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    Does the core i5 4440 bottleneck the GTX 1060 6GB

    Does the core i5 4440 bottleneck the GTX 1060 in new games like shadow of the tomb raider, Battlefield V, Shadow of War and new upcoming games?
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    [SOLVED] Is it possible to reduce a steam game's size before downloading?

    I need to reduce the size before it downloads so that it downloads quicker. Could i make it not download other languages or something
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    Laptop quality opinions

    Asus Rog Strix Amd gaming laptop AMD Ryzen 7 1700 , Radeon Rx580 4gb, 17.5 in 120hz display, 16gb ddr4, 1tb HD & 256gb and I haven't been able to find many review for the AMD models any opinion on price for performance, cooling and display quality would be appreciated.
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    [SOLVED] Clening PC Dust with Blower end of Vacuum Cleaner?

    I have read that using Vacuum suction functionality can damage components from static but can the blower function do the same damage? All it does is blow warm air out through the nozzle.Also I will clean the dust of literally every component including surface of motherboard, fans, heatsink etc
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    i think my graphics card is damaged

    So, I had this laptop since last year and it has been working well for me until last week when I came across a problem. So I decided to close my laptop after gaming some Call of duty black ops 3 so I could go out and buy food and rest the pc for a bit, but when I came back I found a problem I...
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    Connect speakers with projector

    Hi I’ve just installed my new projector (elephas cl760) onto the ceiling my problem is that the projector isn’t Bluetooth and neither is my speakers so I’ve had to run a 10m long aux cable but I can’t separate the cable from the HDMI and power cables so my speakers are getting a lot of...
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    Needing a router that lists device bandwidth usage

    We are having a problem with an unidentified device on our network consuming bandwidth. We've not been able to track it down because the problem is sporadic and it would require plugging/unplugging dozens of devices. I need to know if there are any routers (wireless, but wired is ok) that...