Aug 17, 2010
I have built a pc with the following specs:
16 gb gskill ripjaw ram
MSI mpg z390 gaming carbon pro AC
Originally had GeForce gtx 980
currently has GeForce gtx 1660
originally tried windows 10 pro 1903
currently running windows 10 home 1903

Originally I had the 980 in with 10 pro installed when the issue first arose.

the issue states 0000002B

I have flashed the uefi to the latest version
I have used ddu to remove and clean install drivers on both cards
I have done a fresh install from windws 10 pro to 10 home
I suspect the culprit has something to do with a conflicting driver

what is strange to me is that the cards are registering in the device manager, and it shows them with drivers, yet when I start a game like total war, it says my driver is Microsoft basic display adapter.

furthermore, my 8700k should be compatible with intel uhd 630 yet I cannot use the onboard I/o panel and receive a display, nor can I install the driver for uhd 630.
yet when I start a game like total war, it says my driver is Microsoft basic display adapter.

Did you properly install the GPU drivers ? It shouldn't say, "Microsoft basic display adapter". Is the GPU name also displayed ? So, BOTH the GPUs are showing this error code, or just the GTX 1660 ? By any chance, are you having an OEM copy of the operating system ?

Error code 43 is a generic message that typically indicates a problem with the hardware or software in Windows operating system. This error is often reported in Windows Device Manager. If you encounter this error with your graphics card, here are some troubleshooting ideas that may help fix it.

1) Update your graphics card driver.

2) Make sure your system is updated with the latest SBIOS and Windows updates

3) Check to make sure your system power supply meets the minimum recommended power requirement for your card

4) If your card needs additional power, make sure the PCIe supplemental power connector is plugged into the card

5) Replace the graphics card as it may be defective

Code 43 can mostly happens either if drivers fail or the hardware fails. Other option is that your GPU or motherboard slot failed. If your motherboard has more then one PCIe x16 slot, you can move GPU to another slot to rule out motherboard failure. Or you should test GPU in another machine to confirm that problem lies in the card.

The above Error code 43 can be reported anytime when Windows does not recognize a device – whether it's a USB port, Hard drive, video card/GPU, or any other piece of hardware connected to the computer. Most of the time, error code 43 means that a device driver is either missing, corrupt, and/or outdated (so Windows has problems communicating properly with the hardware), or the hardware is faulty and needs to be replaced.

This error code points out that the Hardware might also be defective, which is the GPU. But before we jump to any conclusion, check the card on some other PC as well.

Can you properly boot your current system/OS, by using the 'Integrated Graphics processor' of your current Motherboard ? And, what about SAFE MODE ?

Your GPU might also be faulty, but before we jump on any conclusion, can you TEST the Video card on some other PC ? Clear and reset ALL the CMOS/BIOS settings to default. Also, list FULL PC specs.
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