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Page 4 - Forum discussion tagged with Facebook.
  1. P

    ethernet cable shy 26 awg cat.5e

    Cable shy 26 awg cat.5e verified for gigabit ethernet.I bought this cable last week.I want to set up a secondary router but when i plugged in the cable did not even work to the laptop.Why? And then i plugged in a normal cable for ethernet and it work?! can you explain me what i bought ?And why...
  2. R

    Authentication Problem at school

    I'm having a problem at school with my wifi, in the past I've been able to connect with no problems, this year too, it wasn't until recently I can't connect. When I insert my email and password to connect, it says connecting for about 4 seconds, then it says saved for 4 seconds, then connecting...
  3. C

    Question about Intel Optane Cache

    I saw a video LinusTechTips did a while ago using an Intel Optane Cache drive to boost his secondary 12TB hard drive to have SSD like performance, and it looks really cool and all. But when I found out that it's only meant to boost your boot drive, I got very confused. Linus mentioned in his...
  4. M

    Please Help, Windows not resetting or installing new update

    I'm working on trying to completely reset my fathers old laptop, I took all the files he wanted off and I am now looking into completely resetting the system. I'm almost clueless at what the problem could be. I tried updating windows and I got the error code 0xc0020036 . The media creation tool...
  5. T

    Greenish Tint/Murky Water

    Hey everyone, just wanted to seek your advice as I have been out of the watercooling gig for a few years now. I have an older rig that uses the following components: 1. Koolance i380 waterblock (nickel plated) 2. Alphacool triple rad monsta 3. EK reservoir with Laing D5 Vario pump 4. Mayhem...
  6. R

    Can I create another System Reserved Partition ?

    I recently had some troubles, I accidentally deleted the boot file with EasyBCD, because I chose an option called Reset BCD Configuration, because I had some Windows entries in the boot file, which I had already deleted (WXP and W7) My system originally being W7, then upgraded to W10. Anyways...
  7. A

    8700k seems stable at 5GHz and 1.275v with H115i cooler. Keep trying to lower volts?

    Hi all, I am a beginner at CPU overclocking. I'm using a non-delidded 8700k with a Corsair H115i cooler I started trying at 5GHz and 1.35v, but CPU temps were approaching 100 degrees under load. I tried 1.3v, than 1.275v, and it still seems stable. At 1.275v and 5GHz, I can run RealBench...
  8. F

    Overclocking Ryzen 5 2400g

    Hi, i have a R5 2400g (3,9 ghz turbo) stock cooler. Can I oc him up to 4,2 with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Turbo Black and be cool (50c-60c)? I have 8gb ram 2400mhz, I will upgrade him up to 16gb soon.
  9. T

    1060 vs 580

    Hello everyone i have a huge dilemma...Im between the 1060 3gb and the rx 580 4gb. My monitor has Freesync. The models i want are: Gigabyte gtx 1060 3gb g1 gaming Gigabyte aorus rx 580 4gb The problem is that the specific 1060 has higher speeds than the rx 580 but the rx 580 has 1 gb extra...
  10. G

    First Gaming PC - Last Oppinion

    So this is my first build, I've done a bit of research and realised that would be enough, I just want to make sure everything is compatible and is going to work out. (Many of you have experience I guess..) Is there any thing that I need to upgrade or is there any thing I should avoid ( I don't...
  11. B

    Dead GPU fan...?

    Hello, so I wanted to ask if anyone has had this happen to them just to be sure. I have a couple Zotac 1080Ti Minis and today I noticed one of them was reporting 0 RPM from the fan, even under load. I got suspicious, I opened the PC and I found one of the two fans, the one closest to the...
  12. Z

    cpu and gpu

    Hello guys. My friend has a i3 7100 and a gtx 1050.I want to know if I would buy a i3 8100 and pair it with a gtx 1050,would there be any bottleneck at all?
  13. D

    BSOD :: UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP (error code 0x0000007F)

    My computer has been experiencing the black screen of death as of late. It mostly happens while the system is under stress while playing video games. My screen will hang for a second, audio will freeze, screen will go black and my monitor will display a message along the lines of "No input...
  14. X

    Can I fix Gtx 1050 mini in optiplex SFF

    I ordered an optiplex 790 mt but I they sent me an Sff. I want to know if I can still fit my gtx 1050 mini(not low profile) in before I send it back.
  15. S

    Ryzen 2400g low performance (userbenchmark)

    Hello, i build a new pc with ryzen 2400g but performance is so bad like now. When i play cs:go in low settins i get 60-100 fps avg. What's the problem please help me. Here userbenchmark link: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/9849027
  16. A

    Want to make a Storage Server for home use

    Hello all, I would like to build a PC dedicated for storage from old PC parts lying around my house. What I want this storage box is do is store backups of other PCs in the network. I have gigabit LAN on all PCs and have 2 smart switches (TP Link TL-SG108E X2) that supports Link...
  17. T

    My PC doesn't recognize XL2411

    I tried to download drivers too, but it has a .inf, .icm and .cat files so idk what to do
  18. K

    Ideal minimum temperature for GPU

    What is the ideal minimum idle temperature for a GPU? Is it better to keep it near 45-50°C, or should I go down to 30(or as much as possible)? I'm thinking that it's better if there is less deviation between idle and under load temperatures, but I might be wrong. Also, which is better for the...
  19. C

    Interpreting SMART and Diagnostics

    I've had some coincidental beeps from my laptop over the past few months and it seemed to coincide with the HDD light flashing at the same time so I've thought that maybe something was up with a hard drive. I know drives don't necessarily give off beeps as warnings, so I've just continued on...
  20. T

    upgrade GPU or build new?

    my current PC set-up is Cpu: i5-4690k Mb: AsRock H97M Pro4 Gpu: EVGA GTX 970 FTW Memory: 8gb ddr3 I am looking to upgrade my graphics card but was worried about bottlenecking performance as my cpu and mb are a few years old. Would a GTX 1080 be feasible in with my setup or should I spend a...