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  1. T

    Is it possible to move Windows 7 from an HDD to a Raid 0 set up of 2 ssds

    I've installed 2 SSDs that I wanted to set up in Raid, which I already did. I was hoping I could also have my OS on the one drive without having to do a clean install. My hard drive already has windows 7 on it and I want to just copy it over to the new drive, I did research and I saw it was...
  2. E

    Is this too hot?

    Today I bought a gtx 1060 6gb and I ran some stress tests to see if it was working well and it hit 83 degrees Celsius. Is this normal my old card 1050 ti only hit 72 in 3 months of owning it. Is 83 degrees too hot? There is no oc My card gtx 1060 6gb zotac mini My case has 3 fans Also I...
  3. N

    Windows 10 Advanced Display Gone?

    Got a new monitor, trying to adjust my settings and I can't even access the damn advanced settings because msft decided to remove that... any way around it?
  4. P

    ASUS RT-N12 router slowing down internet speed

    Hello Guys, I recently bought an ASUS RT-N12+ router and it seems to slow down my internet speed. My internet speed is 100 MB/s but when I download something it is only like 50-60 MB/s. I contacted the internet provider and they told me that I should connect my PC directly to the modem and it...
  5. Z

    Pc resets when I boot up any game (help)

    I have Ryzen 3 2200g with an A320 motherboard with latest bios and I installed latest drivers! when I boot up a game my pc restarts! What’s causing this.?.
  6. A

    Motherboard and Power Supply suggestions?

    So I'm thinking about building a new computer. Rn, I'm looking at these parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MsWp3b My main question is what PCU and motherboard would y'all suggest? Any other suggestions about this build are welcome! (Graphics card is 750ti because that's what I already...
  7. S

    Doesn't boot when connect second HDD

    My secondary HDD was working smoothly.but one day power gone after that I turn on but its didn't work. After I removed a second HDD and turn on. Its worked When I connect the second HDD cannot boot cannot F1 F2 ,also Please help me
  8. jasonbroody13

    Overclock Vs Stock

    What is Best?? Overclocking or Using Stock...
  9. D

    PC can't detect 2nd monitor

    https://imgur.com/a/6XG4xCx I have two monitors, one connected to my pc via a hdmi cable and one with a vga. The white one in the picture is connected with the hdmi. I want to get another of the black monitor but i'm holding off until I know I can get dual screen to work. It's plugged in...
  10. X

    New monitor - things run slow and it's not recognised

    So I upgraded my old 60hz monitor to a new 144hz Acer GN246HL. Now everything runs slow and windows won't recognize the monitor. TF2 runs at about 20fps when it used to be able to run much much higher, although I can't remember the exact amount. https://snag.gy/cKNYHi.jpg - it recognises the...
  11. A

    Asrock A320M-DGS Decating VRAM

    I have a ryzen 2400g apu but i cant find out how to dedicate more VRASM for it. I have 8gb. I'm suspecting that it wont let me add more with this amount of ram but i'm hoping that's not the case.
  12. T

    Xmp on new build not stable

    Just upgraded my cpu, mobo and ram and now i cant get the pc to boot when i try to use xmp. I get a warning that the oc failed and it reverts back to 2133 Mhz. I have updated to the latest bios. Any ideas on what could be done to make it stable? Z370 Krait Gaming i5 8600k G.Skill Trident Z RGB...
  13. filipbabic2006

    How do I play games...

    How do I play games like "GTA" on a bad graphics card? Here are my specs. Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 270 Processor 3.40 GHz RAM: 4 GB Sys. Type: 32-bit OS, x64-based processor. GPU (Graphics Card): ATI Radeon 3000
  14. S

    Need some help restoring desktop icons

    So to summarize the issue: I had to do some computer repairs and when I plugged the connectors back and started up my PC again, I noticed that one of my hard drives failed to register. The way I have my storage set up is I have two 1TB hard drives; one for my OS and general stuff and another...
  15. P

    A quick question about underclocking

    Hello there, I'm in a deep trouble right now. My laptop is running fine, and when it comes to gaming, it performs pretty well. Well at least, for a minute or so, when he thinks that he's eventually overheating. It's not overheating, he's got an external fan, and he's cool. But after every 3...
  16. P

    i5 750 gtx 1050 pubg

    how much fps would i have with this i5 750 and gtx 1050? my ram is in dual channel 2x4gb 1333mhz.And if possible could you suggest some cpu? im on a budget aswell. I'll be playing pubg on very low with 1650x1050 res
  17. F

    i5 6600k 4.5ghz at 1.2v stable? What am I missing?

    So after doing some testing with different multipliers and voltages, I'm at 4.5ghz and 1.2v. I read that to archive 4.5ghz you need like 1.3+ volts. How is this possible? What's the deal? I did a 20 min stress using AIDA64, 10 mins test using ROG CPU-Z and 1 hour gaming (R6 Siege) and everthing...
  18. X

    Possibly New Information on The Next Generation Ryzen Threadripper

    So I found this article http://www.techtigy.com/amd-tells-us-the-release-date-for-the-2nd-generation-threadripper-processor It mentioned AMD possibly releasing the new CPU at the end of this year and possible prices to has anyone heard anything?
  19. F

    I need help

    Hello can A68HM-K run Amd RYZEN 5 2600?
  20. I

    Gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1070 fan issues

    This has only started recently, first I thought it was my cpu fan as I am running a ryzen r5 1600 and I originally had the stock cooler, I then switched to a hyper 212 Evo thinking that would fix it but the loud fan rpm still happened which led me to the GPU, when I boot into the bios the fans...