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  1. T

    GTX 1070 Which one ?

    Hi I have a question about the gtx1070 cards, Looking at the specs base & boost clock speeds of all the models cards some cards have higher clock speed numbers than the other cards like Asus Strix & Zotac AMP Extreme . So my question is when gaming will the cards with the higher clock base/OC...
  2. G

    Computer build not working (new)

    When I try to turn on my computer nothing happens I've plugged everything in the cables are fully seated I've tested my PSU with a PSU tester.
  3. Y

    how to make a new clean windows reset

    I will b upgrading to a new motherboard and cpu (ryzen) in future and I would like a make a clean windows (installation) again so that it gets the maximum compatibilty , any help guys
  4. K

    My computer will not allow me to upload Windows 10, because it has crashed

    I have a black screen and cannot upload anything or access my apps
  5. A

    Need safest and easiest way backup media

    Hello everyone, I have a 6 TB precious media collection (my PLEX collection), which is on x4 WD RED hard drives (4TB EA) is dedicated to my plex media drive/collection. These 4 drives are in a combined drivepool using stablebit drivepool software with duplication. However, i want a 2nd...
  6. R

    a8 7600 gpu bottleneck?

    hi guys i am going to build a pc around 200$.so for now i dont have the money for a graphics card.so i want to ask will a a8 7600 bottleneck a gtx 1060?
  7. OfficialG3

    Page fault in nonpaged area (X3220 lga 775/W7)

    recently my secondary pc had this problem, booting up to youtube vids its fine, "stable" and everything is good, however if i try to play any game (gta v,wd,any) it crashes after a couple of minutes, and almost in an instant with wd, out of curiosity i tried out cpu-z cpu stress testing and this...
  8. A

    Is this specifications good enough

    This is my first build. Is this specification good enough for gaming and graphics(3D) work? Gaming: GTA V, Outlast 2, Planet Coaster, Witcher 3, Battlefield 1 2016 at 720p or 1080p @30(average) FPS with medium to high settings. Not interested in Dual monitor, over-clocking, fancy lights, 2k or...
  9. R

    How can I know the bottlenecking

    How do you know if the graphics card is going to bottleneck with the CPU.
  10. D

    High CPU usage on multiple OS and CPU's

    I was having high cpu usage on windows 10 with an i5 4690 so I bought an i7 4790k and my cpu usage is still ridiculously high and by high I mean 90-100% when I go to a page or watch a video. I was wondering what would cause this. I was thinking that I had a bad cpu and now I don't know what's...
  11. P

    Need Help With New Rig

    Currently, I'm a college student nearing the end of my freshman semester and I'm looking to build a new gaming PC. My budget is anything around $1700 and I would like to play most AAA title games comfortably (70+ fps) at 1440p, I don't want to have to worry about overclocking but would like to...
  12. S

    BSOD Irql not less or equal

    Hi, I AM GETTING THIS BOSD IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL error after some random time, have reinstalled windows, used without gpu no solve. Some time pc is OK for 3~4 hours then same again, is this a ram problem or gpu or bios, plus can't start high graphics game for this problem Link http://...
  13. V

    HELP! HDMI port check

    How do I find if my HDMI port is 1.4 or 2.0? HP ENVY 17t-j100 Quad Edition CTO Notebook PC is the name of my device that I need to know because I want to get a 144hz monitor.
  14. C

    Trouble cloning an old hdd to a new ssd

    Hello I have a Acer aspire15 E5-575G-55KK. I recently bought a Samsung 850 evo 250gb for my m.2 slot. Currently I am having some trouble getting everything set up correctly. My goal for this set up, would be the ssd runs my windows 10 and all the drivers, and everything important and...
  15. C

    Slow boot after OC?

