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  1. A

    [SOLVED] How to install Linux to an empty HDD which houses the EFI partition of my win11 installation?

    Hello! I own a Lenovo Legion y520 with an SSD (on which win11 is currently installed) and an empty HDD (or so I thought). I've been wanting to flash Ubuntu on the empty HDD for some time now, so I decided I'd give it a go. Upon opening the disk management utility though, I found that the HDD...
  2. blue_rays

    [SOLVED] What's the last partition on my SSD?

    Hey there, My (mx500) SDD is fully partitioned by Windows 10. Recently, I noticed that there is a 509MB partition at the end of my drive. What's that? Can I merge it to the last partition? image: View: https://imgur.com/dG7r5Xo My other question is about the free space remaining on my C...
  3. VictoorH

    [SOLVED] Cant type Colon ( : ) in EFI Shell mode

    I need to execute Fs0: command in EFI Shell but I cant type the Colon ( : ).. is there any way to fix it?
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Can't boot from SSD, PC boots from the HDD instead ?

    Hi guys, So today I decided to try dual boot windows 10. I want to try some tweaked Win10 ISO but also have a clean windows 10 version in case the tweaked one have an issue. (I'm bad at wording so ill just make a timeline of what I did till now) [ ] means what I was thinking at that time...
  5. blue_rays

    [SOLVED] How UEFI boot both GPT and MBR drives?

    Hi there, I have a UEFI win 10 on my GPT SSD and a non UEFI win 10 and a linux (kubuntu) on my MBR HDD. I want to be able to boot them all. If I don't change HDD's partition table to GPT, Is there any way to move boot files of my non UEFI win 10 and kubuntu to the EFI partition? View...
  6. Platina32

    [SOLVED] I accidentally emptied the EFI-partition, but have not yet turned off my PC. How can I restore the files?

    Hi, The problem arised when I wanted to copy some files from my HDD onto a USB-stick. When I selected the USB-drive on my PC, I saw there were some files on there I did not recognize and figured I didn't need them, so I promptly deleted them. However, on second glance, I saw I did not select...
  7. JPFishin

    Question Startup issue, stuck in EFI shell ?

    Hello, Newbie here... Have a Xplore Xslate D10 ruggedized tablet with permanent SSD 64GB drive. Windows 10 Pro crashed and I went to reload it, I inadvertently wiped the partitions (thought I could clean it up and only have 1, admittingly a failure upon my inexperience) and now it only boots...
  8. Itamar69969

    [SOLVED] There is no hard drive shown in the BIOS.

    today I got my new laptop Lenovo ideapad 3-15ITL6. I tried to install Windows 10 from my usb, but there was no hard drive displayed in the installation. I went into the BIOS, and under the boot tab there was no hard drive (under the efi label). I also tried to install drivers while installing...
  9. Question How to restore or recreate a 'system reserve partition'?

    So my drive boots fine. It has been cloned from a problem drive. However I'm getting an error when I try to do 'Windows-Updates' 0x800f0922 (which it says has to do with the System Reserved Partition) It is complaining that it cannot find the 'System-Reserved' partition or it isn't properly...
  10. Y

    Question External HDD has EFI-System on it, and only has 15MB of aviable space. How to fix it?

    Hello! I have an external HDD with 500GB capacity, but when I plug it into the computer, it only shows 15MB of it, and it's filled with EFI-System files on it. How can I revert this, so I can have my space back? It was an empty drive as far as I remember. Oh and please simplify it, I'm not an...
  11. K

    Question How does GRUB and UEFI boot work?

    I installed win10 and a Linux for dual boot on the same ssd, during the installation of Linux, it contains a grub. After installation, I can see there is a new Linux efi file added to the ESP partition. Now I decided to remove the Linux entirely, the first step I did is to remove the efi boot...
  12. H

    Question GRUB Rescue for Win10/Linux Dual-Boot After Deleting Linux Partition

    Hi guys, Before I'm redirected to another thread, let me say that I've read literally dozens of similar threads that don't completely answer my question. I've been at this since 5am my time. So, I installed Linux on my desktop alongside Windows in its own partition. I have Windows 10 installed...
  13. J

    What RAM stick could I mix with my current one for the cheapest price?

    Ok, so a few months ago I got 1 8gb of ddr4 ram stick (2400mhz) for my pc. Here's the link: https://www.frys.com/product/9076647 I want to add an additional 8gb but I'm on a really tight budget. The ram is currently $100 which is more than I want to spend. I know there are cheaper RAM sticks...
  14. U

    Monitor Screen Issues

    My laptop uses Windows 10 and is a Dell Lattitude D630 Laptop. Three days ago, the monitor on my laptop only shows just over a half screen. I literally never place anything on my laptop. Here's a screen shot. The top half of my laptop screen is a light color (I can still see through it, but...
  15. Hornedal

    Burnt smell from Computer (CPU?)

    I was just browsing the web on my computer (specs bellow) when I started to smell something burnt, just when I was about to check my PC turned off. As I got closer to the PC I could smell it more clear. Now I've opened up the PC and pinpointed the smell coming from either the CPU or the CPU...
  16. L

    MB don`t recognize 512MB of RAM

    Hi My computer have 1GB of ram memory installed.My friend gave me one modul with 512MB of ram.When i place it in my motherboard and turn on computer my computer recognize only 512MB of ram.What should i do to have 1.5GB of ram? This is my motherboard...
  17. T

    AMD R9 270X vs GTX 660 OC (artifacting)

    As I just wanted to buy a R9 270X i found out many of these cards are getting artifacts so i wanted to ask if it's worth trying to still get a proper 270X or just buy the 660 straight away?
  18. B

    Good gaming Pc ?

    just want some overall opinion's Case; coolermaster haf 912 CPU; amd 8320 MOBO; 990fxa um3 gigabyte GPU;gtx 760 Ram; g skill 8 gb HDD; seagate barracuda 1tb Psu; evga 500wt 80 plus DvD; ; ASUS 24X DVD Burner = total 750$ just wanting to know if this pc can handle far cry 3 high/ultra...
  19. S

    Need help with Port Forwarding.

    Thanks for reading this! I want to do port forwarding with zero knowledge with it.My Steam games are constantly got connection problem and when I looked for the fix,I found out that port forwarding will fix my problem.So far here is the info I collected Steam Client UDP 27000 to 27015...
  20. G

    windows 7 install issue

    Having major issues on installing windows 7 64bit onto my new gaming rig. I never have done a Legacy UEFI build before and have no clue what type of hard drive settings and format I should have in the bios so windows will work with my hard drive. I'd love any suggestions on bios settings to get...