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    Question My PC freezes and shows different colored screens (each time) after I launch a game and I have no choice but to restart it manually.

    I updated my drivers (Radeon Settings) a few weeks ago, but it didn't show any problems except once where the resolution changed to a low one and stuck there, but it was functioning as intended with a restart. I tried the Closed Beta for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and I got a black screen. After a...
  2. Question black and green squares appearing on videos.lines appearing on looking incorrect

    hello a couple of days ago i started having a problem first appearing on YouTube where black and green squares start appearing randomly on videos and something like this too and after a while these lines started appearing on my browsers and everywhere to be honest and then my PC started...
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    Question code 43

    I have built a pc with the following specs: i7-8700k 16 gb gskill ripjaw ram MSI mpg z390 gaming carbon pro AC Originally had GeForce gtx 980 currently has GeForce gtx 1660 originally tried windows 10 pro 1903 currently running windows 10 home 1903 Originally I had the 980 in with 10 pro...
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    Question USB Drivers - Xbox 360 Wired Controller not Recognized. USB 3.0 Not Deetecting.

    Hello, Everyone. Recently i had some ''device not recognized'' issues with my XBOX 360 controller. i tried many videos on Youtube but on device manager, unlike everyone else i have the error on ''USB bus controls'' area. which is why i couldn't update manually like on those videos show. so i...
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    I cant get an imgae

    Hi I just tried building a new computer and everything is connected right the power supply is getting everything running and I still can't get anything to show up on the monitor. I know the monitor works, the motherboard works, the ram, and the hard drive also the graphics card. Please help
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    Will this bottle neck?

    I am thinking of buying the GTX 980 but at the same time I don't want to bottleneck due to my CPU. Currently I have a AMD Phenom II X4 960T Quad Core @ 3.0 Ghz. Will I be bottlenecking if I buy this GPU? And if so, how much of a performance decrease am I looking at?
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    Only 17Mbps Via LAN, wifi, or powerline adapter

    I have tested wifi, direct ethernet into LAN port, and a powerline adapter and all yeild about the same speed of ~17 Mbps. I live in an apartment that uses Blue Ridge internet. On there website the speed packages go from 15 Mbps to 60 Mbps. So in theory since I am getting 17 Mbps at worst the...
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    my new tv doesnt have scart option but my harddrive only has scart connection how do i get round this please

    require solution to enable continued recording of programmes
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    My PC Build

    This is my build below, I am just wanting to know if you all think this will be a good build for running games on high/ultra with a good fps. I am pretty new so I not sure this will be a good pc for playing games, so I will appreciate any help. Processor - Intel Core i5 Quad Core Processor...
  10. K

    Intel® HM65 Express Chipset

    Hi, i have an Asus X54H laptop , with an Intel® HM65 Express Chipset , and an i3 Processor. Is there any simular motherboard i could find to replace this one? Thanks
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    scared of water leaks h110

    SCARED of water leaks is there a heatsink fan that would work on this rig? CASE: phanteks enthoo pro CPU: i7 5820K MOBO: asus x99 pro MEMORY: g skill 16gb 2133mhz GPU: evga gtx 980 CPU HEATSiNK: corsair H110 SSD: samsung 850 evo 500gb PSU: seasonic x750 OPHD: pioneer bdr-2209
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    Slow computer, no audio

    Hi, I made an account just to make this post about this problem. I don't know much about why this is happening but, whenever I start my computer, about 1 hour and 45 minutes later, my automatic start-up programs would start up, and not at computer start-up. Another problem is that my audio...
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    AMD APU A8-6600K + GA F2A88X-D3H + 4GB change size of memory allocated to gpu ?

    Hello Guys. (AMD APU A8-6600K + GA F2A88X-D3H +4GB KINGSTON HYPER FURY 1600mhz) UBUNTU 14.04 64 server I bought these parts to make a linux server, for backup and run a few services on my network , no graphic interface just the console. Any way to adjust the quantity of RAM used by the gpu ...