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Event 41

Forum discussion tagged with Event 41.
  1. D

    Question Kernel Power 41 is Plaguing Me (Bugcheck 0)

    Howdy all you cool folks. I'm going to be frank, I'm desperate to get some serious help regarding consistent PC reboots accompanied by Kernel 51 Power errors. This is a problem that has plagued my desktop PC for quite a while, ever since I bought it actually. I can be doing any number of...
  2. _Louis_

    Question MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION Error when downloading on Steam

    I recently received a Custom-Built PC from PC Specialist. Overall, the machine runs really well and handles the games I play nicely. However, when I am downloading games on Steam the PC freezes up and then gives me a Blue Screen error with the Stop-Code "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION". This has...
  3. S

    Event error (event 41, power related)?

    So I've got this event 41 error which is power related, and found a post for troubleshooting but I have zero pc building experience (bought iBuyPower with a friend's reccomendations and paid the assembly fee) and I'm worried some of these things I shouldn't check without any knowledge? Can...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] getting inconsistent spontaneous black screen crashes

    hey so i've been trying to diagnose an issue and i'm pretty sure it's software but no matter what i do this crash still happens (save for switching to my backup gpu). i thought it was a MB issue at first and upgraded the MB/cpu/ram cuz they were all well over 5 years old at that point, crash...
  5. xMenace

    Question Event 41 Kernel Power BSOD

    I have an 8086K @ 5.2Ghz with very good cooling (H150i), yet when I play Rainbow Six Siege, and this only happens in Siege, I periodically get Event 41 Kernel Power BSOD (From Event Viewer). "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] Vega 64 and PSU experts please help me.

    Hey guys, I have two questions. Firstly, my current CPU is an i5-8500. I am planning to upgrade to a Vega 64 soon (from RX 580 8GB) and I want to know whether my CPU will bottleneck it. I've heard people say that an i5-8400 wouldn't bottleneck even a 1080 Ti, so I just want to know whether an...
  7. C

    System Fan Failure

    Hi i have recently installed an NZXT sentry 2 fan controller. This means i had to unplug the fan from my motherboard, and into the fan controller. Everything works perfectly. However whenever i boot up my system i get a message saying system fan failure, press f1 to skip or f2 to go into the...
  8. sheath

    Looking for some office desktops. 200-400 range, lower is better

    My friends dad wants 4-5 new desktops for his office. Just the towers. Need some help finding some in the 200-400 range if possible. The lower the better. Want: -Quad core of 2.0GHz+ -8GB+ RAM -500GB+ HDD -Ability to run 2 VGA or DVI monitors. -DvD drive or the ability to add one I can build...
  9. J

    Have had problem with my pc for over a year.

    My computer keeps crashing from games that use that extra edge in gaming. I´have tried almost most everything I could possibly think in regards to software and driver removal and installs including the windows. I changed out the PSU cause I thought maybe it could be the cause and it didn't make...