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  1. mrethan

    Water Cooling Fan Suggestions

    Hello, I'm interested in buying a water cooling fan and I'm not sure which I should get. I'm not sure if it has to be compatible with my current specs. I was curious if anybody could get me some suggestions for what I should get. My budget is $100 Specs...
  2. K

    Asus Dual OC 3gb gtx1060

    Hello! I am currently running on a 1080p monitor (22 inch) on my system. Im thinking about getting a bigger monitor, and maybe hit the 1440p barrier at good fps my system is as follows: core i5 6402p 1060 3gb oc dual 8gb ddr4 2133mhz I play games like titanfall 2, dark souls 3 rise of tomb...
  3. L

    Gtx 1070 or 1060

    Does the GTX 1070 fit into a Asrock 970 pro r2.0. Also what is better value for money a 1060 or 1070. I want to run arma 3 at constant 50-60 and overwatch on ultra at about 160 constant
  4. G

    $1600 budget for bf1

    okay so ive got about 1600 (give or take) to spend on a new pc. i know a little about building but not enough to confidently do it all on my own. it needs to run bf1 on ultra with excellent fps and be somewhat future proof (able to add a second gpu etc.) already have a monitor, keyboard and...
  5. K

    GA 78LMT USB3 question

    I'm going to get that mobo and an 6300. But I've noticed something on the mobo's website(http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4305#sp). "(Note 2) The DVI-D port does not support D-Sub connector by adapter.". Since I have a 1280x1024 that only has a VGA port, and I'm getting an...
  6. S

    Bottleneck or not

    Hey guys I installed my new GTX 1070 ftw and it runs my games perfect solid 60 fps I use v sync since I have a 60hz monitor and I can notice the screen tearing. So I have the OSD and it says my Gpu usage is 43-50 I never seen the GPU usage go higher than 60. I play on 1080p and my fps is a...
  7. S

    Acer aspire E15 ES1-571-C55X will not run on battery.

    I have a new Acer aspire lap top but even though I have charged up to battery and it shows 100% it will not start just on battery and if I start it while its plugged in to the mains and then remove the mains lead it turns off immediately. Any ideas please.
  8. A

    CPU Temperature while gaming

    Hey folks. After checking my CPU temp today while idle, I decided to leave HWMONITOR running while I played The Witcher 3. My idle temps were 31 celsius and I noticed after playing The Witcher 3 that my maximum temp had reached 83 celsius and my GPU had reached 73 celsius. After exiting The...
  9. S

    RX480 + MG278Q or GTX1070 + S2716DG??

    cant decide 1)Asus RX480 + Asus MG278Q(Amd Freesync) = 733$ 2)Kfa2 GTX1070+Dell S2716DG(G-Sync)= 966$
  10. S

    Laptop's AGP Change

    I have Dell Vostro 3460 with Intel hd 4000 integrated and Nvidia gt 630m dedicated graphics card my question is can I upgrade the Nvidia gt 630m with gt 740m or another dedicated graphics card.
  11. P

    Have Giga Hz ISP but computer ethernet (1GHz card) only picks up 90 MHz

    Hello, I recently got ATT GHz network. I have a msi computer with 16GB ram, I7 and ehternet card "killer e2200 Gigabit ethernet controller (NDIS 6.30) and Killer wireless n/a/ac 1525 wireless network adapter" , recenlty updated to window 10 previously running on windows 8. So here is the issue...
  12. S

    Computer Stuttering problem

    Ok I have gone through so much crap and I am at my wits end with this PC. So christmas of 2015 I built this above average gaming pc. Its got a MSI A88X - G45 gaming motherboard, 16 gigs of RAM, a 970 GTX Graphics card, and NOW it has an Athlon X4 860k Quad core processor of 3.70 GHz. It is...
  13. D

    boot loop / clean install problem Lenovo U410

    Hello, I recently reinstalled windows 8 using the one key recovery on my U410. I decided to use this option because windows was running very bad after a roll back from windows 10 ( which also did run bad, as many U410 user experienced) . After a few weeks the U410 is now in the infamous boot...
  14. A

    I spilled orange juice on my keyboard. How do i get the keys back to normal?

