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  1. M

    [SOLVED] Please suggest low-end GPU for G41 Motherboard, LGA 775 and core2duo processor

    my specs: e8500 core2duo 3.16 Ghz Dolgix 8GB (2*4GB) DDR3 RAM 1333MHz Asus NVIDIA GeForce 210 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card ZEB-G41-D3, LGA 775 Socket 1 PCI Express x16 slot I am looking to upgrade to low-end 2 GB graphics card (not a gaming freak) for photoshop and editing purpose. Please suggest...
  2. Asthana.Me

    [SOLVED] i5 10th Gen Optimized PC

    Hi, I am looking forward for a Modern i5 10th Gen PC. One thing which I have chosen for storage would be 970 EVO Plus Samsung Drive (500 GB). Please suggest other Parts like Which motherboard options do I have which can support these, Also looking for a DDR4 with greater than 3500 Mghz or...
  3. R

    Question Can I fit RX 570

    So guys I bought a HP EliteDesk 800 G1 with, CPU: I5-4590 3.3GHz RAM:8GB DDR3 PSU:320W :( HDD:1T Now I had DVD Reader but I took it off to save even a bit of W for a GPU. I was considering maybe STRIX RX 570 4GB DDR5, or AREZ RX 560 GB DDR5. My question would be can my PSU run all components...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Intel 10th gen/ddr5

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find a definite (!) answer in any thread. My question is, what are the chances of 10th gen intel Comet Lake chips using ddr5? I’m planning a new build for this June but want to pick up the RAM now. I’m pretty sure it will still be...
  5. B

    Question Am5 cpu investment

    Hey everyone, so the issue is that im not 100% sure that am5 is coming next year with ddr5. So my question is should i just make a build with a 9600k and ddr4 ram now and upgrade to a ryzen 9 4th gen and XX80TI next year (Big boost in income next year). So should i buy ddr4 and a 3600 now and...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Can any processor use any type of RAM as long as the motherboard supports it?

    Can any processor use any type of RAM (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5) as long as the motherboard has the correct socket for the type of RAM? Or is it dependent on the memory controller in the CPU?
  7. News SK Hynix, Samsung Detail the DDR5 Products Arriving This Year

    SK Hynix and Samsung presented their goals for DDR5 memory at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference with plans to release the products by 4Q19. Read more here. NATHANIEL MOTT @nathanielmott Nathaniel Mott is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers software and hardware...
  8. T

    My computer's CPU, GPU and Memory's usage is all low but my computer is very slow

    My computer had a problem that if someone was to stomp on the floor around the computer it would turn off, so my friend decided he would try fix it. He took apart the computer on my bed and cleaned everything and put them back in. We booted up the pc to it not working the first few times, but...
  9. B

    Internal HD Audio to 3.5mm Audio Out Jack

    I'm sure there is a way of doing this but I'm not completely sure how. I would like to add an extra audio output jack on the back of my PC (PURELY FOR AESTHETICS) instead of using the front panel. I don't have room for a sound card or anything and would prefer to just drill a small hole in the...
  10. A

    Asus b250 expert mining motherboard

    Hi All, I have been researching this motherboard "asus b250 expert mining motherboard" for quite some time and since it is quite new it seems there is no consensus yet about it, or even enough knowledge of how to use it. Therefore, I would like to hear from someone who has this MB or has enough...
  11. G

    asusx551m not turning on

    With old battery,had problems charging,then it wouldn't charge,so bought new battery,again wouldn't charge,both batteries let me sue laptop until they died,now laptop is dead,is the problem the cord or jack,or could it be something else?thanx for any help Gneal
  12. X

    Rare mistakes PSU installation

    I have installed new CS850M https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.corsair.com/en-in/cs-series-modular-cs850m-850-watt-80-plus-gold-certified-psu&ved=0ahUKEwis_8rnoZvRAhVHLI8KHUG7CnQQFggbMAA&usg=AFQjCNH-VllrAWUCHzcyroEGCwVzxJcE5Q&sig2=vzjJK2U5m3WerZGBzaXtpw And my...
  13. T

    New School Laptop i3/ddr4, i5 ddr3

    I'm trying to get a new laptop for school. Looking specifically for one that is 13.3-14 inches so I can keep it in my backpack, under $500 and is decently fast. Mostly going to be doing homework and maybe photo and video editing. I found 2 laptops I like except one has an i3 6100u with ddr4 and...
  14. R

