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    Question Can I use my capture card with a dlsr cam as a webcam

    Currently using a Logitech c920 webcam for my twitch stream been doing a lot of research and I’m gonna get a dslr cam to use as a facecam. I’m gonna go with the canon eos rebel sl2. I know you need to get a cam link but I was wondering couldn’t I use my el gato hd60 pro for that or would I...
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    Question Best low light DSLR for under 750usd/670Euro

    I recently had my car robed with all my camera gear, i previously had a Sony SLT-A58 and a lot of gear for it. but almost all the gear got stolen only have a tripod and little gorilla tripod left so im in-need of a new camera and since all my gear got stolen i can start from scratch so i wanted...
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    Question Strange issue on Wifi not on 4G

    Hi , I have a Archer c6 gigabit router and a home broadband connection of 100 mbs fed into it and 2 channels 2.4 and 5 ones I am using a firestick 2nd gen and an paid Iptv service Now when i use Wifi and either of the channels the live streamings buffers a lot Now the most interesting part -...
  4. Question Is It Possible? Two Mice, One Machine

    Community: I am wondering if it is possible to set up one mouse that can be used to play a game on a separate monitor while using another mouse to do other things (coding, surfing, Netflixing, etc.). My specs: I'm trying to use a macro I made in Razer Synapse with my Naga Epic for a game...
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    [SOLVED] compatable sata 3 motherboard xeon x5650

    so right now i am running a dell precision workstation t7500 I 3d model and animate and the complexity is getting pretty high. I have a ssd that runs sata 3 but my intel xeon x5650 (12 cpus) runs sata 2. i can use my ssd but it is at half power. i was wondering if there was a decent but still...
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    Both low GPU% and CPU% in games, where's the bottleneck?

    Hello everyone, I'm struggling to figure out why I cant seem to get full utilization out of my GPUs when gaming- they are hovering in the 60-75% range most of the time. My rig is a few years old, but don't believe I'm running out of CPU because it is only running 40-50% under the same...
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    Over clocking nvidia gtx 1060 help

    Somewhat new to pc gaming loving it so far. Got one of the ho omen obelisk prebuilts for bloack Friday been playing it solid but am wanting to mess with overcloking the gpu. Never messed with over clocking. Stock fans and the specs are intel i7 8700, 16gb 2666mhz ram, 256gb ssd, 1tb hard drive...
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    Will in I5 7500 bottleneck my Rx570?

    Hi, I've recently built a pc and am looking to upgrade my CPU. I have an RX570 4GB, and am looking into an i5 7500. I want to get a CPU that has the 1151 socket so I dont need get a new Mobo, but I cant really go over $300. Any suggestions?
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    Transfer a game from a pc to another.

    Hey. I bought euro truck simulator 2 from steam and one of my friends wants it too. Can I copy the game files from my pcs steam folder to his pc without him paying for the game?
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    [SOLVED] Bought an external drive enclosure and a SSD to go with it, but cannot get it to work.

    As the title says, i have tried everything to get it to work. CHKDSK won't run, it pops up in explorer when i plug it in and then disappears soon after and i keep getting the please insert a disk error. Any help would be very appreciated.
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    GA-B250-FinTech CPU, DRAM, and VGA RED LED. Boot No Display.

    I recently changed my mobo to the GA-B250-FinTech. Everything worked before. It will start up and I will see the CPU LED light turn on then go to the DRAM light sit there for a few seconds (15-20) Jumps to the VGA LED and shuts off. It then tries to reboot and we get the whole thing again...
  12. P

    Help: $1000 Video Editing PC Build

    Hey guys can someone point me in the right direction for building my first PC? I've already done a bit of research on this but the sites I've visited so far does not include a monitor and OS in their $1000 video editing builds. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. N

    page wont load when browsing the net

    When i am browsing, after few minutes, pages wont load. happens with all browser. if i run Malwarebytes Scan, it then loads. but then it will be like that again. nothing found in the scan though. anyone knows what happens? its been 2 months and it makes me crazy... using my isp settings with...
  14. J

    No audio output from my PC even though no errors are detected.

    Hi, I have an audio problem with my PC. My PC is a 6 year old i7 2600k. It was working perfectly with no issues but suddenly there was no audio output. I have tried running the troubleshooter, I have tried reinstalling drivers, I have tried booting up on Ubuntu and I tried testing the speakers...
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    looking for connecting the cyberpower pc to monitor

    my cyberpower computer is attached to the monitor through hdmi cable, but the screen says "no signal". Do I need a signal cable or DVI?
  16. R

    First time pc gamer

    Hello everyone I've decided to move from console to pc gaming but have no idea where to even start. I've looked up reviews and custom builds and everything for a few weeks but the more i look, the more lost i get, there's so much choice and different opinions. looking to spend under €1000...
  17. A

    8GB RAM (3.99 GB useable) *maximum memory unchecked + virtual memory automatic paging unchecked*

    Heyo, so I've tried unchecking maximum memory and the 'Automatically manage paging file size for all devices' tricks, unfortunately neither worked. I don't understand why I can't access my full ram and it's ticking me off because I haven't been able to play any high end games that I own for...
  18. GuppyFishNoob

    Hard Drive corruption?

    Hey guys ive run into a major problem that im hoping the wisdom of this group can help solve. I tried playing a steam game today and found out that the drive the games are on mysteriously got deleted off my steam account, my ssd still shows up. Tried adding it back and it said its not writeable
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    Cheapest build for i5 8400

    Hi! I am totally new in current pc build. Previously I am using i5 2500k, and still in love with it. but unfortunately it was killed by my house power failure. Therefore, I would like to build a new PC base on i5 8400. The cheapest possible. Mainly for gaming No overclocking, no sli or...
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    Dell insprion 3520 with black screen and 2 beeps at startup

    My Dell insperion laptop 3520 screen will not come on aND it keeps giving me 2 beeps when it try to boot it. How do I fix this