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  1. J

    Help on WAN

    I have a Huawei mobile wifi model E5372s-601 and the WAN is disconnected. Please, anyone who can help with how to resolve.
  2. M

    PC restarting randomly

    Hi, I am new to this fourm, I am having a random restart issue with my pc. My build is mentioned below: 1. Mother board: Gigabyte ultra durable series 2. AMD FX-9590 liquid cooled processor 3. 32 GB Ram 4. 4GB nVidia Quadro Fx K2200 5. 750 watt cooler master cooler master 6. 120 GB kingstone...
  3. G

    upgrade my memory

    I have an ASUS X53E core i3. Is it possible to upgrade the memory and hard drive to accept windows 10 professional? I have a Hitachi 5.2 hard drive.
  4. M

    Update my PC?

    Hello, My PC Specs are the following: Nvidia Geforce 1080 16 GB RAM AMD FX-8350 ASRock 970 Extreme4 I have the following issue / question: Many games, when I play them on very high settings, have a solid fps of over 60 for a while, and then the games suddenly begin to shutter, some games...
  5. W

    HP Compaq CQ60: mysterious defect

    Hello. I am an Italian amateur who from time to time buys a faulty laptop and tries to find the fault and repair it, just for fun. I usually succeed but this time the problem beats me. I bought this laptop which was not showing anything on display. I bought a second-hand mobo and assembled it...
  6. _dawn_chorus_

    If I have an MSI BIOS do I still have a Win10 BIOS

    I have an MSI motherboard so all the things I have done with BIOS are in MSI's pretty version. Does that mean I do not have the WIn10 dos looking BIOS? I am trying to do something that wants me to get to that Windows BIOS.
  7. T

    Monitor goes into power saving mode only when connected to the gpu ports

    I have had my graphics card for a few years and I have always plugged the monitor into the gpu ports with an hdmi cord. But recently it just stopped connecting to the gpu through those ports and in order to use my computer I have to plug the hdmi cord into the motherboard. I bought the computer...
  8. P

    Need some recommendations for new gaming build please

    Hello. I could use some recommendations for my new build please. I play many of the AAA titles as well as a few other less demanding games like WoW and Overwatch but I want a beefy rig for those AAA games. I'm currently playing on an RoG Swift PG278Q 1440p monitor but considering the new 4k HDR...
  9. K

    How do I turn a Dell GekkoScience bitcoin-miner PSU into something I can use with my computer

    I want to have an extra PSU to test computers with and I have this bitminer PSU sitting around. It says it can output 750W! My other power supply says 500w so I thought if there was a way to rewire it than I could use it with my computer. It has four 6 pin connectors. All I would need is a 24...
  10. E

    What case for corsair h115i

    Im going with a corsair 115i as a cooler for my i7 8700k but it doesnt fit in my case. So what case would recommend me to get that will fit a 280mm radiator in the top
  11. A

    Using a pre-built hard drive in a new system.

    I have a very old s5-1010 computer with a pre-built hard drive with windows already installed inside of it, and I want to move the drive into a new system (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PvNdGG). The thing is, I don't know if I can reformat the drive without using another drive that has windows...
  12. M

    Hard drive wont work....

    I have a computer im selling, and I have 2 hard drives an 80 gig one (mine) and the 500 gig one (selling), my computer that im keeping isn't working with my 80 GB hard drive, or my 500 GB one. But when I put ether of the hard drives in the computer im selling it works, I get the underscore on...
  13. B

    nvidia + freesync

    im buying a gtx 1070 ti and a freesync monitor, but over at reddit i read that they are not compaible at all, is this true? should i just save money and buy a non freesync monitor? (cant a afford a g sync one)
  14. W

    How to recover data from lost partition?

    Guys, I ran system recovery option today. Now I got fresh windows 8 installation. Then I realized I have lost my D:/ partition. I had important data in that partition. When I go to disc management it shows that space as unallocated space. Is there any chance that I can get that data back...
  15. G

    Fortnite Battle Royale - PC Vs Console

    The PC has the upper hand when it comes to Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite Battle Royale - PC Vs Console : Read more
  16. M

    How to cover a back panel of case

    I detached a gpu from Mobo of old PC. What can I cover its empty space with ?
  17. B

    Is there an USB Bluetooth 5.0 adapter? Only find V4.2...

    Is there an USB Bluetooth 5.0 adapter? Only find V4.2... I know that exist pcie adapter but brings also wifi and we have to pay the wifi teck but i only need usb bluetooth because my motherboard already brings wifi... Thanks Thanks
  18. D

    Is it okay to add different brands of RAM even if you already have 2 other sticks of a different brand?

    I want to add more RAM to my computer but I don't have a large budget and don't need more than 16GB of RAM anyway. The problem I don't quite understand is that I'm not sure if it's okay to add another model and brand type besides the two I already have. I cannot figure out the exact model just...
  19. A

    What type of graphic card i need?

    I have a Lenovo 7630AE8 with a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz and Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1) and I want to put a graphic card but I don't know what type of card
  20. S

    Not much of a upgrade with 4790k!

    So with the up and coming Xpac from World of Warcraft and the new system requirements I decided to up grade a few things. I went from a 4690k oc'd at 4.6 to to a 4790k which was only able to OC to 4.7 @ 1.3! Which didn't last long! I tried different settings and found 4.5 @ 1.25v and 4.7 @ 1.30v...