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  1. R

    Low fps issue on new PC

    Hi guys, I'm in need of some help with finding out why I'm struggling with low fps while gaming. Brought a brand new computer that appealed to me within my budget. I wasn't looking for the best possible PC but something that would be able to run games smoothly. CS:GO I average 40-50 fps on full...
  2. M

    pc build ok? (budget £1000)

    http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/BZQKBP for game recording and upcoming bf1
  3. C

    which powersupply for i5 6600k and gtx 1070 ?

    im building a new skylake system which powersupply for i5 6600k and gtx 1070 , i will be overclocking cpu in the future any help would be appreciated ?
  4. Jesper Heidenberg Hansen

    GTX 1080 fans stop spinning?!

    The fans on my graphicscard stops spinning and starts spinning over and over again.
  5. G

    Next-Gen Intel, Micron 3D NAND Density Confirmed, 3D XPoint Also Discussed At Nasdaq Conference

    Micron discussed the status of its new Gen 2 3D NAND that will come in Q1 2017 and provided a muted outlook for 3D XPoint. Next-Gen Intel, Micron 3D NAND Density Confirmed, 3D XPoint Also Discussed At Nasdaq Conference : Read more
  6. R

    GTX 980 rapid clicking noise when fan speed increases.

    I have a Alienware A51 (new model) that's only about a year old that was always very quiet when it ran regardless of the game I ran on it. However, I recently noticed an audible , rapid clicking noise (similar to the sound that old PC HD's would make when watching the HDD activity lights)...
  7. dsr07mm

    Windows 10 and Store (Xbox) Account

    If I buy some game on my account which is apparently email adress from back in time when "Games for Windows LIVE" was a thing, I still see my achievements and play time. I activated free Minecraft copy and now I'm looking forward to buy some games in future after seeing Gears of War 4 etc for...
  8. M

    what ram should I upgrade to with the alienware x51 r2? and is ddr4 compatible with my computer

    I do not know what ram I should buy (16 gigs) , i have this graphics card: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814126007 (gtx 960) here are my specs: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz, 3101 Mhz, 4...
  9. M

    Cpu Causing Bottleneck?

    Hello Guys, My system seems to be dropping a few frames in games recently (Alot in some) and I was wondering if it was down to my Cpu Bottlenecking. I've noticed that in games the Cpu is only using 50% of what it is capable of. I'm pretty sure this is down to my Gpu which is a very powerful...
  10. L

    Is it time to change my old 2500k

    So hello from me again, I have that old Sandy,it's working on 4,5,it's stable for now.But maybe I'll go for 1080,and it's aroud 15% or more faster that 980 ti .So I'm little uneasy about CPU bottleneck.I'm playing on 1080x1920(I'll go for bigger when i get the new Nvidia's flagman,maybe...
  11. HelpMePeople

    SMITE running poorly on a good computer!

    Hello everyone! From the beginning of installing SMITE and playing it, I've had some microstutters and whatnot. I drop below 60 fps sometimes too which is the most annoying part. I can go down to the high 30's. I've noticed that Arena mode is the most (graphically)intensive one by the looks of...
  12. D

    Video card for i5 2400

    Hi,i want to upgrade my video card this summer. My cpu is a i5 2400 with Gigabyte H61M-DS2 motherboard and 8 gb ddr 1333mhz and my power supply is old (8 years old- september 2008) Antec EA-500 D. Resolution is 2560x1080 with and Lg 25UM65-P monitor I got two questions: 1)Which is the best...
  13. R

    Zotac GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB AMP! Extreme

    I am thinking of getting Zotac GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB AMP! Extreme, I just want to know if its worth it or not and if you own it your personal opinion about it
  14. H

    Is it worth revamping this PC?

    Hey guys, I got a question. I have my main 'rig' (prebuilt from feb. 2014 because my parents wouldn't let me build me own pc at the age of 11) with an AMD A10-6700 APU, 300/350W FSP PSU, 8GB 1866Mhz RAM (upgraded myself) and within a few days a GTX750Ti (ordered it yesterday). So a few days ago...
  15. T

    New Desktop After Update, And Back To Normal Again But a Folder Disappeared

    HELP PLEASE! So today when I booted up my pc it after opening, wanted to restart so I let it restart but now it took a very long time. At some point it looked just like when I upgraded from 7 to 10 with the blue background and messages on it and when those were finished, my background was the...
  16. R

    Is this a good gaming computer?

    AMD FX-9370 Black Edition 8-Core Socket AM3+ CPU Processor ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Motherboard G.SKILL RipjawsX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3 1600MHz Desktop Memory F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Windforce OverClocked 4GB Video Card
  17. R

    Windows upgrade to 10 does nothing

    I put upgrade now to windows 10, i have windows 8.1, then it restarts but once it restarts nothing happened and it is still windows 8.1. I have also tried to download it from the main website but nothing would occur and the problem would stay persistent. I was wondering if anyone would be able...
  18. G

    i have toshiba c650d not power on with green light on AC pluged in without battery, and not charging with battery , but its no

    i have toshiba c650d not power on with green light on AC pluged in without battery, and not charging with battery , but its normal only with only battery why please ?
  19. A

    R9 380 GTA 5 FPS Stutters

    Hi all! So switched my graphics card to an R9 380 a little bit ago. Benchmarked GTA 5 right when i got the card ran fine Very High Settings 60 FPS. Now I try to go on GTA it stutters bad and I get 20 FPS. Lowered all the settings as well same issue. Specs: Intel i5 4690k oc to 4.2 ghz Gigabyte...
  20. J