    I spilled orange juice on my keyboard yesterday. I instantly dried it up with a Kleenex then the next day it dried and became a tad bit sticky. Wasn't too bad was getting annoying so i dabbed it and dropped some drops of 70% alcohol inside the mechanical switch. Then sprayed compressed air...
  15. P

    Can you guys tell me what is wrong with my setup (fps issues in csgo)

    i7 4770k 3.5 ghz Geforce gtx 970 4GB Asus z-87 Motherboard On 1920 on all low settings I am only getting 210 fps, and it can drop to 160, my friends are telling me I should be getting much more, any suggestions on what I can do to reach that amount of frames.
  16. T

    PC Build with a GTX 1060 Armor OC...

    Hey guys, I've already bought my GPU which is here: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1264798-REG/msi_geforce_gtx_1060_armor.html After doing the research I plan to go with a i5 6500, but would an i7 be worth the upgrade? I need help compiling parts and building a pc. Obviously if we can...
  17. A

    cleaned my pc now it wont connect to my monitors

    Cleaned my PC today, first time in probably 6 months, when I set it all back up and plugged everything in it worked fine. Windows login screen came up, but when I went to type in my password nothing happen so I tried to move the mouse to make sure it was selected the mouse didn't work either, I...
  18. P

    Compatibility of CPU cooler.

    Guys help me if Motherboard A68HM-E33 v2 compatible w/ CM iceblade pro v2... Email: patrickmccues07 @gmail.com
  19. commissarmo

    Are PCI based SSDs difficult to move around/recover from/work with?

    I'm considering a PCI based SSD (or an m.2 possibly, but I prefer PCI). My concern with these has always been difficulty of manipulating the drive outside the host system. So e.g. when I want to move my SSD/HDDs around I just take them out of one machine and use a SATA connection or a USB...
  20. S

    Cannot make a new partition (diskpart)

    Hi, I m new here. I searched a lot for an answer, but I couldn't find anything! My problem: I installed Windows10 using an SSD and an HDD, being very noisy I sometimes want to unplug my HDD but Windows installed the boot files on it. I used diskpart to create a new efi partition, but it says...
  21. S

    First pc build

    http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/frLdCy This is my build using the new 480 and my first build. Im not a confident pc builder so i thought it a good idea to run it past some more experienced pc builders. Are any of the parts a bit naff or easily improvable with maybe a relatively small...
  22. P

    Recommended Cooling Systems/Fans For an AMD FX-9370

    I have an AMD FX-9370 8core processor and I am having overheating issues. Clearly my liquid cooling system isn't enough so I would like to ask what you guys think is a good cooling system for my processor. I understand that it's going to get pricey. I also want to know a good case you guys...
  23. T

    Fullscreen Dual Monitors

    I currently have a 60hz 1080p monitor with a GTX 970 which is quite loud because its a reference model. When the GTX 1070 is available for pre order on scan.co.uk I am going to get one of the aftermarket ones. I am also getting a 144hz monitor this week because I don't feel like I could get a...
  24. R

    Is my graphics card dead? Or is something else causing my problems?

    As i'm not very tech savvy, I hope I can provide the information needed. I was playing Skyrim and would get random crashes. I thought it to be Skyrims problem but now i'm wondering if it wasn't my graphics card busy dying. The same thing happened two days ago except this time the entire screen...
  25. T

    Quad Q9650 or Pentium g2358

    I'm trying to help a friend build a gaming right on a budget (very low budget)and I want him to have a decent CPU for the money. I was thinking about either getting him a used Core 2 Quad q9650 or a Pentium G3258. I'm not sure whether to go with more cores and older socket/mobo or less cores and...
  26. M

    I booted my pc today and.....

    It took like a minute or more for the splash screen for the bios to appear for my 970 msi mother board
  27. W

    Massive artifacting (HD7950)

    It usually happens when I stream video, from YouTube for example and has recently started happening when I launch Skype as well. My graphics card is overclocked, but it still happens when I reset the clocks. I have no idea on how to fix it. This is how it looks.
  28. A

    Using a Temporary Hard Drive

    My dad asked me today if there was any way I could help him to save my step-mother's photos onto another hard drive from his computer. He just wanted to get a 1tb hard drive to put the pictures on. We looked inside his computer and there wasn't really room for more than one hard drive. So my...