    System reboots when gaming - Help needed

    Hi, I need some help with the problem of a Win10 machine starting to reboot while gaming. I have a about 5 year old build (below) on which I've been upgrading components at times as needed. Most recent changes have been more memory (up to 16GB) about 5 months ago, a new graphics card (ASUS...
  15. L

    New built computer, motherboard can't properly install drivers

    Hi there, thanks for taking the time to look at this. I just finished building a brand new computer with an ASrock H110M-DGS motherboard. After it successfully booted up into the UEFI I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit onto a new SSD using a USB stick configured to act as the boot drive...
  16. hapsoro

    Windows 10 Apps Store error 0x80072EE2

    this problem was happened, approx. 24h after i updated from win7 i'm sure this problem began from the start up screen shows " :( " emoticon, then Windows app become like this https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xlf1/t31.0-8/13641155_776440399164814_1213506682854202358_o.jpg I...
  17. R

    Rate my budget build?

    I started building my computer few years ago, and I don't really have a lot of money to spend on them so I'm pretty much just upgrading it. I've already got these parts now, but I did start out with a amd a6-6800k ASUS A88XM-A Basic kingston 4gb ram no gpu and a standard case Now the case is...
  18. D

    MSI Z170A Gaming Pro and DDR 2x8 issue

    I have a problem starting my build with 2 memory sticks in 2nd and 4th memory slots. On startup DRAM LED lights on and no image on screen. However if i put only one plank in slot 2 then it's ok. Both planks work, so issue probably isn't in the memory. I am using Kingston DDR4-2666 PC4-21300 (kit...
  19. C

    audio sound driver

    my laptop work normally, but after reinstalling window 7 it has no sound on speaker. how can i do with this problem? Thanks a lot.
  20. G

    I need some advice for a build!

    I have already made the parts list but I want it below $800 if possible. But I want the same cpu, mobo, and gpu but anything else can change. Thanks!! Link:PC Partpicker Build
  21. W

    pc any good?

    Is this pc any good for minecraft. HP 110-550na Desktop PC, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB, Black and intel HD graphics 4600. However its not intergrated, its shared
  22. C

    Good Maybe for minecraft

    would this desktop be good for mc with medium settings? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AMD-Dual-Core-A6-6400K-3-9GHz-Gaming-Computer-4GB-1TB-HD8470D-Desktop-PC-/290958558185?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item43be7b43e9
  23. A

    Monitor "No Signal" Even After Working Just Seconds Before

    I recently upgraded from a Asus VE278H to a VG278HE at the same time as I upgraded to a Gigabyte GTX 970 Windforce 3x. It worked fine for a day, albeit at 60 Hz. I wanted to run at 144 hz, so I tried to switch to the DVI-D Dual Link cord that came with the monitor. Afterward, I was greeted with...
  24. M

    Graphic Card Error

    I have an R9 290 and after i shut it down lastnight, i came back this morning to hear it beep once long, then 2 short beeps, then after retrying it did 1 long beep and 3 short beeps, On my motherboard support i found that the beep means...
  25. J

    GTX 970 off Amazon

    I'm want to buy a GTX 970, But i live in the land of New Zealand, They are selling here for like $700 NZD which is like 550 US dollars, I thought i would just get one of amazon because they are much cheaper, But i do not undrestand how much shipping will cost, And i cannot figure out how to find...
  26. E

    CPU cooler help

    Hey guys yesterday i started a thread about what cpu cooler i should buy for mine i7 3770, and i made up my mind with a XIGMATEK Dark Knight SD1283 Night Hawk edition at 55 dollars, and i would buy another fan to add to the cooler and buy MX4 thermal paste. But now i thought, if i was going to...
  27. S

    What do you guys think of my build?

    Hey guys, I'm going to build a PC soon that I can use for school stuff and for gaming. I would like to aim to be able to play games like BF4 on High settings 60+ FPS. I put this together and I may get it if it can run games like that. Also would it run Arma 3 well...
  28. qwertyu8

    samsung 840 1tb ssd wont install windows 8

    i am at a loss. thought this was gonna be really easy. i guess not. i get the message: cant install on portion something something something. its set on AHCI and has the latest firmware. i do have one question that i didnt find any info on. when i looked at the drive on the computer when i got...