    Hi everyone, i currently overclocked my i5-3570K from 3.4ghz (3.8 boost) to 4.1 ghz and after 1 hour of p95 test i think it's pretty stable. The fact is that now my pc takes longer to boot, but once booted performance is perfect! What's the issue? Settings i touched: vcore from auto (which on...
  16. D

    New hard drive showing as 3gb instead of 3tb and will not initialize after failed migration

    I thought my old hard drive was dieing so I got a new bigger one and after a failed os migration the new hard drive only shows up as only being 3gb instead of 3tb. It also won't initialize saying there is an I/O error. I know it is a 3tb hard drive because that's what it said before the...
  17. S

    Fan Control on Rendering PC

    Hi, I recently built a PC to handle all my day to day design work in addition to rendering. Per the suggestion of a friend, I got a Supermicro h8dg6-F motherboard with dual amd opteron CPU's to do heavy lifting on CPU renders. I currently have two Noctua Noctua NH-U12DO Heatsinks in my PC, one...
  18. B

    Can laptops run on wall power?

    I have a Surface Pro 3 and an MSI GS60 that I use both for school. My question is when both laptops have fully charged batteries and are left plugged in do they run off of just the power provided by the wall outlet and not the battery?
  19. A

    Good Headphones for all around use and Gaming??

    So I've been looking around trying to find some kind of headphones that I can use for almost everything (taking it to school, gym and game on the side). I am currently in school so I'm not actually gaming that much but when I do I want to be able to use my regular every day used headphones for...
  20. M

    Will a x rocker chair connect via bluetooth if I have bluetooth built in my tv?

    I'm looking at buying an x rocker gaming chair with Bluetooth, I'm wondering because my tv as bluetooth built in as well will they connect to each other so I can then receive sound through the chair via bluetooth from the TV?
  21. RylieDetchon

    NZXT Aer, Hue+, and CAM Questions

    Hey guys. I'm looking to buy the NZXT Aer RGB 3 pack for my rig, but I am unsure how to power up and change the colour of the fans. I read that I need the NZXT CAM software, but elsewhere I read I need Hue+ to run it. Do I need Hue+ to run them, or can I just change the colour off of the CAM...
  22. M

    i5-6600 vs i7-7700K gaming performance

    hello, i wish everyone happy new year. My question is does upgrading from i5-6600 to i7-7700K will improve significally fps in gaming? My other components are 980ti STRIX OC, 32GB DDR4, samsung evo pro 850 and kingston hyperx fury 240gb.
  23. Z

    Seagate HDD Grind Noise

    I know that some people may say that this is just normal read and write but it constantly grinds whenever I use the computer. During startup is the only time I could catch it grinding. The sound it makes during startup is the same whenever I use the computer. I've read some articles and comments...
  24. G

    Mouse pointer twitching

    Hello! I have started to experience a very annoying problem with my Razer Abyssus 2014 gaming mouse. My mouse pointer is not very accurate. In example, if I move my mouse straight to left or right it weirdly twitches and doesn't go like I move my mouse. Everytime that happens I blow in to my...
  25. J

    new power supply for elite 8100 sff

    i need a 300w psu for hp elite 8100 for gtx 1050
  26. S

    Gtx 970 or Rx 470 (I3 3220)

    Hey guys!!! :) Some doubts on gpu. Will the gtx 970 be better or Rx 470 on an i3 3220. Which will bottleneck more? I just want a rx 470 equivalent in nvidia since (Nvidia) drivers have better optimisations. Just want to play Just cause 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Watch dogs 2 etc. Above 40-45 fps...
  27. B

    How To Civilization 6 Wonders and Districts Guide for Beginners

    When building your wonders and districts in this new civilization game, you always have to consider what adjacency bonuses you are going to be getting and plan your sprawling cities out before you even build them all. So how do you best place these to get the most out of them? Step 1)Be aware...
  28. S

    Advice for a PC upgrade

    I'm currently in the process of picking the parts for my upgrade. I'm currently running FX 8320 R9 280x (crossfire) G.Skill Ripjaws 4x4 16GB ram Asrock 970 extreme4 MoBo The parts I'm considering are I5 6600k XFX RX 480 GTR G.Skill Ripjaws V series 16GB DDR4-2400 MSI Z170A Gaming M7 ATX...
  29. A

