Hi, I'm currently building my first ever gaming set up, and was wondering if I can overclock the i5-4690t from 2.5 ghz to 3.5 ghz. Also, if you don't mind looking over my build, I'd appreciate it ( in particular, I don't know if I have selected the correct RAM) :) Here is the rest of my...
  15. H

    Does it work?

    I am building a budget mini itx pc, and I am new to the community. I need conformation that my build will work, so I don't spend all my money on parts that don't work together. Here's the list: Case- silverstone SG13B-Q Power supply: EVGA 500 W1 80+ SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250 gig Cpu: AMD Athlon...
  16. R

    R9 380x Psu

    Hi! I'm thinking of buying an R9 380x 4GB and was wondering if my psu would work with the graphics card. I have a Cooler master B500 V2 500WATT an AMD fx-6300 and 8gb ram@1600mhz I'm also not planning on using the card to its fullest potential, I want to play most games on high fps in 1080p and...
  17. T

    Page fault in non page area troubles with system ever since!

    Got page fault blue screen, Windows restarted. Once restarted it didn't detect my asks ac wireless card. Tried to go into control panel, but the system won't let me. Have tried install iOS (but keep files) wounded compete the install. Kept saying something happen install not competed. Then...
  18. S

    Motherboard usb issues.

    i have a Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 motherboard and lately i have been having major motherboard usb issues were all the ports on the motherboard will disconnect and then reconnect and it happens every 15 minutes or so the only things that are pluged in to the motherboard usb are my mouse and keyboard...
  19. O

    Upgrade advice for current compy

    Built my first computer in 2012. I want to upgrade it. I'd like to use as many of my current parts as possible. The glaring issues to me are my amd fx-4100 and radeon 6870 1gb. My motherboard is a gigabyte ga 970a ud3 fm3+. I was thinking i grab a radeon r9 380 4 gb and an fx 8350 and i would...
  20. S

    Overclocking Graphics Card

    I have an EVGA GTX 960 4GB and I'm using Msi afterburner as my overclocking software...can some one please show me the best settings for the highest fps using Msi doesn't have to be an EVGA card but it should have 4gb.Thanks