    Hidden Items Checkbox Automatically Disables Itself

    When I attempt to click in that check box it instantly unchecks itself, does anybody know why this is happening? I'm running Window 10 (x64) and I've run multiple scans with Malewarebytes & Bitdefender, neither has shown any sort of problem.
  21. S

    750$-ish gaming PC

    Hello! I'm looking for some assistance in choosing parts for a computer that i'm wanting to build. I already have a the monitor, case and a WD black 1tb hard drive. The main focus I want is gaming I want to be able to max out on Black Desert Online on 1080 and that's about it. Thank you for any...
  22. B

    [not solved] Please help me diagnose system freeze

    Hello, I've opened another thread a few days ago when I thought my PC's issues were being caused by the GPU, but I've now changed my mind after spending some days through various tests, so I thought I'd open a new thread. My issue is that the PC freezes and reboots while playing games. It...
  23. C

    Looking to upgrade computer for gaming

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/JZn46h I have this computer and looking to upgrade the graphics card and possibly the motherboard if need be. Ill probably be getting another stick of the same ram from a friend. Im looking to spend at most $250, First would you recommend buying another one of the...
  24. Meaning_Raptor

    I like 60hz better than 144hz

    I bought a 144hz monitor and it was really different from 60hz. the VG248QE. I used it on 144hz a little bit and then went back to 60hz. The first thing I noticed is that the colors came back a lot better than what they were on 144hz. Then I gamed on 60hz again and it just felt better. Like...
  25. P

    can the gpu be damaged ?

    can the gpu be damaged by brownout ? and explain why pls T.T im afraid now .
  26. N

    i have a decent wifi connection but for some reason my downloads are really slow this didnt happen before and i dont know what

    for some reason my computer doesnt download as fast as it used to it used to go somewhere 500 -800 kb/s now it goes 0-400 kb/s
  27. Albionm00n

    Has anyone built a system in the Lian Li PC-o5sx?

    Just looking for info regarding what hassles and joys I can expect. Thanks!
  28. kcarbotte

    Virtual Spaceships: First Look At CCP's 'EVE:Valkyrie' Multiplayer Alpha

    CCP is in the process of running a multiplayer alpha test of its upcoming Oculus Rift launch title, “EVE: Valkyrie.” This week, the company invited a new group of players to try the game out, and Tom’s Hardware managed to get in on the fun. Virtual Spaceships: First Look At CCP's...
  29. X

    In win 901 cable

    In the In Win 901 case right by the slim optical drive what is that two pin cable that connects to the slim optical drive. Theres a sata connector and also a black cable with a white two pin connector.
  30. E

    Is this psu good

    Is a antec 620W high current gamer modular psu good?
  31. D

    Pc upgrade help

    Hello. So i have got $850 nz around $550 usd and im going to upgrade my cpu and graphics card. At the moment i have a fx 4300 and a sapphire 260x but there seem to be many options to upgrade to. Should i swap to intel?
  32. N

    Asus Strix Pro Gamer Bundle?

    So I've been looking at Asus' peripherals and they seem to attract me. I was wondering whether there was a bundle or something that can be bought. http://www.asuspromotion.net/au/keyboard-cashback/ This promotion outlines that there is a cashback, but is there a bundle? Btw I am in WA, Australia
  33. C

    Slow picture opening

    FIRST PROBLEM: So I got this problem probably 3 days ago. I installed new GPU that day (GTX 750 Ti, changed from AMD to nVIDIA) and after I installed it I noticed that when I click to open any format of picture, Windows Photo Viewer just takes like 3-4 seconds to open, I know it's not long but...
  34. T

    Video card and motherboard hdmi not working

    Im Looking for some help with my problem. I just built this computer (first build) four days ago and everything appeared to be running perfectly. Today for some reason the monitor I am connecting to is no longer detecting a HDMI video input from either video card or motherboard. I...
  35. P

    Recently upgraded my DELL desktop from Windows 7 to 10. Prior to the upgrade, it worked fine. Now, however, it goes to sleep

    Since upgrade to 10 from Windows 7, monitor goes into power saving mode. To "wake up" monitor, I have to reboot the computer by turning power off to modum/monitor. WHY is it doing this? I'm ready to downgrade back to Windows 7 if that is possible.
  36. S

    Issues with SteelSeries Sensei

    Im not sure if i posted this question at right place but i wasnt sure under which tag to post it . Basically ive been using my sensei for 4-5 years now and recently i noticed that it sometimes skips right click (about 1 skipped in 10ish clicks ) and sometimes when i hold it down it briefly...
  37. D

    New pc boots to black screen

    Alright so I have just built my pc and I checked all cables I've switched ram I've checked the gpu and etc... The hard drive I currently have in already has windows but I do have a 2nd drive without it.. I've tried unplugging one and plugging in the other and still nothing. The weird thing is...
  38. P

    Looking for graphic card comparable for my old cpu

    I have Intel e4600 duo@2.4ghz ,I have 3 gb ddr 3 ram and I have to play tomb raider 2013 at 720 p If I buy gt 730 2gb ddr 5 ,will it work fine with my old cpu?
  39. C

    BenQ BL3200PT or Samsung UN40JU6500?

    Hey guys I am building a new PC and am looking for a new display to compliment the raw power. Should I go with the 1440p, 32 inch BenQ BL3200PT or the Samsung UN40JU6500 4K, 40 Inch TV? Both run at 60hz. I would jump on the TV, but I am worried about darkening in corners of the screen. Any thoughts?
  40. N

    SSD and HDD help!

    So it's my first time building a pc.. and i want to try using SSD as a boot drive for OS and HDD for the files.. Im Still confused about it.. can anyone tell me how to do it ???