    Intel i3 4130 running HOT [stock heatsink](100c)

    I'm not used to troubleshooting CPUs but here's the information I can provide: It's an Intel i3 4130 with the stock cooling and is unable to be overclocked, the temps are running at 90c idle and I'm just completely lost, the intel processor identification utility is reporting a loss of over...
  30. K

    Dongle freez pc

    I used idea 3g smartwifi dongle, and windows 7 64 bit, when i plug dongle to cpu my computer is freez and lagging, i can not work any type, pls help me, if i remove dongle my pc work well
  31. I

    Are these parts compatible?

    Hey guys can you tell me if these parts are compatible or not? I live in Egypt and this is about what I can afford since the prices here are on fire. Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01 Red LED Mid Tower Gaming Case Cooler Master Elite V2 500W PSU Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2PH Socket 1151 Motherboard (rev...
  32. Brogni

    Does a high RPM CPU fan require anything?

    I'm looking at the 2000 RPM Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 over my stock fans from my HP H8-1534 Stock pre-built shit PC, can I just slap it on and it will work no problem? Or do I need to upgrade other parts to support the fan like the PSU? Sorry I'm a newbie
  33. O

    Key Press Hangs, Sticky Keys Disabled

    Hello, I am experiencing an odd issue where, for a second or two, my computer acts as if I am holding down whatever keys I held down before it seizes up. My computer itself doesn't freeze, as this mostly happens in games, and it continues running fine. If I'm walking to the left in a game and...
  34. I

    Will a 2133mhz 2x8gb ram bottleneck a i7-6700k and GTX 1080?

    Will a 2133mhz 2x8gb ram bottleneck a i7-6700k and GTX 1080? If so then should I go with what ram speed that won't bottleneck anything or cause too much overclocking.
  35. S

    Monitor Shuts Off While I Play Graphically Demanding Games (Please Help)

    I've had my gtx 970 graphics card since December 26th 2015, and it seemed to not have any problems, but lately when I try to play games that are more graphically demanding than what I usually play, the monitor shuts off after about 30 minutes of playing, but the computer stays on, and the only...
  36. F

    Windows 10 integrated graphics (HELP)

    hello guys, so I built a new computer and i have it all put together and im hoping to put my old GPU in it (gtx 750ti) until i get the money to buy a rx 480. my problem is, is that i cant find where to enable integrated graphics on my OS. my computer started with windows 7 and i loved it until...
  37. B

    Asus Strix Rx 470 Throttling to 300mz from 1100~1200mhz, cause?

    I just finally got my Rx 470. Sadly i chose poorly and got the Asus Strix. I know it tries to throttle to keep itself at 60c, but to my knowledge I could avoid this with the GpuTweak II. If you could look at the pictures. This is me playing overwatch on 2560x1080 on Ultra at 75fps. It would...
  38. T

    Does my mobo have intgrated graphics

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if my gigabyte h170 gaming 3 has integrated graphics. I searched everywhere and didn't find much luck.
  39. X

    Fans are dependent on CPU usage and not temperature

    Hello, I'm having problems with my fans going 100% whenever my CPU is under heavy load such us stress testing. My motherboard is a SABERTOOTH Z170 S and all my fans are Noctua NFF12 Industrial-PPC (max 3000 RPM). I currently am not using any software to control my fans. Thank you!
  40. R

    Will any 2.5 HDD fit in laptop case?

    Will any 2.5 HDD fit in Dell XPS 15 L502X's drive bay? Current HDD dimensions: 100.2mm (L) X 69.85 (W) X 9.5mm (H) Height is 7mm: WD5000LPLX I don't know if the height makes the HDD rattle or break the SATA connector. The laptop is stationary and won't be moved around a lot. It is a little...